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Zach Braff
Germans! Tune into @halligalli tonight. Sorry, @donald_faison and @Harry_Styles, there's a new man in my life:
German speakers, I'm on @halligalli tonight. I hope u understand what's happening on that show, cause I was very confused. @officiallyjoko
@niknak1127: @zachbraff Really? Cuz I think it should be this. #BlessTheRains” Or this.
If I used Tindr, this would be my photo:
@UberFacts: Eagles mate while flying.” True dat. @donald_faison
That new commercial with me and Kristen Bell is so cute. @daxshepard1
@zachbraff hat heute unserem Gossip Girl @niagossip das perfekte Selfie beigebracht: // photocredit: @davidbiedert
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Welcome Wish I Was Here into your lives this weekend. Here's where you can see it:
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I like this gent's cover of "Mexico" :
This is an incredible speech. I think the world of this person they call @EmWatson .
I will love you better than him.
If a rapper and a woman who's in rap videos can't make it, nobody can. #HeForShe
Me and my friend Mark. Zurich. Buzzed? Sure.
Zurich film Festival! Tell me where to drink....
Zurich? I am yours.
Zurich, this is my last European city on the #WishIWasHere tour, we need to make it count. #AmberRose
Zurich? I am here.
I hope those two are able to twerk it out. #blessed @donald_faison
Happy Rosh Hashanah Wiz and Amber.
I love @jbudich's amazing movie posters and am honored to hear he is working on one for #WishIWasHere…
Finally! I've been waiting too long, @zachbraff! When Garden State came out I was still a virgin!! #Spain
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Why is Michael J. Fox still trending? What else does he want us to boycott? I'll do it.
If you're entering a song into the "We can write a song about Booties and Lube Too" contest, hashtag your entry with #BootyLube . #blessed
Taken 3 is trending. My work here is done. Go forth and multiply.
"Taken 3: Just The Tip"
"Taken 3.14159265359: This time it's Pi"
"Taken 3: They Took Madea"
"Taken 3: Revenge of the Sith"