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Warning you all to stay off the road
All my friends are at the beach havin a bonfire while I'm just sittin home...reading a script. #LifeOfAnActor
Turned on the VMA's last night and saw Nicki Minaj do some ritual for a good 10 seconds then turned it off
My friendships are built on insults.
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I don't need anyone for anything, I'll do it myself.
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Never had a silly string war at a party until last night 🙌
So much to live for
haha last night .. mess. from African chants, cops coming, people jumpin off the roof, and Wendy's at 5 am. memories have been made 😂
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I could tweet something stupid like "candy" and you guys would favorite it
Why do you guys just favorite everything I tweet
Gonna get hate for that last one
Ariana Grande < Iggy Azalea
I nominate you all for the #GiveMe20DollarsChallenge You all have 24 hours to give me 20 dollars 😊
Congratulations! I just nominated you for the #DateMeChallenge
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School starts in less than a week 😥
I nominate @BartBordelon for the Acid Bucket Challenge. You have 24 hours