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Had the best time yesterday with the best people. Love you guys 💕😋@jadingouldu@ZacharyGordond@CurranWalterse@SaxonSharbinoi@landon12597597
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You're terrible at flirting
Vegas or Orlando for vacation ?
Sometimes things happen for a reason, you just have to learn to live on.
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RT for a DM ✌️
RIP to the victims of 9/11. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families.
We've decided to make our own band. Gonna call it blink-183. Such a cool experience @tomdelonge
If you live for people's acceptance, you will die from their rejection
Bye New York ✌️ Hello California 😎
@Katie_Tripp_: @ZacharyGordon DM me ☺️” don't wanna catch cooties ya feel
@HotVinh: @ZacharyGordon Do you like to be called Zach or Zachary?” Zach 👍
I've seen every High School Musical maybe 12 times 😏
Supposedly I talk in my sleep 😂
Always reminiscing about the same things
Just wanna be back in Cali already
Stop overthinking
It is my second drawing of a human profile, and this photo that I painted for you @ZacharyGordon
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@CoolStoryJon: my name is jon and i think misspelling words on purpose is really funny. sry now you go” kool stry jawn
RIP Joan Rivers 😔
You have a lot of followers. Now be a leader.
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@deankenig1: Some guy came up to sam and i and said we reminded him of himself when he was younger...he was black” why would color matter?
I'm going to move to New York one day
If they can hack government officials and the FBI what make you THINK they can't get into your simple phone- #SpreadingLoveandRawTruth
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Every sorcerer needs an apprentice
I have a confession to make
The best revenge is success
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@SabrinaAnnLynn: My dad is singing summertime sadness please hide me” I'll hide you. Hop in my van 😀
Landed in New York. Big bro is with my this time 😜
I wonder if I ever cross your mind
Do it for the ppl that want to see you fail
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