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β€œ@kazamhm: @za_cckk #kaanamjadforPM” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Kazam took two screenshots that have single handedly ruined a mans whole reputation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Who the fuck is chuck bass
Lol I really need a new avi
Kaan Amjad most annoying man alive
β€œ@damnneargodly: @za_cckk sad.” Very
You love ASAP but can't tell me who started it???
Thought of starting college tomorrow isn't nice
Huf socks are beyond tacky please stop
β€œ@avxiro: Travi$ Scott just doesn't care does he?” g.o.a.t
RT @JamzLdn Umbrellas are for women and gay guys who'll complain about their hair <- I hate it when i use an umbrella then suddenly love men
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"Hun did you take the kitchen knife out the drawer?" "SHUT THE FUCK UP MUM IM BEING EDGY. IM GOALS MUM. IM GOALS."
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i can't wait
LFW is going to be so good
β€œ@hommemartin: guess who'll be stocking at selfridges & harrods next year? Me πŸ˜‹β€ big movements πŸ‘Š
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so happy i got lfw tickets
So wheres the lfw after party @ on Saturday?
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Any 1 that try's to make you feel beneath them should immediately be removed from your life,wether you met them 5 mins ago or 5 years ago
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AND THE WINNERS OF THE INTERNET TODAY >>>>> "@Coral The iPhone 6 Plus, ideal for Man United fans."
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I haven't been this happy about something in a very long time
β€œ@TwentyFourKT: β€œ@jojothafirst: .”you a grandma?” nah I'm 17 years young, on vogue and richer than u will ever be.
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50 retweets and I'll deactivate my twitter for 29 days.
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Probably the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life
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Dear every guy who wants to come to LFW who's never been before: It's womenswear Not menswear Don't go to stunt on Instagram
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Kendall's bum slyly impressing
the temptations to flex will break me
as soon as lfw comes around i swear every basic white girl wish they were going
These smart watch things are so dead what on earth were apple thinking
Wait how much is this iPhone
Β£1147 yuno I better taste the Apple
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need to get my prada bag fixed :(
All I want is a pair of visvims
β€œ@TeamKanyeDaily: KimYe at the YEEZUS Pop Up Store” Kanye stay winning
I swear Kim Kardashian has the worlds best cleavage
Nah idk how jack survived on a blackberry all those years... I've had this temp one for 15 mins and I'm already getting pissed off
β€œ@cfuckingswag: @za_cckk ya always regret em & only shit artists tattoo ya if your underage” yeah that makes sense
I don't know if I could ever get a tattoo, I get bored of everything so easily
β€œ@cfuckingswag: If u get a tattoo before your 18 then your an idiot, trust me I did it” looool why?
Boy: mum I'm a wizard, I'm going hogwarts Mum: no you're not going anywhere Boy: skn I'm going Mum:
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So you don't like the high waisted at all? I think it's cute 😐�
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How come girls are all flipping out about ray rice hitting his wife on the elevator, but didnt flip out when solange was beating up jay z
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Cudi the realest