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Man U not buying a defender other than shaw was very very stupid
i fucking hate these wrist band things i don't know how you can keep them on your wrist for months on end
think I'd rather stay at home and watch the football then go back to V :/
coming home from V was a good idea
tired but can't sleep..
@za_cckk: loool nike really got people queueing up for gold & silver slides earlier today” Line full of clowns.
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loool nike really got people queueing up for gold & silver slides earlier today
so someone i went to primary school with is currently chilling with roberto cavalli on his yacht lmao
north west will stunt all over alia wang
North wearing an infant sized A.P.C Bomber Jacket🔺
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Don't worry about exam results, I've not got many qualifications & look at me, I'm a 25 year old man who's dressed as a dinosaur on Twitter.
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only bad thing about V is all the shit music i'm going to have to endure until i see childish gambino
how have i just seen someone on my TL saying that the black people in ferguson need to start shooting the police???? I'm confused
is it really that hard to get off twitter and go and buy the things you need loool
must have seen about 300 tweets about how unprepared people are for V
why would you tell all of twitter that you got all U's on your exams? :/
ayyy bad boys 3 should be live
It's not fair when all of my best friends are geniuses 😒
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you really sleeping on this tho