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@t__nim: @JessyeBrandon bring me in” ????
i think im the only person that thinks 808s is kanye's best album
torres is leaving?
still annoyed one of the DJ's played pitbull last night
accidentally following people and not realising for ages is so annoying
My ex went jail for 4 years & didn't even come back hench , wasteman
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I just don't know for him anymore
I want orange juice :(
@milun_kumar: I'm about to fuck my bae so why would I even give a fuck” She's butters g.
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am i not allowed to just be nice without being accused of trying to move to someone loool
some girls have such warped views when being complimented
new people bore me
@apexjai: When you're out with the mandem then you remember you look like a dickhead.” I am finished
parties for me are now just an opportunity to catch up with old friends
Sam started on some guy then bottled it when he retaliated 😂
Johnson vs Ronaldo you know 🐸☕️
@jeancocopuffs: Wiz x Converse is trash” terrible
@t__nim: DJ Khaled > Tupac imo”
England team 👀 Don't understand why mark noble didn't get called up a few funny names in that team.
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I'm 50/50 on nipple piercings, it's :/ but kinda nice. Like why would you pierce the thing if you don't intend on showing it off?
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@JoelGregs: I fuck with more people in other cities than i do in my own.”
i'm so glad i've still got another two weeks off
kanye has the greatest collection of chelsea boots ffs
you shop in foot asylum stay in your lane please
When I'm airing someone, I want them to know I'm airing. I want them to absorb and inhale the air. It's that deep
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I'd rather go Paris with a girl than go to one of those lame party holiday resorts.
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Divert your ice bucket challenge donations to the Zack Hopkins foundation
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imagine this 50 cent and floyd thing was just one massive marketing scheme for a fight between them two
@Tweddelll: Someone meet me for lunch in London tomorrow!?” @olivialouisek !!!
When you organise a successful motive with your squad
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the worst thing is that it's not even that surprising 😂
they're so funny
how am I seeing united fans calling arsenal shit 😂😂
imagine being an MK dons player right now tho 😂
United should have spent the £59mil on ferguson instead ffs
4-0 to MK Dons 😂😂😂😂
Might turn up at United tomorrow for trials
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BREAKING: Angel Di Maria has completed his move to #mufc for a British record fee of £59.7m. #WelcomeDiMaria
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Mum: I think we'll have pizza tonight Me: ah cool, dominos or Pizza Hut? Mum: I got one from asda earlier Me:
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@za_cckk: days before rodeo is so fucking good” I swear!!
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@emkatiex: Favourite 3 songs on Days Before Rodeo?” the prayer, grey & basement freestyle
days before rodeo is so fucking good