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Zach Hopkins
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McDonalds worker: "I'm a magician & can make the penny disappear under the water bottle. look for it in the bottle"
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Words can't explain how musty you look…
Why did this guy have to sit next to me and put my bag with all the other bags 😪
My biggest fear is my Gucci duffle being stolen with all my designer clothes inside
Ah so my train back to London was actually at 7 lol not at 9
Having a twin would be so sick I'd just post their best selfies and claim them as my own
Stoke have as many Champions League winners as Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs combined
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About time Wang left balenciaga lol
How are these girls on the tram playing music from their phone and singing along
If i tweet you "happy birthday" and all you do is retweet it and not say thanks im gonna delete that tweet. I'm not a fan
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Back to back is shit why is everyone hyping it
Grimy place @ Manchester, United Kingdom
Retail is £750
Someone buy my balmains for £300 they don't fit :(
Hello @HulkHogan my best friend jamzldn sent me this pic and said he fully supports you BROTHER! Can he get a RT?
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When i go on holiday im tryna see and experience new things, you lot paid like 7 bills to go drink cheap yakk in nike slippers
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Best thing about my m8s is they'll tell me when I look like a dick head
Someone buy my balmains for 300
Girls are annoying lol everything is 'Wow' 'Bye' 'Have a nice life' 'It's funny how...' 'lol ok' 'I'm not them little fans u have'
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If I miss my train to Manchester I'll fight someone
Alexander McQueen's armadillo boots were sold at Christies for $295,000. 3 of which 21 were ever made. Long live McQueen.
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Disneyland doesn't make me happy I swear
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Loooooool why has tom cruise got his own channel on sky?
My fucking house alarm has been going off all fucking day
Alexander McQueen is therapeutic
You know when you go to work in an I really don't care outfit, then end up going into London for drinks but can't get in anywhere 😄
wow I'm so shit at dieting lol
this is absolutely disgusting.people wonder why women are so body conscious.this is not okay at al
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time to listen to DS2 and see what all the hypes about
I am not going to and never will follow you back @Swxnky
how many times you gunna follow and unfollow me lol @Swxnky
I've been waiting for Zlatan to come to the premier league for so long now. Man United, please don't fuck this up
CNN is the last place to go to for real news lol…
Who is a better player? RT For Diafra Sakho FAV For Danny Welbeck
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I am not surprised one bit that Drake has a ghostwriter
how he dissing someone like ghostface is beyond me

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