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Day 3 of #CareHarbor2014 and the system is running like a charm. Our platform has been performing like a champ since we started!
It's so easy to get caught up in helping people at #careharbor2014 Such a great feeling checking people out of the clinic.
Having worked out the first day kinks at @CareHarbor2014 and ready to get this well oiled machine going!
If you're curious about #CareHarbor2014 visit our page or go to
First official day of #CareHarbor2014 and we are already moving and grooving. Stay tuned today for some spec pics and looks into the event.
If you're in #LosAngeles you should be proud these chairs will be filled with people tomorrow #CareHarbor2014
Just got finished setting up #CareHarbor2014. Tomorrow we start helping some people.
How do you use your tablet? Help us with a quick answer on our Facebook page!…
Can you guess the disease that affects more than 50% of dogs and cats, and is 100% preventable? #satiety
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Still reeling from #TeamUSA winning that grinder last night. What a match! #WorldCup2014
The #WorldCup2014 keeps getting closer and closer. Is anyone excited or what?
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Just posted a new poll on our Facebook page, give us a follow and answer a simple question!…
Time for some #SWchat involving firewalls, internal SM usage...good stuff!
A5) I think that relationships are going to be more and more important, but brands etc are going to need to find ways to scale #smmeasure
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A4) Any relationship is a good one as you learn from them all whether they are genuine or not. #SMmeasure
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A5: The future is much more personalized #smmeasure
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A5 - As people & tech become more integrated these relationships will be easier 2 obtain & more solid in their foundation #SMmeasure
ICYMI: 10 takeaways from #HDPalooza from @medcitynews >> Energy, passion on #opendata, #ptexp, #HITsm+
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A4 - Also be careful using sarcasm especially internationally not everyone has the subtle mastery like @40deuce #SMmeasure
A2: Relationships on social media grow from connection to discussion and mentions. #SMMeasure
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@z_Paper I'm genuinely sincere about my constant sarcasm though #smmeasure
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A4 - The trick is to be genuine yourself & sticking to it no matter what. Sarcasm and "fake" always bubbles to the surface #SMmeasure
@40deuce You install it, and it shows all the social profiles for that person, I can see if I'm connected with them @CrowdRiff #SMmeasure
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We use @unfollowersme to track that aspect & use old fashioned notes to track where actual relationships have grown #SMmeasure
A2: My relationship ended w/Facebook today. So one way to measure a relationship is to see who leaves, who lurks, & who engages. #smmeasure
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A2 - It can be measured the same way any relationship can be measured through quantity & quality of the interactions. #SMmeasure
A1a) But I also have to agree with @z_Paper that it's most important to do it where your audience actually is #smmeasure
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A1: @twitter! Perfect place to engage with friends and strangers alike. #SMmeasure
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A1 - The best 1 is the 1 you're customers use. Get comfortable where your audience is, settle in & start building! #SMmeasure
Ready for some #SMmeasure chat questions!
Covering your bases from a #HIPAA compliance vantage point often comes down to common sense #thinkfirst
@z_Paper A3: Yes, Plan, strategy, goals and inclusion of all team members. #brandchat
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@z_Paper A3 Makes me think this: "social proof = social selling" ? Ya think? #brandchat
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A3 - Now that I think about it, HAVE A PLAN! Don't dive into social selling for the sake of it, strategy people! #brandchat
A3 - might sounds simple but USE #social, so many companies don't have a real presence & you have to take the first step #brandchat
A2 - Also why would you create content meant to "sell" without consulting the people doing the selling? #brandchat
A2 - Might not be a sales problem, is content being created useful? The relationship building needs to point inwards too! #brandchat
A1 - It should certainly be an inherent aspect of the sales job. In order to close a sale works better to build a report #brandchat
Chomping at the bit for question one in #brandchat
Time for a little morning #brandchat. Join in the conversation if you want to learn something today!
Let's see Weds morning, alarm in the complex going off somewhere, ice cold coke in hand. It's an alright day! Happy #HumpDay everyone!
@z_Paper Personal Responsibility was easy until Transparency became easier to confront. #smxchat @EngageGXD @SMXChat
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@SMXChat A4 there is significant unhappiness w/personal info like address+phone in search engines; nearly impossible to remove #smxchat
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A4 - You say that as if there isn't one already! #SMXchat
@sprout_sarah: A3) I think most ppl don't ready privacy policies & wouldn't understand anyways #SMXChat - I concur & am a not reader :)
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A3: Thing is, it's only a problem when it becomes a problem. Over time, I think anonymity catches up with us. #SMXChat
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A3 - Hopefully? Again so much processing happens behind drawn curtains, u can never be sure what the wizard is up to #smxchat