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Zach Crocker
The proper way to eat a KitKat (Part 2)
I wish I could have seen the eyes of all Cowboys fans who came out of hiding to see how sensitive they were to light.
Every NFL referee hates the Washington Redskins.
Just found this in my photos from my trip to #obx a month ago. I wanna go back to Mama Kwan's right now!
Frozen taquitos will never satisfy a craving for @TacoBell.
#LT Dear North Korea, please don't nuke my house for the unpleasant things I said about your pleasantly plump leader.
Just read that Kim Jong-un fractured his ankles "because of his own obesity." I can't stop laughing. How is anybody that overweight? 😂🍔🍕🍟🍗😋
The Phantom of the OperAHHHHH!!! #SpookyBroadway @midnight
Bryce Harper continuing the streak of "Things I will never do in my twenties." #Nats #BryceHarper
Proud of my Redskins for hanging in there. Glad to see Richard Sherman suck now that he doesn't have drugs to aid him. #MNF #HTTR #SEAvsWAS
...........................Russell Wilson
Sweet Lord, please guide me gracefully through this game. #HTTR #SEAvsWAS
Logan Thomas just threw a deep TD pass against the Broncos. Now I really have seen it all.
Gavin DeGraw has a greatest hits album coming out. It's my understanding that when you purchase it, you get a blank CD.
I can't get over how many people think Europe is a country.
Well, time to do something else. #TNF
I'm so rancid, you already smelled. #notsofancy #iggy
This thing is so ginormous. I can't even. #pikachu
Lyric Reading Part 2:Powerful Lyrics from One Direction #Stealmygirl #onedirection #1D #PleaseDontKillMeOn...
There's a show coming out on @VH1 called Tiny & Shekinah's Weave Trip. No, I'm not joking.
I used to be so disgusted with Ariana Grande. Now, I think I'm in love with her. I still hate her brother though.
#pikaselfie #selfie #statefair
Buckle Up! It's gonna be a bumpy ride!!! #pikachu #clickitorticket #statefair
I made lots o' memories tonight. Ferris wheel rides, catching a wild Pikachu, deep fried mac & cheese, fried Oreos, and cheese fries!!! #statefair #virginia #sfva
Someone please bring me Chick-fil-a before I'm forced to put on real clothes and get it myself. Thanks!
Let's play a game where we can see how many things I can do to prevent myself from doing school work.
Scratching off "fighting a moth" off my list of things I least expected to encounter in the shower.
Uncontrollably laughing at this means it's time for bed. #vine #cats #icecream #Rachel
Walked into a Chinese buffet that had country music playing on the radio because #murica.
Can't wait to hear ESPN analysts talk about Eli coming back to elite status after performing well against one of the worst ranked defenses.
Was wondering what game Jarvis Jenkins would get hurt and be out for the year again. This dude is a cancer. #TNF #Redskins
So everybody went to the Redskins game but me I see... #foreveralone
Listening to Phil Simms struggle to not say "Redskins" is more painful for me than it is for him. It's not a curse word, dude. #TNF
The "Roughing the passer" penalty on Hatcher should be reiterated as "A gentle caress of the face mask." #Redskins #Giants #TNF