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Zach Crocker
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If people in Fredericksburg cross the street in NYC like they do here, they would be dead instantly.
I just laughed uncontrollably at the thought of swapping someone's jar of m&ms with skittles. I need to go to bed.
There are 4 NFL games on my TV right now and I am happy, yet so overwhelmed...
I really want an endless amount of Reeses cups right now.
Somebody get Chipotle with me
One accident and the whole city just shuts down. Unbelievable.
I HATE THIS TOWN! Can't even get to class on time when I have to present a project. I am moving to Fargo, ND. Count on it!
Every time I vote, I am thankful that I at least get the opportunity to do so. Not a lot of other people can say the same. #Election2014
The only thing good about this episode so far is that #RVA got a shoutout. #TWD
#NASCAR drivers have a lot of "experience," but they still can't drive around in a circle without hitting somebody.
Chris Rock can joke about 9/11, but as soon as you crack a black joke it's game over. Please die @chrisrock
"The Redskins are racist" says the clueless girl dressed as an Indian and doing various dances.
Since tonight's episode of The Walking Dead is solely about Beth, I assume it will be awful. #SomebodyKillHer
All fingernails gone and nothing to show for it. #HTTR
Game day! Let's keep up the momentum! #HTTR
I'm gonna have to go fix the shed doors. I MIGHT die in the process.
I already shaved my beard because if I don't, I will look like Jonah Hill from Get Him to the Greek. #NoShaveNovember #AlwaysShaveNovember
I can hear the shed doors slamming from the wind, but I'm not gonna go fix it because it's dark and cold and wet and there's monsters...
What do ghosts like on their roast beef? grave-y #laffytaffyjokes #Halloween
Susan Boyle has the voice of an angel
Today marks the 1st day of the holiday season!
It took me 60 minutes to complete one math problem. SIXTY! I did not take a break. I did not pass go. I did not collect $200.
Happy #nationalcatday to my little stud muffin!
All About That Bass becomes even more accurate when you hear it 3 times a day upon entering a vehicle. Can we be all about something else?
I love Cowboys/Redskins games because no matter the record, they're always close. Can't wait for the next game. #HTTR
Decent 1st quarter. Let's get three more of those. #HTTR
If the Redskins just win one more game, I'd like it to be this one.
@jeffinitely_jeff bought pizza! #newyorkstyle
Cold pizza is love.
Why can't everyone in the EDM world just get along?
This tweet is gonna party like it's tweet # 1999
No other show makes me laugh like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air does.
I've been doing math homework all day for the past two days and I'm still not up to where I need to be! The mental pain is real.
Bella made us dinner! I made the salad 😊 Fettuccini Alfredo w/ Chicken & Broccoli & Spinach
There Goes Honey Boo Boo