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Zach Crocker
Someone please bring me Chick-fil-a before I'm forced to put on real clothes and get it myself. Thanks!
Let's play a game where we can see how many things I can do to prevent myself from doing school work.
Scratching off "fighting a moth" off my list of things I least expected to encounter in the shower.
Uncontrollably laughing at this means it's time for bed. #vine #cats #icecream #Rachel
Walked into a Chinese buffet that had country music playing on the radio because #murica.
Can't wait to hear ESPN analysts talk about Eli coming back to elite status after performing well against one of the worst ranked defenses.
Was wondering what game Jarvis Jenkins would get hurt and be out for the year again. This dude is a cancer. #TNF #Redskins
So everybody went to the Redskins game but me I see... #foreveralone
Listening to Phil Simms struggle to not say "Redskins" is more painful for me than it is for him. It's not a curse word, dude. #TNF
The "Roughing the passer" penalty on Hatcher should be reiterated as "A gentle caress of the face mask." #Redskins #Giants #TNF
.@nflcommish suspended Ray Rice two weeks for punching a lady, and ESPN suspends a guy three weeks for commenting on it?
Frankie's face when he realized he wasn't even in the top 3 for America's Favorite Player. Hahaha #STFUFRANKIE #BB16
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Derrick and Cody are practicing speeches while Victoria? Well who gives af about her? She's doing her makeup... #bb16 #BB16Finale
#ItsFallBecause we decided to drive an hour to go apple picking as opposed to buying the 4 we needed for $2 at the corner store. @midnight
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Love how shirts get wider with each increasing size instead of longer. If there is a God, why did he give me a long torso? #blessed
Seriously, how do the Jacksonville Jaguars have fans?
That South Park commercial was pretty funny though... #Redskins #Eagles
I don't hate the Eagles. Just their fans. Rudest and nastiest people I have ever seen. Brotherly love is a lie. #redskins #Eagles
I love pass interference calls when players don't even touch each other.
Fines and suspensions aren't enough in the NFL. Need more harsh punishments. How about death of the player's first born child?
Really sick of walking into rooms and hitting my head on ceiling fans. #tallpeopleproblems
The #Redskins love wasting challenges and timeouts.
We are another football season closer to Troy Aikman and Joe Buck retiring from commentary. #Redskins #Eagles
Of course the thing I wanted the most out of #iOS8 is three new apps that I can't delete. #iphone #apple
If you don't watch football all day today then you are a big time jabroni.
Half of my leg is white and the other half is red. Sun, y u dew diss.
The greatest fish tacos in the world were just devoured by this guy
I love a beach day with no clouds! 😃#obx
Yes, this will do quite nicely. #obx
I'm only halfway through my vacation and I'm already scared to look at my bank account.
Here's my view today. What's yours like? #obx
The Crocker family/hybrid considers waking up at 9:00 AM as sleeping in. -__-
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About to take my Party Time Cruiser on a loooong road trip. I hope she holds up! #vacation #obx #beach
I wonder if all these Frankie fans will apply for BB... when they're eligible in eight years. #BB16
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Words can't express the happenings of the NFL these past several days.
I leave for the beach tomorrow. Let's see how long I can delay packing for it.
Saw trailer for this movie - #NoGoodDeed - she calls police at the beginning of this burglary so why does it take them 90 min to get there?
Me: "Indeed, can't wait for the beach!" @Zach_Crocker : "ONLY TWO MORE SLEEPS." What a beautiful way to look at it.
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