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yvette nicole brown
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You never know what beauty you will find at #CBSradford. I found these three! #AnnaMariaHorsford #AnneMarieJohnson #ElliaEnglish
Guys! Amazing artist @ASUrelle (AsuRocks) created #UrsulaBreaksTheOcean. Gots to give credit where credit is due! ;)
Here's our @theoddcouplecbs pre-show pic of the week with a glorious @LaurenGraham bonus! :) And we finally cracked #ThomasLennon's #BlueSteel ;) #MattyDidIt!
As much as I loved being the voice of #JeromesChurchyMom in last week's episode of #FamilyGuy, NOTHING topped THIS moment. #FridayNightLightsFOREVER
Getting read the hilarious book The Adventures of Mrs. Jesus, by the author.…
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And sometimes, those same people can talk their friends into doing stuff like this! #TripleShame! #DontTellDrew! :)
Some people, when left to their own devices in the bowels of #CBSTelevisionCity, do things like this. #Shame!
HILARIOUS! And just about right! ;) RD @bri_bee_101 The Yvette Nicole brown twd starter pack @YNB
Can. Not. Wait! Excited to see @nerdist and the #TalkingDead gang! See ya in a few @CMPunk & @TylerJamesWill #Tonight
#McHarmon GROOM! #McHarmonWedding
#McHarmon BRIDE! :) #McHarmonWedding
Me and two of my LOVES! @gillianjacobs and @RashIsTVUgly #McHarmonWedding
Spent a good portion of yesterday riding a subway in NYC with #MatthewPerry. Gotta love TV magic! @theoddcouplecbs
And then there was the time THIS happened. How pretty is that Melissa McBride?! Jeez! #TheTalkingDead
Getting the band back together THIS Sunday! #TheTalkingDead! SO much to say about this episode for some reason. ;) #TotesExcited
Honored to be asked back to voice another #Quahog resident! Thank you #FamilyGuy and CD Linda!!!
My buddy, #DanOShannon wrote this irreverent little book. It's available everywhere NOW! Fellow Christians, don't worry in it, Jesus remains our respected Savior... but his fictional "wife" is a hot mess! ;)
You can HEAR @SethGreen, @RashIsTVUgly and a slew of other talented folks and I in a sweet, new animated film called #Yellowbird! Opening 2015 in America. Pretty much everywhere else right now. ;) #ImLadyBug
Meeting @VanDerJames. Reason #583 that working at Radford ROCKS! @charley_koontz, thanks for the intro! ;) #CBSCyber
My buddy @kimcoles is doing the dang thing TONIGHT!!! Tune in if you like to laugh! ;)
#EXTRA stopped by to chat with the @theoddcouplecbs gang! Thanks @RobEstes for all the fun!
BONUS! @theoddcouplecbs pic! Come for the @geoffmstults hair puff dodging. Stay for the #ThomasLennonBlueSteel ;) Thanks @angeliquecabral for the pic!
*sigh* These are SO hard for us. Blurry. Wayward eyelines. Folks obscured. Ghosts. But alas here's our @theoddcouplecbs pre-show pic for this week. Missed @geoffmstults & @angeliquecabral :(