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yvette nicole brown
Tonight! @BenchedUSA premieres at 10:30! Here's a great @TheAVClub review to get you psyched.
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My favorite #OddCouple. #MatthewPerry #ThomasLennon @TheOddCoupleCBS
And for those who've never heard it, here's the lovely, heartbreaking song sung LIVE: #Manhattan @SaraBareilles
The unparaphrased lyric from @SaraBareilles' #Manhattan is "& I know that holding us in place is simply fear of what's already changed." ;)
Dear @SaraBareilles, for all you do: Thanks. #JustThanks ;) #LyricsILove #Manhattan
Reunited and it feels so good! #KitanaLove And now this dude. #MichonnesFace #SaysSoMuch @WalkingDead_AMC
I don't know how I feel about that shot of #TheLastSupper on the wall. He technically was someone's last supper. #TooSoon? @WalkingDead_AMC
That's a big brother. I have one and I know that's what big brothers do. That took a LOT. @WalkingDead_AMC
That was the epitome of OVERkill. @WalkingDead_AMC
Glenn and Maggie looking like, "Uh, what time does the bus leave in the morning?" @WalkingDead_AMC
Uh...that took a dark turn. Anybody else as traumatized as Tyrese? Even Michonne looks like..."Um, guys?" @WalkingDead_AMC
No one's impressed with what you USED to do. What have you done for folks lately? #JanetJReference @WalkingDead_AMC
Again with the monologuing. Gareth for the love of God...Shut. Up! #SomebodyPleaseKillHim @WalkingDead_AMC
Someone needs to tell Abraham that Rick rips out necks with his teeth. @WalkingDead_AMC
.@SonequaMG can say SO much with just an eyebrow raise. Speaking volumes in silence. Such an amazing actress. #Fierce @WalkingDead_AMC
#TaintedMeat is from the comics, yes? That scene looked SO familiar to me. @WalkingDead_AMC
I called the bite from last week. The kiss in the church before the solo stroll seemed like a goodbye. @WalkingDead_AMC
For Bob not to be talking? I'm just saying. He REALLY wants Gareth to shut up, too. @WalkingDead_AMC
I hate hearing the #Termites monologue. I mean HATE. Gareth more than any other. #ShutUpWithTheScoobyDooSummation @WalkingDead_AMC
You DID! :) RT @dramakim WELCOME TO SHIRLEY ISLAND! (I hope I made you proud @YNB) #CommuniCon3
Had an awesome coffee date today with THIS cutie! #Snickers Thanks for bringing my doggy-nephew, @clisa_lisa! :)
Had an awesome coffee date today with THIS cutie! #Snickers Thanks @leebra1017 for bringing my doggy-nephew! :) #TooMuchCuteness
#AboutYesterday Nothing like watching the sunset and fearing certain death on a rooftop with these lovely people. ;) Happily shooting a PSA for LA's #PBS station #KLCS!
Shoutout to the horse pills that go down sideways. o_O #IAlmostDiedToday #VitaminWhy #NotLikeThisLord
Will got me up at the crack of dawn creating quote pics. But so worth it! This is my #LifeMotto too. #DoGood #BeGood Have a blessed day, guys! :)
#TBT #MyTwenties I've been natural for a minute. Rocking my #AKA windbreaker! Repping the #PinkAndGreen ;)
The chick sitting next to Laurel in her "I'm not a show off" scene did some FINE eye-acting. If ya missed it rewind. #IKnowEyeActing #HTGAWM
#TheFaceYouMake when you can't figure out your own forward-facing camera. #NoFilter #ThatsTheSun #PBSPSAShoot
"Enjoy your fruit." Is how I will now end every conversation where I just regulated. #IDontCareIfTheyreHavingFruit @ScandalABC
Hey @toneBell, does Tedward do his own stunts? That takedown had a lot of action. @BadJudge_
I'd like to point out that I heard that on the FIRST blink. Not when it became obvious with pics and such. I feel you, Jake! ;) @ScandalABC
Did he just hear the ocean when he closed his eyes? He's back on that island in his mind. @ScandalABC
How to watch @BadJudge_ AND @ScandalABC at the SAME time. That is the question. Dang Thursday nights!
Wait, what? What's happening?? Callie... wait a minute now... You better ACT, though @SaraRamirez! @GreysABC
Is it wrong that I wanted Arizona to punch Dr. Geena in the throat? #JustAsking #SheBugs @GreysABC #TGIT
So... THIS happened on #TheOddCouple set. #WeirdAlYankovic!!!! #LovedHimMostOfMyLife @theoddcouplecbs
Catching up on #Nashville before #TGIT & #BadJudge. Did I or did I not say, "Cue the lovechild" last week? #NotHisMyLeftPinkyToe!
A HEALTHY comfort food restaurant? Yes! Please help my girl @carlahall realize her dream of opening the doors RT
Besides Jesus there is NONE greater than THIS: Keurig donut shop pod, french vanilla coffeemate, 2 sugars & a dash of cinnamon #YoureWelcome
E.C.= East Cleveland!!! :)
This concludes my soapbox moment. :) Let's just all be good to one another. As I always say: life is tough enough. #jeez
I come correct and respectful in all things. And twitter is no different. Kindness matters, but silliness will always be called out.
Folks that know me know I'm as regular as they come and I don't think highly of myself at all. So save all that nonsense.
And 1 more thing. I don't traffic in that fame or celeb crap. So don't come at me like I'm tripping because I'm on TV. I'm Yvette from E.C.
Sad, too. Because a lot of their soapbox issues...maybe most...are worthwhile. But all the twitter bluster makes their cries just noise.
Maybe nobody pays attention to them in real life so they have this insurmountable need to be heard. Know this anger rarely gets ya heard.
Folks just gon' force you to beef? All but screaming 'Fight with me!' Craziest part? I'm usually agreeing w/them. Anger makes 'em miss it.