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yvette nicole brown
Up watching my buddy, @JeffProbst on #KellyAndMichael. I miss my Probst-y! :)
So this was a cool day at work. Y'know, no biggie. Thanks @RealChrisWebber! @theoddcouplecbs
Had a great time meeting fans from Egypt! @mazenzayn and his mom Azza!
I'm just gonna sit this right here. ;) You're busy building...but what are you building? And does it bless anyone besides you? Just some simple questions on a Tuesday morning. ;)
Psalm 46:10 #SimpleWisdom Happy Tuesday, Everybody!
Thank you to all that watched the premiere of @TheRealDaytime ... We are just getting started and can't wait to keep entertaining you all!
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Home watching my DVR'd episode of today's PREMIERE of @TheRealDaytime! Laughing out loud! LOVE IT! Congrats, ladies!!! :)
;) Thanks! RT @AlexJaffe @ThrillingAdv So great to hear @YNB as The Troubleshooter again. She'll always be a Work Juice Player in my heart.
Thxs to all the viewers and fans for making this moment possible ... This is all our time!
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The ladies sat down for an interview w/ the @AP this week & they describe what #TheReal has in store. Read it here!…
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One more day until @TheRealDaytime. Get channels and air times for your area here:
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Yes, @MissJillScott. Just, YES! #LyricsILove #YouWannaTearWeDown #ButYouCantTouchWe
I know death is a part of life, but it sure feels like all our legends are leaving at once. 2014 has been a tough one. #RipJoeSample #Repost from @andreajmusic
Thank you @IndiaArie for this slice of lyrical wisdom. #TheresHope #ItsAllAboutYourPerception #LyricsILove
Yup. Pretty much. #Repost from @chimeedwards — In order to be successful you must do some work on yourself. Many of these points struck a chord with me. God already gave you everything you need to be successful. Let's move forward togetha ➡️➡️➡️ 🔝
#FlashbackFriday! 2003! Me and @TatyanaAli on the set of the original pilot for #TheBigHouse. #AhYouth! :)
Guys! Please check out my friend @CaRenata in a showcase reading of @KateDating's #MyLettertoFear in LA on ...
Obviously Shirley needs to straighten Andre out! He's turned to a life of crime, joined an MC! @YNB @SonsofAnarchy @MalcolmJamalWar
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#TBT 2004 The cast and part of the awesome crew of #TheBigHouse. And I'm leaning a bit to the side but @KevinHart4Real is totes taller than me. ;) Love to him, @FaizonLove #AaronGrady #KeithDavid & #ArnetiaWalker!
@YNB Hi Yvette! @CommuniConNews has given away CommuniCon 3 passes to trivia winners all week. Last chance is tom @ 12pm ET/9am PT. RT pls?
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How I fly. #GermaphobeMuch? And guess who still has the sniffles tonight? #EbolaPreventionFail
Bwahahahahahaha!!! That is the face! #Repost from @andreajmusic
Yay Shirley! RT @mndevlin @RELEVANT Shirley on #Community is played to perfection by @YNB. Thanks for including her.…
The ladies of #TheReal are back in 4 days! Yup that’s right, new episodes premiere next Monday! Be sure to tune in!
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#MagicHour, Victoria! ;) MT @loveme_ortiz_me Thanks so much for tonight. You're an inspiration. I'll never forget what you said #HappyHour
A small sampling of the University of Texas gang from last night. Look at all those glorious faces! We were 500+ deep up in there and on a SCHOOL night! Thanks for having me! :) #HookEm #TheMagicHour
Simply this. #NeverForget #Repost from @comiclonilove — Prayers for the families and friends on this day...
Say that Arlinda Mack! ;) #Repost from @sofistafunktheskirtco — #SofistFunkingAround #NYFW #MBFW #Sofistafunk #theskirtco #TheArchitect
Please support & donate to my girl @ReaganGomez's new #SciFi webseries #SurvivingTheDead ...
Hey U of Texas Students, if you came out tonight & took a group pic can you post it & @ me? Folks are looking for their pics #MakeAFriend :)
Thank you for the words of inspiration and for really connecting with us students tonight @YNB! :) It was so amazing!
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#TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork! ;) MT @chamber_book15 Thanks so much for visiting. So many wise words. We love you! ...
So AWESOME! #IGottaGetBoots! RT @utexascee @YNB loves her new personalized spurs given by Distinguished Speakers!
"The only competition you should have is between you and you from yesterday" - @YNB Grateful to…
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@YNB was such an amazing speaker and a lovely spirit to be around ❤️ thank you so much for coming out to UT #HookEm
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Thanks to Victoria Smith for this beautiful drawing! @utexascee event
WE ARE READY!! Make sure you come out to see @YNB! 7pm 7pm 7pm I'm the TEXAS UNION BALLROOM!!
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Sooooo @YNB is the nicest celebrity I've ever met by far. If you're not here to hear her speak yet, get here.
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'Bout to speak to the students at the University of Texas! I'm super excited! #HookEm!
So excited to hear @YNB speak! @utexascee is more than getting ready right nowww. Come to Shirley Bird Room at 7 pm at the UNION ballroom (:
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We have our answer! Thanks to all the others who solved this too! ;) RT @Axxman300 @YNB They're called Pivot Irrigation. For agriculture.
Meanwhile, while flying over the middle of nowhere there's THIS. Uh, THESE? Your thoughts? #CropCirclesInDust? #WhereDeyDoDatAt?