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yvette nicole brown
Whoa! Just got out of #DearWhitePeople and see that this became something. My RT was in jest guys. @carbar is cool with me! All is well. :)
Thanks to @AnikaNoniRose, the movement has BEGUN! Visit to make YOUR stand! ;)
Thanks to @AnikaNoniRose, the movement has BEGUN! Visit to make YOUR stand! ;) #ClassicallyBeautiful
SUPER excited to see THIS today! #DearWhitePeople #IntelligentSatireFTW!
It's taken me THIS long to figure out why #KatieFindley looked so familiar. Guess we finally know what happened to #RosieLarsen. #HTGAWM
Those last nine words were jaw-droppingly epic. But @violadavis' acting choices before those words were even more so #MasterClass #HTGAWM
Just realized why I can't effectively live-tweet #HowToGetAwayWithMurder, I'm focusing so hard on searching for clues #ImGonSolveThisThing!
Not looking good, Agent Larson. Not looking good, at all. They should just play the Shaft theme when Papa Pope enters a room. @ScandalABC
Welp, "Inside I'm having a tiny seizure" just won the evening. Thank you @ScandalABC writers & @BellamyYoung. And WONDERFUL scene. #Moved!
Did he just grab her? Did he just...?? And he needs to watch his tone. #FitzBeTripping @ScandalABC
So they don't even move to that un-camera'd corner anymore? They just do it for the national archives now? @ScandalABC
I tried to tell them not to mess with THAT Mellie. Even wounded, she's got bite. #PartingShot #IBlameYouFitz #ThatRobeThough @ScandalABC
And Fitz, maybe don't call her "Liv" to THAT Mellie. #JustSayingPartTwo Ooh, SmellieMellie? Dang, Fitz. @ScandalABC
Um, Olivia..."I think you should discuss that with your husband" is not something you say to THAT Mellie. #JustSaying @ScandalABC
Oh how I LOVE @jscandalp! I now have a new favorite Cyrus Beene speech. I weep for Abby. #JeffPerryFTW! @ScandalABC
Last #TBT of the day! Me and @FAIZONLOVE on set shooting the pilot for #TheBigHouse! Eartha and her big bro Warren Cleveland :)
#TBT @kevinhart4real, the side of @FaizonLove's head (Lol!) and I at the viewing party for the premiere of #TheBigHouse! Kevin was on the phone making moves way back then! This was in #2004! Wow, it's been TEN years! Time flies!
Proof that #NathanMorris smiles... sometimes. ;) #TBT #EastCoastFamily #WeWereTeenagers
#BIV and I. We were BABIES! #Motown/Biv10Memories #EastCoastFamily
'bout to hit this #TBT pretty hard. Witness my youth #EastCoastFamily style. I was 19! Here's #ShawnStockman and I at the old Motown on Sunset. Love to #KhalilRoundtree over Shawn's shoulder πŸ’•
Did the @TODAYshow just #rickroll all of us?! Dagnabit! It will be with us all, ALL day long. #NeverGonnaGive #NeverGonnaGive #GiveYouUp...
Dayum! My @lennonandmaisy question was just answered. Hate Jeff, but he's no fool. Like I said in what world are they not signed? #Nashville
Jonathan Jackson better ACT!!! #Nashville
Did they just show Glenn without his "hair"? Okay, #Nashville. So we WERE supposed to notice that was happening up there. #LoveHimWithoutIt
Yeah, Zoe. The audience. That's it. See? NOT a best friend. A best friend would KNOW Scarlett wasn't ready even for the bluebird. #Nashville
And lemme just say this: Scarlett, girl, Zoe is NOT your friend. Forget best. She's not even the regular blend. She stole Gunnar #SheBugsToo
He does NOT want you on his bus. I am mentally vetoing everything the writers just wrote. Lol! Whatevs. #SheBugs! #Nashville
Seriously, can Luke's new background singer GO AWAY?! I'm almost longing for the veterinarian. Can Deacon write in PEACE? #Jeez! #Nashville
In what world would Rayna NOT sign @lennonandmaisy? Lord knows those babies' voices and harmonies are HEAVENLY! #Nashville
#Repost from @blackishabc with @repostapp β€” Tweet live with the cast of black-ish tonight! Use #blackishABC to join the conversation.
Pretty much. Hope you guys had a blessed day! ;)
In every moment, we each have a choice to be loving.
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Congrats @robinthede and @toneBell! Great news all around today! Happy for you guys!!!
I'm really proud of us! It only took TWO years of profound love and longing! Lol! RT @ChelseaVPeretti @YNB WE DID ITπŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€
Dang! Make it PLAIN, James 3:16 It says of every kind. #Yikes For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind. -James 3:16
Success stalking the #Brooklyn99 set. Saw old buds and finally met @ChelSanity and #AndreBraugher!!! Plus #TristramShapeero was directing the ep! Today fan-girling, tomorrow guest-starring? #AGirlCanDream! ;)
This is making me miss what female MCs used to represent. Brandy, Queen Latifah, Mc Lyte & YoYo #IWannaBeDownRemix
This bread rose like the great Dr. Maya Angelou gave it a pep talk. #StillIRise! Excel, bread! Excel!!!
My day. Flour, an egg, milk, butter, sugar, yeast and salt...
THIS! RT @BenchedUSA OMG! You can now watch the FULL first episode of #BenchedUSA online:
Twitter foolishness from strangers is just waves in the #atmosphere. Lol! I'm telling y'all, @kaskade done blessed a sista! #ThatOnellPreach