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Yvette Grimes
Big Eyes Trailer: via @YouTube Can't wait to see this movie Christmas Day.
Architecture 'Magic Trick' Convinced Steve Jobs To Build A Smaller Glass Cube At Its Iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store
Authors will fire back at Amazon with calls for a government investigation
Lloyds dismisses eight staff over Libor
Homosexuality was classified as an illness in Sweden in 1979 -- Swedes protested by calling into work sick, saying they "felt gay."
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The guy loves his dog who loves the park, but is too old to run and jump around any more.
Your cute for the day. This Sleepy Kitty Understands The Power Of A Blissful Snuggle
Is Pluto A Planet After All? Bill Nye Weighs In On The Debate I'm with Team Pluto. It's a planet.
Simple, beautiful & ad-free. Read the manifesto:
Congrats Barbra Streisand. Partners album entered Billboard 200 Chart #1. Only artist in history with #1 albums in 6 consecutive decades.
@tavissmiley @LingtonSax @Gail_Sheehy @PBS Reading your book right now. Enjoying it, and learning so much. Thank you.
I just bought Topaz Impression. Get it here with $10 free credits:… I've used Topaz's software for years.
Photzy's free guide on understanding camera lenses.…… Free chalk effect to use with Photoshop.
Big day today. It's National Punctuation Day, AND the Fall Equinox.
Neil deGrasse Tyson: Here's How Long You Could Survive On Every Planet In Our Solar System… via @BI_Science
The Right Way To Say 15 Brand Names You're Mispronouncing All The Time… via @BI_RetailNews
@CampbellxEmma Not yougov. 3000 people for 4 million population, is a statistically valid sample.
@CampbellxEmma Exit polling has the NO's ahead by 8%.
Looks like the NO's won in Scotland. Scotland remains part of Great Britain.
Kansas Supreme Court has ruled that Chad Taylor's name will not be on the ballot in Nov.…
Why a good book is a secret door. Great TED talk by children's book author Mac Barnett.…
Don't forget, today is National Apple Dumpling Day.
How Crayola Crayons Are Made
These Are 32 Of The Most Stunning Submissions In This Year's World Photography Awards
Barefaced Sarah Palin steps out for first time since family fight No makeup shows she's really scary looking.
Fox News Elisabeth Hasselbeck is proud to be the first to link NFL scandal to Benghazi. What an idiot. #ElisabethHasselbeckisstupid
Dancing guardsman outside Buckingham Palace faces serious punishment via @TIME
Salpa Maggiore The strangest fish you'll ever see!
This horse got stuck in the mud. The woman held it's head for hours, so it wouldn't suffocate, until help arrived.
MIT Robotic Cheetah: via @YouTube Never bet against robots.
A cat in a kitchen stalking a half-lemon in a bowl. Drama. via @YouTube
One of the earliest mashups brilliantly combined 'Apocalypse Now' and Winnie the Pooh:… via @browbeat
Birds of a feather and their wallpaper go together.… via @Slate
Anna Wintour Throws Some Serious Shade In '73 Questions' via @HuffPostStyle
How Every Square Foot Of An Apple Store Is Designed To Make You Spend More Money… via @SAI
Viking "ring fortress" discovered in Denmark.
A family runs into Pres. Obama at Stonehenge.…
Former Gov. McDonnell convicted on all 14 counts, his wife Maureen convicted on 10 of 14 counts. Faces decades in prison.
Joan Rivers has died, age 81.
So far former VA Gov. McDonnell convicted of 7 charges, his wife Maureen of 6. These are conspiracy charges. More charges being read.
Jill Shargaa's AWESOME TEDTalk. "Please, please, people. Let's put the 'awe' back in 'awesome'":
Street Light Floor Lamp: Think I'll whip up one of these over the weekend.
Meet Dreadnoughtus, An 'Astoundingly Huge' New Dinosaur 7X bigger than T-Rex.
These smart chopsticks could help you survive a Chinese food safety scare via @TIME
IKEA totally makes fun of Apple in its hilarious new ad
Man Attempts To Hug a Wild Lion. What Happens Next Stunned Me (via @theSFGlobe)…
Celine Dion Asks A Little Girl To Come On Stage. Then EVERYBODY Is Stunned. (via @theSFGlobe)… Amazing voice.
He's A Saint, And He Seems Unappreciated. What He Gets In The End? Beautiful. (via @theSFGlobe)…