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Yvette Caster
It is like someone making an adult version of My Little Pony with @channingtatum riding Applejack naked. #teenagemutantninjaturtles
@YvetteCaster @michaelbay @meganfox Sexualization happens in your mind. Otherwise docs performing breast surgeries would have raging boners.
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Kesha said under oath 3 yrs ago that Dr Luke didn't drug her, says deposition… #whileyouweresleeping
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North Korea tries on the charm to avoid being referred to International Criminal Court for human rights abuses:
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Dear Disney, Please don't make a movie starring Jar Jar Binks. Sincerely, Everyone.
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Shocked family spot men in bondage gear spanking each other on country lane…
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Just came across the BBC's lovely timeline on 'How the world came to be run by code"… Nicely done
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Dear @michaelbay @meganfox pls stop sexualising the heroines of my fav childhood TV shows #teenagemutantninjaturtles
Met this little guy in the pub & suddenly all is right with the world
So this is what happens after you get married...… via @MetroUK
WTF has happened to Renee Zellweger's face?! @Katielbee I am genuinely concerned… via @MetroUK
12 sex secrets your girlfriend has just told her mates… via @MetroUK
I've no choice but to make *another* cup of tea. Thanks @HotelChocolat and @YvetteCaster for the Christmas chocolate!
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One in ten couples has a joint Facebook account. WHY?!!!… via @MetroUK @MissSisiG
My gut reaction is 'thanks @HuffPostWomen for reminding me that, despite having a vagina, I can still be funny'
Is this a good idea? Do they do a men's? - @HuffPostWomen: Don't miss our weekly roundup of funny tweets from women:
Great acting & locations in #GlueE4 but, seriously, what is going on? Can someone draw me an info graphic? #WhoKilledCal @E4Tweets
5&8 - as usual @Hannahfgale says what we've all been thinking about sex...… via @MetroUK
You might be surprised when you find out who "Rosie the Riveter" really was
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Should women rely on 'karma' and trust the system instead of asking for a raise?
@YvetteCaster Poison is a great name. I like this. Shall I order the red velvet drapes, zebra print wallpaper and lip-shaped sofas?
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@YvetteCaster if we ran a nightclub it would play THE best music.
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Does anyone Know an unsung hero who would love to be part of a special @rednoseday #Strictly? Email for details RT!!! 💃
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#GoneGirl last night - stunning At #CoolGirl speech wanted to shout Yes. That. That's it.… @MetroUK @merrystringles
10 things you'd do if locked in a bookshop overnight. Me? Build house of cards of House Of Cards… @MetroUK @paytesy89
8 ways sex can and will land you in A&E… via @MetroUK
10 stupid questions lesbians get asked - great blog by @EffiMai… via @MetroUK
ICYMI here's what @ChocolateWeek is all about, plus a Downton Abbey dress made of choc… via @MetroUK #chocolateweek
Met @MarcTheChoc of @DemarquetteChoc & his bonkers but brilliant Britannia's kitchen garden range at @ChocolateWeek
Trusting/foolish @Lindt leave me alone with their stall for 5 minutes #ChocolateWeek @ChocolateWeek
Most mind-blowing thing at @ChocolateWeek ? Choc & full curry happening at same time in your mouth @_thechocolatier
Poshest thing at @ChocolateWeek ? Truffle caviar (tiny truffle balls). Lovely.
Loved this fresh raspberry popping candy by A Little Piece & Love #ChocolateWeek
This booze tastes of lemon meringue pie (lemon and pastry, not sure about egg). That is all. #ChocolateWeek
These are rose brownies. I may have just had the one the nice @BadBrownieCo man gave me for breakfast #ChocolateWeek
Cocoa went to head, got a bit jazz hands by the time I saw @HotelChocolat edible art #betterthanbooze @ChocolateWeek
Chocolate dresses at @ChocolateWeek fashion show preview last night including that @Lindt masterpiece #chocolateweek
Looking forward to #TheChocolateShow preview. Choc fashion show! @ChocolateWeek @NudgePR Here's that @Lindt dress -…