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Yustika Maharani
@NotesSahabat: #NotersKereeen kamu termasuk orang yang pendiam / nggak bisa diem ?” Tergantung sama siapaa :o
how could mothers tell us to get out of our room for lunch but then as we're in the dining room she tells us "the rice is yet cooked" -_-
Nyesek bangeeet di panggil "mblo". Ngok t(-,-t)
Hari ini kenapa panas bangeett nget nget :o (at Yustika's) —
Yeah. I'm WEIRD. (W)onderful, (E)xciting, (I)nteresting, (R)eal, (D)ifferent.
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Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you. Been here all along so why can't you seee eeh eeeh you belong with meee eeh eeeh ~(^.^~)
I've got a story inside of me A story I won't tell A story that breaks hearts A story that brings tears into this field
It’s impossible to just figure out what kind #Aquarius you just met. If they seem serious at first, they’re probably actually super funny
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@NotesSahabat: #JustSobatIndonesia (cewek) cowok jago main gitar / jago futsal ?” Jago main gitar :)
#Aquarius gives everyone same attention, and only if they don’t like you or likes you too much, they’ll be hesitant to talk or approach you.
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Tom Odell ❤️❤️ ♫ Another Love by Tom Odell (at Yustika's) —
Me: "Haha omg I remember this picture. He and I were like having so much fun" Friend: "You miss him?" Me: "Haha no...I mean...yeah..."
I need to decrease the amount of food I'm consuming daily. I mean look at them thighs they're bigger than ever shit
Ayam bakarnyoo maknyuuss (at Ampera) —
Ahh lagi seru2 teh keburu dijemput -,-
Baru dateng ke sekolah udah ketemu dia huhuhu :'(
Back to school :') (at XI IPS 1 SMAN 1 MARGAHAYU) —
My morning anthem ❤️ ♫ Panic Cord by Gabrielle Aplin —
@NotesSahabat: #SobatIndonesian pengen nonton live konsernya siapa ?” All Time Low, Green Day, Zedd, Tom Odell, & Birdy ❤️
Teachers have the fucking balls to expect you to do homework as well as revision
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You need to be truly something different to catch an #Aquarius eye. They don’t fall easily
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Hoping to see you once again. Even just a glance at the street or something, I just...I miss you.
Suddenly missing those hazel eyes of yours. So sad that I didn't get to say goodbye to you. I kinda just...vanished. I'm sorry.