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Yustika Maharani ∞
I hate it when these 10 or 11 year olds post on there descriptions "single :[" like seriously, you're 10... you should be single
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My tv decoder won't catch signal from beTV which means I won't be able to watch teen wolf. i'm sobbing.
RT if you like these bands: AM BMTH 30STM GD SS BVB Paramore B182 Nirvana PTV SWS P!ATD MCR FOB LP KOL Follow me & everyone who RT this
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Boys: "I don't understand why girls are obsessed with their weight." Boys: "Ew she's fat."
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Really wanting to sleep but I keep getting sleep paralysis I hate it 😭😭
My sleeping pattern is ALL kinds of messed up
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me: i want to lose weight me: i want skinny legs me: i want a flat stomach me: i want to be thin me: *sees mcdonalds* me: yolo
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I need weeks to lose weight and i only need hours to gain the 💩 out of my body weight. Yyy??!!
Purple braces now yasss
Everything is currently so stupid ihml
Breathe if you want to date me *everyone holds their breath and dies* oh
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@tylerrjoseph: going to name my kid something that coke definitely hasn't thought of. like geodude,,” omg pokémon 😂😂
omg i can't stop laughing😂😭😂
kampret baru kali ini ngeliat tukang sate ganteng 😭😂
“@drxwsexplicit: "Okay?" "Okay."” 😭😭😭
Do you ship Stydia or Stalia? RT for Stydia Fav for Stalia #NoHate - M
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When Neymar tweets something in Portuguese and I'm just here like
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Det här vansinniga Neymar-hatet kommer jag aldrig att förstå mig på.…
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idc i just wanna see isaac on teen wolf again just at least in 1 ep he can suddenly come and help scott or simply just pass by idk
how is it that it's only 4 months to 2015? like chill, time, slow down
@Ashlee_Turtle: I used to have these when I was a kid aw” flashback :')
@jeyyounit11: IF I SAY UR BEAUTIFUL U R BEAUTIFUL OK. NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS ABOUT IT” sweetest thing ever ok bye
Dear God, I wanna thank you for EVERYTHING! I stress a lot and sometimes I don't feel like going on But you give me the reason to live. ILY
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@AlexAllTimeLow: Real proud of my Otakon costume this year!” OMG MAJIN BOO I LOVE YOU MORE NOW
I just can't wait for college and get out of this market of fake friendships.
Sometimes you just have to accept the fake friendships people offer you.
@nuteIla: I don't care what anyone says this is the best selfie ever😍” YEESS
u ignore my text message i ignore ur death
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An #Aquarius can swim deep in their thoughts and never come up for air.
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when i think about the fact my crush will never like me back
I know I'm late and all that but i just spent some cash to experience the great story people were talking about.
I know i'm late and all that but i seriously haven't seen the movie nor have i read the book. So i spent some cash to buy the book. People say it's a great story. ❤️