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Yustika Maharani ∞
That awkward moment when you were pretending to listen and now you realize a response is required 😑
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"Your skirt is a mess" Yeah it's a metaphor for my life
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Too many people are afraid to speak their mind
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I just had a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream. Not going back to bed. 😰
Alexander Wennberg 😍🙊🙉❤️
I have full day exams tomorrow please someone kidnap me take me to another continent or like another galaxy or something
Sometimes when you're sad, you just need a chocolate donut, some strawberries, and nutella.
Do you ever look at Vic Fuentes like if you're 31, I'm 31
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*ends every piece of advice with “idk though” so that its not my fault if i ruin ur life*
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if only i could live in a 3 story house & have the upper most floor all for myself so nobody can disturb me & if anyone comes i'm like no
I don't understand how iPhones can be dead but have the power to show me this 😑
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When I say "the other day" it could have been yesterday or 5 years ago, there's no in between
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I'm 348% done with all this exam shites
So i have like 4 exams on Monday and I can't sleep thinking about it and i know I shouldn't think about it but
@radityadika: Otw parkiran mobil.” Hati hati nabrak bang.
Someone buy me a Brooklyn Beckham.
Open my eyes. It was only just a dream.
No matter how hard their life gets, #Aquarius can always find something to smile and laugh about
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I listened to this song and decided to cry
:'((( "@mandaginanjar1: That's life "@yustikaranii: Nothing goes as planned."
Nothing goes as planned.
Only 4 hours of school today. Yes praise the loooord 😩😆😆🙏
Lmao ladies be gossiping here at the dentist 😂😩😂
You have to fight through the bad days, in order to earn the best days.
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when something funny happens i can guarantee you im that one friend who keeps laughing even though everyone else stopped 10 minutes ago
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RT if you like these bands: AM BMTH 30STM GD SS BVB Paramore B182 Nirvana PTV SWS P!ATD MCR FOB LP KOL Follow me & everyone who RT this
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Sorry i complain a lot lmao
So sick. I mean literally. This headache is like hell and my bod temperature rose I just...i need to gtfo school i need my bed 😩😭😭😩
Yo so can this lucky cactus app get me a boyfriend??
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My #mancandymonday let me introduce you to Ok Taecyeon of 2PM 😍
I don't feel like going to school tomo 😩😭
Can i just marry the members of 2PM at once?
Have you ever fell in love w/ your own best friend? But he/she already has a gf/bf? And you're just like no...don't
Love you mum ❤️