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Yustika Maharani ∞
You're so unbelievably immature t(-,-t)
It's amazing how jerks and bastards still exist in this already ruined and cruel world.
Ya sudahlah move on saja :) pacaran sama ilmu manajemen ekonomi aja deh :)
piano is the most beautiful thing ever i could listen to it all day
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Your age doesn’t define your maturity, your grades don’t define your intellect, and rumors don’t define who you are.
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I think it's funny that people who treat you like crap get offended when you finally do the same
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Twitter app is getting weird. Like sometimes it opens on the newest updated version and sometimes it's on the old version.
It doesn't matter anymore :')
I want Taecyeon for my birthday present :3
Hearing my mum laugh of joy is one of the most beautiful things ever ❤️
I have a developed a huge crush on Henry Cavill. There's something wrong with his genes he can't be that perfect.
do u ever have a day or a moment when you feel pretty & think you could do anything & youre happy but also sad bc you know it wont last long
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Sakit gini bisa apa kalo ga nonton RM :')
Cause we lost it all Nothing lasts forever I'm sorry, I can't be perfect
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I was born to live as a burrito.
I've been a living burrito for over 3 hours. I'm so lazy to get out of my room.
Haha ha ha hahahahhaha h a if all time low announce us tour dates today I will cry in school
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I just watched TFIOS again and I still can't stop sobbing I
One mistake, I forgive. Two mistakes, I'll give one last chance. Three mistakes? You're an idiot, gtfo.
@EverydayWow: Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand” oh my Lord the world really does have some beautiful places ❤️
Sudah muak dengan lagu Rude -____-
irrelevant people always in your business and talking shit.
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Paling gasuka org yg seenaknya bikin appoinment tanpa konfirmasi pihak yg lain. t(>,<t)
Moodbreaker bgt siiiiiiii' 😩😭
I wanna be your “2am I can’t sleep” text..
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Everything will be fine eventually :)
"After 3 to 4 months of having a crush on someone, you either fall in love with that person or become interested in someone new.”Been a year
I'm pissed off with this tv chef and her fancy smancy meals. PIZZA HAS CHEESE. THAT IS NOT PIZZA. THAT IS LIES.
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