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Who would volunteer for this lmaoo, nigga lost all his friends, can't tell him nothing, they got a snitch hotline bruh, "aye there go that snitch nigga" his life over
Elementary school relationships were so pointless bruh a nigga pushed a girl on the swings one time next thing you know they're dating smh niggas thought they was in love and shit, I would always push shawdy on the swings at recess (I don't remember her name, she probably fuckin another nigga right
Be sitting there thinking about everything else besides what's happening, "did I feed my fish today?" "i wonder what the weather looking like tomorrow" "Where my dad been all these years?" "I need to run to the store and pick up some more paper towels" "can't wait for this Sunday service tomorrow"
New video on JSTV coming soon, if you haven't seen previous videos link is in my bio!
Don't expect nothing real from a fake nigga 💯
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Its alot of females that don't even really want a new nigga. They just want their old one to stop being on that bullshit and act right.
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A fresh cut can change a niggas life, nigga went from Tyrone the crack head to Mufasa the shift manager at McDonald's
Why shawdy wearing her dad's shoes? Hoes getting their age and shoe size mixed up smh bitches be like "walk a mile in my shoes" bitch you can't even walk down the steps in your shoes foh, she lowkey Bigfoot's lil sister, she got her shoes from the men's section at Ross, she wanna be 7 ft so bad bruh
New shit, link in my bio
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Damn it's a great day to be a real nigga
My nigga neck toasty af, watch niggas start wearing shit like this and hiding dime bags by their neck, try and tickle my neck if you want bitch but you ain't the heart, nigga neck bout to become a bird fountain if it rains outside, "As you can see this is the early stage of the negro hibernation cyc
Was taking selfies and shit and started thinking...... Damn I'm one ugly ass mf no wonder I get no pussy, imma still try tho fym #AllRise #CaniGetaAmen
Bruh if you come up in my house taking your hair, eyelashes, nails off and shit we gonna have a problem like damn I can't trust you cause u been lying to me about who you are, you not even the same person smh don't be shape shifting and shit in my house only thing changing shape in this house is dis
Girl be like "you ain't shit, you a bitch ass nigga, ya dick little etc." This my face the whole time, like are you done
Hoes be cooking up bowls of imagination, if I ask you for something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich and you don't know how to work a toaster we gonna have a problem, I just may do some WWE shit and drop you. If I need some tea and you can't even boil water you'll be banished from my living es