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J. Cole
Eat that ass like a item off the dollar menu - Kanye West
Text me like "I see ya lil hoes commenting and laughing at ya posts, who them bitches?" Like I'm sitting in the comfort of my home having a good time and here your annoying ass come, swear I'm cheating on you in my dreams tonight. You like a girl picture next thing you know your girl commenting on i
When your girl stressing you out and you need a break
even if we’re married for 25 years, I still want you to flirt with me
Bruh this the type of booty that make you rethink your whole future, "like damn..... maybe I don't wanna be a doctor, hmm". This the type of booty that will turn your whole day around, you just lost your job, electricity and water got cut off, and you peep the booty in the distance and it gives you
How girls be before they post an "off guard" video πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by J. Cole
Like if your stupid ass don't stop fucking around and get dressed so we can go get something to eat
This nigga just said fuck a pullout game, hand this man a condom and he gonna look at you confused af, how tf this man manage 39 wives? I can barely get a girl number some days, man has finesse beyond compression, his wives gotta schedule a date with him, and 94 kids bruh? Swear I'd never have any f
When you peep some glorious butt cheeks in the distance
Studying hard as shit for these finals
Swear when I see magic tricks I be so confused bruh, remember one time one a magician pulled a quarter from behind my ear, I'm like I know damn well I cleaned my ears this morning and ain't have no loose change floating around, like how tf you do that shit nigga, for your next trick pull an $100 bil
When your girl tripping over some dumb shit like some girls nudes she found in your phone and you have no idea where they came from and you thinking about how you could be out cheating instead of dealing with this Tom foolery. If anyone should be mad it's me, we don't see each other for a month and
"Had a good day at school?" "Yeah." "Oh that's nice, so you wanna tell me why your teacher called me while I was at work?"
Dont hit me up for artwork if your money aint right πŸ’―
Retweeted by J. Cole
Soul be feeling reborn, mama always said do good for others and others will do good for you, and I guess this is my moment, what a time to be alive
Add me, or not, idgaf what u do bitch
That one uncle that always comes around during family gatherings with nothing to offer but a jack and some bad advice. This the nigga that be going up to your lil 7 year old cousins asking em for a dollar but can't remember their name, "hey lil uhhh, yeah, I haven't seen u in like 20 years, got a do
A girl thats feeling you πŸ’•πŸ’― gone always think you got hoesπŸ‘―because in her mind everything she sees in you other girls see it too. πŸ‘€πŸ’―
Retweeted by J. Cole
Somebody that ordered the fight FaceTime me and face the phone towards the TV
a girl that motivates you is a blessing.
Bruh these mfs be acting like they been waiting their whole life for this moment and I'm bout to fuck it up for them, like that 25 cents worth of sauce coming out of their paycheck and they not gonna be able to keep the lights on this month. Lady gonna give me one sweet and sour sauce and I'm just l
inconsistency is unattractive as hell, how are u gonna treat someone like they mean something to you one day then do a 180 on them the next.
Such a disappointment when you defend someone for so long thinking they are different and they turn out to be just like what everyone said.
a girl who wants the best for you is the best for you.
Shit be boring af afterwards, like tf yall doing? Go do something productive I don't wanna see this filth
it's a beautiful thing when two people are equally obsessed and infatuated with each other and don't care about anything else πŸ‘«πŸ’πŸ”πŸ˜Œ
Retweeted by J. Cole
i admire people who choose to smile after all the things they’ve been through.
Was taking a shit at school the other day, shit was intense, some nigga come in and walk past the stall and through the crack and was like "aye Jamal, that's you?" I'm like nigga get tf out of here this not the right time, nigga gonna ask me about some notes, like do you not know I'm in here with my
If I died today would you be satisfied with the last conversation we had...? let that sink in.
If I'm attracted to you, I'll always be attracted to you, even on your bad days.
Bruh this dog a grown ass man, a strong independent dog that don't need an owner, dog gonna fuck around and take me for a walk, I'd have to get this nigga a house key, on everything I'd be claiming this dog on my taxes, shit look like a mythical beast, this my transportation to work, Scooby snacks n
"I'll give you $20 to go to sleep so I can fuck ya mom, we cool?"
Y'all go follow the homie @hoodlives I fucked his bitch and got her pregnant but he gonna raise it
This why I'm staying single until I die, not trying to wake up in the middle of the night with a knife to my throat talking about "why you got so many followers nigga? I know you fucking at least 10% of them bitches, you know I'm crazy right?" Nah I'm good fam
she hides all her problems behind a fake smile, you think you know her, but you really have no idea ...
When a girl that friend zoned come crying to you about her boyfriend cheating, what you should be crying about is this bomb dick you missed out on, cry me a river, lake, pond, puddle, pool, ocean, and all that shit
When you go to see your locked up homie and he sharing his experience with you so far Homie 1: wassup fam how's it going Homie 2: you gotta help me fam, I've seen some shit here you never seen in your life! Homie 1: like what? Homie 2: you ever seen a nigga get stabbed with a ham sandwich? Shit is
Just tossing my shit all over the place, catch deez nuts in your dms