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J. Cole
Remember one time in elementary school my momma whooped my ass so bad I saw the light, I walked in school the next day with the inspiration to make a difference, went up to my homies like "aye y'all something hit me yesterday, matter fact 2 things hit me yesterday, the truth, and a solid ass leather
I'm afraid I have to put you under arrest ma'am Please office no, I'll lick ya booty hole please ma'am I don't think it's appropriate to bribe me with a good time
Who want this account for the low dm with an offer, I was gonna use it for just video but I just do them shits on here now so yeah
When you put one thing in the sink and your mom try and make you wash everything out: inspired by @retrospectivetrill_og
I got a good ass personality, a good heart, a long ass dick that will rip you in half and send your soul to the shadow realm, and I like cats
Finally mastered the art of hat tilting, I'm putting this on my resume
This was deadass me my senior year in high school cause halfway through that point I could fuckin careless what was going on, I'm just in class taking a nap minding my own business and the teacher got the nerve to wake me up and ask me what the answer is, bitch you know damn well I don't know the an
"Fuck you running away for I just wanna watch Netflix and chill"
When someone twists the soda cap on too tight
i want a relationship where people know of us but nothing about us.
Retweeted by J. Cole
Bruh I got hit with this so many times back in middle school, then they'd be like we can pretend to date tho or we can be best friends, nah bih buss that shit open
Idk wtf this shit is or how tf it works but don't send it to me 😐 trying to whack my meat in peace and y'all wanna play games and reset my phone and shit, can't even finish now foh
Go go gadget Long Dick into your dms
Boy these shits be cutting tf out my shit, feel like an active destructo disk gone loose, I be consuming more of my own blood than I do the chips
Y'all bullshitting tf are they at πŸ˜’
When you tell her you like her and she asks you what do you like about her but you just trying to fuck
This the most headass catfish shit I ever seen in my life
Rs I hate when people try and tell me what I'm capable of and can accomplish, like how could you possibly know so much about a mf that's still learning about himself. Reason why I work hard with everything I do to accomplish the shit I set forth for myself cause I refuse to be a bum ass nigga like s
Realized this shit since I was 2, just shitting myself one day like "you know what, I ain't shit"
Like can you stop being a hoe for a minute and let me tell you about my day damn it's not all about you
Lmao on who this ain't happen to me before, now it's all "who them hoes in your story 😴" "who all them hoes laughing n dying n shit" so u just gonna act like u wasn't one of them? K
My uglyass need to hurry up and get famous niggas out here prospering, like this influenced me on a spiritual level
Currently looking for some side nigga positions, Dm me serious inquiries only
I don't even remember writing this shit but somebody sent it to me and it got my name on it so guess I did
Me when people be complaining and shit under my posts like oh "that's fucked up" "that's mean" bitch you can suck the blackest, most meaty and tender part of my dick life's fucked up
Lol niggas really be out cheating all day and be ready to fight when a nigga half way across the mall makes eye contact with their girl for half a second
Could never buy weed with this shit with her face staring at me in disappointment like she about to go snitch, this the international face of "look at them bad ass kids"
Girls hate when you're laughing at something on your phone πŸ˜‚οΏ½
Retweeted by J. Cole
Made a small website just telling about me and some of the stuff I do and shit like that so check it out, link in my bio
Live on nigga news live from the kitchen, aye my brother how you go about making this chicken cause I must say this shit is bomb / "Yeah it was nothing man like they say practice makes perfect and I been going hard with it for a while, I felt like my seasoning game went hard and overall I just went
Fuck around and leave everybody in the room offended, now everybody wanna join the argument and beat your ass, "How to get jumped 101"
Them old ass prehistoric Stone Age ass projectors, shit used to be making weird noises and shit, niggas used to be making shadow puppets when the teacher walked out the room n shit, gameboy advance ass quality πŸ––πŸΎ
The look your grandma give you when you don't eat all your greens
Bout to go save these hoes since nobody else want to
Shit is such a beautiful sight, like you know when ya mom tell you y'all going to the all you can eat buffet tomorrow so you go all day without eating and you make a big ass plate and you're just staring at it like damn I been waiting all day for this moment 😍
How dudes asked for nudes before technology
How tf this nigga walking around tilting a bucket hat, I can't even walk down to the store without the wind sending my shit flying down the street, this nigga gotta unique ass head
Oh my what's going on here #HerEyebrowsAboutToTakeFlightAndLookForDinner #WhySheLookLikeaGhettoWiiCharcter #LineUpSoClean #BoxHeadAss #HeadLooksLikeOneOfThemSpinningTops #SheHitHerForeheadWithTheShadowCloneJutsu #WhySheLookingLikeSheAintNoWorries #BetterStartWorrying #SomebodyEdgedHerUpWithaYugiohCa
Like I don't even wanna talk to your ass anymore, all my conversational skills just came flying out right along with my nut, fuck around and have a conversation like when spongebob decided to be normal "hi how are ya? Wonderful weather we're having." Headass don't text me
that awkward moment when you think you're important to someone, and you're not.