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J. Cole
After HS nothing's the same. So go ahead, think about yourself and what's best for you. Be selfish cause nobody will be there in the end...
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Would I smash for $500,000? Yeah I'd smash..... Smash it in the face with a brick, I'm kinda embarrassed that she more of a man than me, how you got hairy titties? Not even my titties hairy bruh, like I need an explanation, I wanna take a hammer to it's eyebrows so bad since they wanna look like nai
Don't look at me cause I'm not that cute and I look dusty
Lmao go follow the bro @hoodlives
Niggas be old as shit still trying to rap n shit, niggas be receiving social security checks with "young" still being in their rap name
@storytimenig funny as shit😭 he has me dead asf @storytimenig
Nigga real af, mama always told me to be patient for the things I want in life
Forever young, I want to be forever younggg headass, this bitch got a cup of nut in her hands bruh, niggas bold af to give her that much trust, her parents come over to visit and see a cup of nut just chillin in the living room "Katherine marrie green, wanna explain to me what this is?" like chill m
When you been spying on your girl all day watching her be a hoe and she comes home and you've been waiting for her at the door
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ fr fr
Which one of y'all great value hoes made this? Yeah you know how to keep a man.... How to keep a man disappointed and wanting to beat your ass, might as well get him a kid cuisine since you wanna be childish, if you make dinner without any type of meat imma just assume you want me to cheat on you, t
I don't think my people's understand what closed means bruh, if I wanted shit cracked I would have said to crack the fucking door now I wanna crack somebody in the jaw, I can't have privacy with a cracked door, I be chilling and look at that crack at night and feel like somebody watching me, how imm
So I told a story a while ago about how I used to spend the night at my friends house and his parents didn't know how to act around black people so they would always bring home popeyes and shit, they would just always serve me stereotypical black dinners. So I remember one time we just got back from
This nigga @storytimenig has 0 chillπŸ’€πŸ˜‚
A few days? Boy these shits don't even last a few hours, shit last as long as a can of soda, shit be like 10 servings per bottle, sounds more like 1 serving for just me nigga
Bruh she get hold of your shit you never gonna piss the same again, my dick gonna be so confused imma try and piss in the toliet and end up pissing on the ceiling, she fuck around and beat you off your dick gonna wither away into dust never to be seen again, she got so much damn power in that arm sh
Nah this unacceptable 😭
worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best that you could, and it still wasn't good enough. πŸ˜”πŸ’”
saw your worst and i stayed ....
"And don't try and lie to me either nigga I saw you at these exact coordinates" you know one thing I hate is when hoes try and put you in check after a long day of being a hoe, I always end up with em for some reason, not until breaking up with one of my ex's of like 25 seconds did I figure out she
nobody really cares if you’re miserable, so you might as well be happy βœŠπŸ’―
When you finnaly get your shit together and your ex want you back, he looking at her like she not worthy of his excellence, "bitch you know how much this outfit costs? Get a grip " when you at a business party but your girl embarrassing you
And send me some funny pics to caption for later gonna try and drop 2 tonight
Swear them mfs be thinking shit is a game, like I won't walk up in there and start flipping containers of lettuce n shit. Now they got the nerve to give me unlimited rice, like I came up in this bitch for some damn rice nigga I got some uncle bens at home fuck you think I came here for a healthy ser
kiss her in front of people who want her, make her feel like she's the only girl in the world, and never stop making her smile 😏😍😘
Ugh what is roach spray and elbow greese for $500, whose idea was this to have a triple thot bath, they gonna come out more dirty than when they went it, bath water looks like when you squeeze out a mop back into the bucket, whole bathroom probably smells like the great outdoors and survival, nigga
I want someone who will stay with me no matter how hard I am to be with. 😌
I can forgive you, but forget? never
When you had your hand up first but the teacher helps the person next to you first
I can basically fuck up any nigga's life by simply hooking em up with any female I used to talk to because they was all hoes, and I'm not saying that because shit didn't work out, I knew they was hoes when I was talking to em, most the time I was just thinking "this bitch gonna do some fucked up shi
Can't even explain how many niggas I know that look like this, this could be my cousin, he look like one of my old weedmen, on everything I fought this nigga in the 9th grade, or is this dude I used to ball with down at the rec, I swear I saw dude at McDonald's yesterday, or is he that nigga that's
Follow my personal page if you fwm that much @ogjahmall
You get these shits you might as well get a magic broomstick, a big ass hat, some fucked up teeth, and a big ass cauldron Boling all the souls of the niggas you've curved, you dare to put your feet on me with your shits looking like that you gonna sleep outside since you wanna act like an animal.
Nothing will have you more deceived than a fast food advertisement, shit be looking good af in the commercials, burger be looking tender n juicy n shit, lettuce be looking hella crisp, cheese be looking melted to perfection n shit, tomatoes be looking moist af bruh, buns be golden af, and if it's on
Lmao for 75 million me and all them roaches gonna be bro's by the time this shit over, I'm giving them all names cause we fam now and we all in this together on some high school musical type shit, finna drop a whole Mixtape "Jahmall and the roaches Vol 1" telling stories and shit about thots we know
Nothing annoys me more than these mfs, number 1 rule is to never make eye contact with this type of creature, I remember I was walking in the mall and this bitch was trying to sell me some type of lotion, tf makes you think I came to the mall to buy some scented lotion? Last thing I want when beatin
This nigga birdman wasn't playin, threw on his mom's pants and his grandma's shoes and went to business
Help me help you like shit
If it's one thing niggas LOVE to do it's sice shit up, mostly when it comes to females. My homeboy Ak is probably the biggest liar you'll ever meet, this nigga such a liar I wouldn't believe him if I asked him to repeat back some information I just told him myself, I wouldn't put trust into the mf f
how do girls shade in their eyebrows and make them look perfect...I can barely put on mascara without poking my eye wtf.
Nigga out here eating ass, sucking toes, and licking ears, but soon as i lay a finger on your favorite controller it's "nah son use the other one" and "idk you like that" got me using the one with nut stains, bite marks, and rust on it, nigga is this how you treat guests?
When your mom texts you "we need to talk once I get home" nothing in the world made me shit myself more than these words, she even put three periods at the end of the sentence that's how I knew shit was about to go down. I would start thinking if I did anything wrong, like how my grades looking, I b
Deadass if you arguing with me via text message like shit you gonna be scrolling hard af cause I ain't having it, I'm writing your ass a whole essay, staring off with my introduction and thesis on why you got me fucked up, then imma write your ass 3 body paragraphs going into detail of why you got m