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Jhene Aiko
Don't trust my pullout game I guarantee you'll end up disappointed, I can't even pull food out the oven without fuckin up, this is a warning
Y'all go check out the homie Mixtape, shit is 🔥🔥, shit burn hotter than prostitute pussy on Saturday nights, link in bio
Click on some random shit like the weather like damn baby did you know there's gonna be a high of 28 and low of 14 tomorrow in Mexico
Bitches ain't shit Chapter 3 "cousin zoned" There comes a time in your life when you just gotta come to the conclusion "I'm ugly af and it is what it is" I realized this the moment I came out the womb and the doctor almost dropped me after seeing my face, but guess who's laughing now? Probably sti
Yes it is correct bitch
Bruh wildest fight I've ever seen
Fam this the most niggaish thing I've ever seen, like oh shit I've ran out of buns lemme wrap it in this crispy ass piece of chicken, if I wanna enjoy the sensation of some chicken df makes them think I wanna shitty ass hotdog interfering with that? Nigga I can wrap a hotdog in a chicken tender myse
Lmao i just been fucking everybody's head up 😭
Better take her ass back in the house and put on something more appropriate, like hefty trash bag
This bitch look like she eat rusty nails and car tire scraps for breakfast while bench pressing a human size dildo, I always wondered what it would be like if a dyke tried to fight me, like do I punch this nigga in the chin or grab her titties idk
Yep it's true 😊💕💕💕
I'm 7'2 on instagram
Lmao this nigga looking like he just remembered he forgot to take the cookies out the oven before left home, this how niggas post up against the wall after saying "where da bitches at" and they finnaly come, when you smashing a girl at her house and hear the door unlock and she tell you to hide in t
Bitches ain't shit Chapter 2 "The curve" Now I know I've told y'all plenty stories about me being curved and I could probably tell y'all even more, now that I think about it I've been getting curved as long as I can remember, probably one of the 1st times being in 1st grade and going up to give thi
Lemme tell y'all about a truly life changing experience I had today, now I woke up today thinking it was about to be a completely normal day but lol no this was the day of all days, a simple trip to 7-11 bruh I walk in and at the doughnut case I see the baddest Milf i ever seen, I ain't even know Mi
OMG ! Now This Is Worth The Levi's Sale Special I'll Shop At Everyday, Trust Me Check It Out.
When you ain't know your mom followed you and you post a pic of you and your homies smoking and your mom comments "we need to talk..."
Bitches ain't shit Chapter 1 "using niggas " Pt 2 I Also learned not to see scary movies with people that scare to easily, girl I was with got scared and jumped so fast that she farted bruh she swore I ain't hear that shit, like at least if you gonna try and fuck my friend set me up with some quali
Bitches ain't shit Chapter 1 "using niggas " pt 1 It's a sad ass day realizing you the ugly friend, like damn I just thought both of us were some ugly ass niggas that's why we was such good friends cause we could relate and shit. Me and one of my closest homies from like elementry up to like the 9t
So I'm definitely about to do a 3 page essay on this topic, maybe more, might fuck around and publish a book
Who trying to suck the soul out of me for a shoutout and a pack of trident layers, your choice of flavor
Fuck with my other page @ogjahmall
A nigga be Turnt up af, executing maximum strokage, burning calories from the heat of too many black people being in one room, not wanting the booty to walk away as it goes to claim its next victim, then all of a sudden some slow shit comes on, and this isn't me anymore..... These hoes mean nothing
Used to stay acting up and getting my ass whipped, remember a long time ago as a kid I'll never forget, me an my mama was at KFC and she was like take this tray over to that table, took 2 fucking steps and tripped cause a nigga was some shit at tying shoes smh dropped all the chicken, all the Mac an
If I'm with you, I'm with you. Nobody else matters. 👫💏👌💯
I like those people you can joke around with and then have a deep conversation with. 💚
When you watching black porn and the video starts off with a hard ass beat for the intro, beat be harder than my dick, like I came here for one reason now I'm in here freestying with my meat out, shit be playing throughout the whole video and at the end the nigga bust a nut and be like "yeah man I j
Room smell like Oprah's toenail clippings, canned tuna, young thugs neck, cigarette ashes, 12 abortions, stripper bills, meat left out in the sun, a food fight in a landfill, bullet holes, spoiled baby formula, food lion brand oatmeal, burnt car tires, used condoms, a bathroom after eating Taco Bell
Y'all check out the homie mixtape "Design & Development" for that real good music to vibe too
Old as shit trying to go out and have a nice time with your bad back and knees, you don't have to do this...
Y'all go check out @whiteparadiseco clothing link in their bio. Buy a shirt tonight, get laid tomorrow
Y'all love telling niggas you just wanna be friends late af, you mean to tell me I took you out to eat, bought u a car, took you to Disney land, bailed you out of jail, took a bullet for you, gave you my right kidney, helped you jumpstart your career, raised a child together, went on vacation to Pa
Go follow my 2nd page @ogjahmall Dm me on that joint for a fb
Like at one point I had the emotions of a Lightskin nigga on his period but over the years after endless curves, I was like lemme stop being a little bitch. About two years ago a wise bum I was talking to outside a gas station said "aye lil nigga, don't love these hoes, focus on you ya hear me! You
Y'all hmu on
Like the story so interesting you skip the sex scene
When she make you nut in 30 seconds and you realize you can't do this anymore
When the pussy gets too comfortable
All a nigga say is "hey" and y'all be like "look at this thirsty ass nigga in my Dm's tf" just be feeding off the curve, y'all don't even need food, curving Nigga's and capturing their souls is your food
Hoes like this will cheat on you for a mcdouble and a compliment, these the type of girls that will fuck you then put a knife to your throat and ask where the car keys at, this the girl to call ya momma a bitch on thanksgiving cause the turkey too dry
Nigga's be throwing in like $2 towards the pizza and be reaching for a 2nd slice, nah homie you hit your limit
When your girl want you to take her out to eat somewhere fancy, to this French restaurant she wanted to go to, a nigga was on a budget like shit but it was her birthday so a nigga had to make sacrifices. Why she couldn't go somewhere with a menu I could read, I'm just staring at the menu like a pop