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Always wear cute pyjamas to bed, you'll never know who you will meet in your dreams !
We're using #EndangeredEmoji to save real animals from extinction. Please retweet to sign up and help.
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love my bestfriends so much!
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Help by tweeting! @WWF is using #EndangeredEmoji to save real animals from extinction. Join:…
Anonymous $50,000 matching grant to support refugee clinic #SouthSudan seeing >3,000/month.…
and now the rate of his followers goes so fast..
and you just said something lowkey girl !
cause I've got Jurassic skinnnn and a titanic hearttttt
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when a package says easy open but you end up using scissors, knife, hammer, and gun to try and open it
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SpiderMan’s a big movie project, so don’t pick the wrong actor. God forbid @TomHolland1996 and willing @Charlie_Rowe ! #CharlieRoweForSpidey
X: Who is @Charlie_Rowe Me: He’ll play the Spiderman X: What?!! Are u serious? Me:“show his picture“ X: Bloody hell! He’s awesomee!!!
give a follback for me? @meaghanqmurphy
seems like chocolate baozi, white outside but black inside.
Demand more for yourself and work extremely hard to get what you want out of life.
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I feel like I live in another dimension folks!
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”depressedly screaming when my mom woke me up” I was dreaming bout @Charlie_Rowe, mom!! How can I continue that beautiful dream??
come on @Charlie_Rowe u don’t want me bothering u all the time right?
You're sad? I'll cheer you up. You're upset? I'd love to listen. All you have to do is come to me, you know I'll be there for you.
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miss watching rbs and seeing the beautiful @Charlie_Rowe every week
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Re-watching lil @Charlie_Rowe movies: never let me go, neverland, the golden compass. Feeling awesome !!!
People ask me to smile so I try to but end up scaring them even more. O God, please..
What could be more important than a little attention from @Charlie_Rowe to his loyalest fan??
X: Do you need @Charlie_Rowe in ur life that much? Me: I need every pieces of him, don’t judge me!! X: “can’t speak further“
She has touched hundreds of hearts on her way. May her soul rest in peace. #RIPAngeline
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Life asked death "why do people love me but hate you ? Death: "because you're a beautiful lie and i'm a painful truth".
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i would spend a day to tell how much i love charlie :) @hannah_pair @Charlie_Rowe @massey_erin
eating kit kat green tea is a bad idea, trust me.
Protecting critical marine habitats could result in economic benefits for all.…
i’ll miss the atmosphere.
thanks @PosIndonesia ,dkumen yg sya krm ke jkarta pusat smpai tpat wktu :)
How renewable energy in South Africa is quietly stealing a march on coal ->…
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Tomorrow I’ll go for a war. Pray for me @Charlie_Rowe
just met, hmmm
Some days I can handle the relentless anonymous cruelty and dehumanization that accompanies the many blessings of having a platform online.
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