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The #KiaHamsters are back. And this year they’re breaking it down to “Animals” by @maroon5 #KiaSoul…
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I wonder if these hoes evolve.
Hoes gon be hoes
The only person i hate more than @justinbieber is this lil faggot @officialjaden , with his dumb ass tweets. His dad need to beat his ass.
that nigga talkin in the beginning of Love Sosa mad for no reason lol
Ya girl doesn't trust u until she 100 percent sure you're faithful... Now she think you're gay or washed up
I'd rather be cold then hot any day ...I HATTTEEE being hot
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May The Lord protect me as the world gets hectic 🙏
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Headphones in🎧🎶 Bullshit out 👋😊
Lemme put this dick back in yo life and get you right, you say your ex nigga never hit it righttttt
@honeyhobbit @JR_Knox10 lol smh i feel sorry for you. I'll pray for you tho
(White Version) - "i am in my mothers car ahh get out of my car dude" (Nigga Version) - "I'm in my mums car bitch ahh get out me car mf"!
@honeyhobbit @JR_Knox10 lol how tf you a Queen? If you knew what happens in hell you wouldn't even talk like that smh
80yrs+ life on Earth livin a good life without God isn't worth spending the rest of eternity in Hell. I'd rather obey God now & go to Heaven
@honeyhobbit @TheMontana_ wouldn't you rather have a mansion in heaven than a throne in hell?
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@TheMontana_ we gotta start working on music / @iamlasti 💯�#CMGC#Naijaija
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they dont know im Nigerian until they Ask😫🙊👀
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@manakatakanye lol ion got ur number tho 😂
Black People Can't Even Call The Cops No More Bc The Cops Be The Ones Killing Us. #WhoDoYouCallWhenPoliceMurder
Don’t believe everything you hear. There are always three sides to a story: yours, theirs and the truth.
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If my daughter ever made this face and said someone hurt her, chances are I'm going to jail for murder.
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Bitches love faithful niggas but all the faithful niggas single and all the cheaters got bitches...
Cops be like "Be on the lookout for a black male between the height of 4'11 and 6'8. Weighing between 120 and 340lbs"
Some of these chicks will text you back like "sorry i fell asleep!, whats up?" Bitch i texted you 3 days ago
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I need some sloppy toppy
J. Cole is neglected by so many people b/c he doesn't rap about money & getting girls. He's a story teller & that's rare in rap these days
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S/O to @marilyn_benner for interviewing me. 👏 lol i can't believe i found you on here. 🙌🙋 Dm me real quick. 😂😏
It's all about the people you surround yourself with
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I need a gun just in case these cops tryna shoot a nigga.
I don't trust people
@69ass_eater lol how can life be made out of destruction? Who do you think created the big bang? The devil got you deceived, believing a lie
@honeyhobbit @JR_Knox10 what if hell was real tho? you have nothing to lose by believing in God but you have everything to lose if you don't