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i tell certain people things i feel like they should know but not everything
i literally tell nobody every little thing that happens in my life
I ain't chasin dese bitches cause chasin dese bitches can fuck up ya riches
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So faithful in a relationship I don't even text my mom back bruh
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@eilenevee: This nigga Brandon just tight he in Canada”😭😂😂
why did i ever sell my ken griffeys to harmony 😭 i might have to buy those back my guy@TweakinHoee
@TweakinHoe: My first day back its loud on meeeee” haaan
them old reggaeton joints really be bumpin son
I never thought I would see somebody in my real life with these on 😂😂�
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dont get into a relationship if you not gon take it seriously and just lie and cheat you could really fuck up a person's mental state
RT @YoungFabioNYC: one bad relationship can really ruin all your relationships for the rest of ya life
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@Adolfhibsta: Crazy but dope RT “@Pix_Of_Earth: A whale in Venice, Italy”” sick❗️
aint gettin my first paycheck until two weeks 😒 the stress is real
its human nature, we learn from our mistakes and how to avoid them
every time you get out of a relationship you become more heartless cold and calculated in the way you approach the next one
one bad relationship can really ruin all your relationships for the rest of ya life
if i can move to cali by next summer i'll be happy af
@ChuLinForMayor: Send some thanks RT @_beautifulx16: 😊😋�” i need that whole plate 😩
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funny how a lot more things start to make a lot of sense
If a #Leo cuts you off you are beneath the scum of the earth you are the disgrace of the universe.
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bitches don't care nowadays, they "😍" under you and your mans picture then y'all brake up and they'll do the same shit under his.
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I wanna see you buttnaked in a fur coat
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Don't hit me up first and then be dry like bitch why did you even text me in the first place
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@GoshJibbs: Niggas will eat ass but won't eat the first slice of bread smh” ya damm right
my co workers dont know me as fabio lmao 😭
why chouby had to be the loudest nigga in the room talkin bout no way is that fabio 😂�@johnv63434
droppin that Double F Mafia today boyyy @ASOFlock
i know if i was still in college i would never wake up for class 😭
College is a game of "how late can I wake up and still make it to class on time"
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People stay the same wavelength their whole lives and wonder why nothing ever changes
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@danielaxgrr: Did police rlly hack into our phones? Then this was never a free country then lol” it be like that smh
i should have slept another full hour 😒
@boredbarbara: Would love to know why I signed up for a 8am class” this was me last semester 😭
swish, im ballin, im so awesome