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#GrowingUpShort hugging tall bitches with big tits is always so lit
#GrowingUpShort you had to become elite in cutting ass cause people would always try to pick on you
#GrowingUpShort niggas always get mad as fuck when you score on them in basketball
#GrowingUpShort niggas at the park never want to let you play basketball
#GrowingUpShort bitches always try to say you got a lil dick until she cant even fit half of it in her mouth πŸ˜₯
#GrowingUpShort everybody's comeback joke is "thats why your short"
#GrowingUpShort people always underestimating your strength and abilities
#GrowingUpShort bitches would always tell you your mad cute but were never down to let you hit
blessed with lowkey photographic memory
you only lose in this game when you fight back
Some people hate to see you win.
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Yall say "new friends then they backstab you" but I've gotten fucked over by my day 1ns so... What you telling me? It's a risk either way
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i deadass just dont pay attention to my phone when im high πŸ˜©πŸ˜•
She not your real friend unless she put you on with her friends
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she lit. she lit off a lit nigga, high off contact
when the pieces start hitting, thats when you start making scammer music πŸ˜‚
Yall bitches is so fake only the real survive shouts out to the people really living the best they can with honor and empathy - Lil B
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@YoungFabioNYC lol I have these in my house but the cheese ones πŸ˜‹
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bitch dead threw a knife at this niggas back because he broke up with her, ya bitches out of control
So a man got stabbed because he broke up with his girlfriend so she threw a knife in his back :(
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Your potential is huge. Do not let your mind limit you.
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@DominicanIf getting hit with the "tu veras cuando lleguemo a la casa, tu me va a conocer a mi" πŸ˜†#GrowingUpDominicann
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Oh what a night! @JdeGrom19 had one of the best performances in @AllStarGame history. #AllStarGame #Whiff 3x. #Mets
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Anyone who has made Fake Lil B Merch which is every1 can suck my dick you fashion people are so thirsty get off my dick and relax - Lil B
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wow. you females need to know that this is NOT okay... smh.
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The hardest part about the fucking business is minding your own.
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I should be a teacher i'm always trynna school people about something 😭
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my fortune teller told me this once πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…v1H
Jersey bitches is where its at, fuck NY
sorry, we cant connect, my vibrations too high
idk why some people have to be so rude like it's so unnecessary and not that hard to be a decent person
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im happy my friends dont judge me off my social network posts 😭😭
major catfish in my avi rn 😭
lmfao my avi funny as hell cause I dont even look like that in real life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
people will go out they way to hate on me πŸ˜…

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