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New #Supermarket acid x Young Fabio ~ NOT ILLUMINATI by acid… on #SoundCloud
that "i can take your man" mentality is NOT cute. I can't entertain that mess, you girls really amp your friends up with that shit too.
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my energy low today, gotta fight thru it
suppress the evil inside
Sometimes Im considered a hick because I portray my DOMINICAN side . Ignorance 😴 being labeled because you embrace your culture .
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When seeing is believing, those who program what we see can influence what we believe.
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Don't let a shitty photographer have you out here like this thinking it's artistic
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talent: hiding my feelings
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dont understand why they ever took Verrett out the game bruh
Man I got love for everyone , i hope yall having a good sunday so far
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Take control of your reality.
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RIP Moses Malone one of the NBA greats 🙏🏼
Focus on the good things in your life.
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Honestly, this winter I wanna do so many things.. One of them being to rent a cabin for a week, go with some friends, relax, smoke and shit
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today is a day for spiritual healing
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Sometimes #Leo hate getting close to people because they think eventually everyone walk out of their life no matter how close they were.
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Im the big hitter up to bat you know you had to pitch out
Fab he the type to flip out
Some people should just not take selfies.....I'm just saying
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Tumblr is sick of the the American Curriculum's shit
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Call me Slim Jesus tho
Lmao when niggas like Slim Jesus get props 😭 i dont understand tho like the dude is biting flows, topics, punchlines... 😕
I Saw A Couple Of Those Already RT @YoungFabioNYC: Its 9/11 let me stay off the internet.. ignorance and people fake caring, i want 0 parts
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Its 9/11 let me stay off the internet.. ignorance and people fake caring, i want 0 parts
That's enough internet for today 💀 M
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crazy how people try to find a significant other to fill up a void that they have created themselves..
i pay my snapchat no mind anymore 😭
my snap chat is always filled with hot/attractive ass females
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feel like these females just get into relationships just to put up pictures of they mans
Mayweather fighting this Saturday? lmao wtf, since whenn
lmao feel like half these girls get into relationships just looking to be showcased
ya stress relationships too much
Can someone throw a popping Halloween party and invite me ok
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Future and Drake prolly laughing at the internet rn
if Drake Future mixtape was really droppin tomorrow it would have been leaked
real shit, if we can't talk about politics, religion, the future, sex, and aliens then I don't want ur "wyd" ass, talk to me abt everything.
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Religiousness is not a prerequisite for morality nor a basis of moral high-ground; likewise, atheism is not an intellectual achievement.
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suppress those negative thoughts and life will be better, make it a habit and you'll hate negative thoughts cause of how they make you feel

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