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Young Fabio
record this track and go roll one on my own
had a dream i slept a fuck nigga with one punch
i ont got no type, mac and cheese is the only thing that i like
Taken inside a cave and under a volcano in Kamchatka, Russia
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1030 nd im still in bed im buggin
why was that bitches pussy so fucking dark
Bitches be like "I'm single but my heart taken <3" stfu, that nigga don't want you lmao
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ima learn from my past mistakes and listen to myself, i really want a car b
spending 500 on a plane ticket to DR and god knows how much ima spend over there, or save up and get my own car
cant be out here waiting on somebody to come around when I can just focus on me and fuck bitches that actually want this dick
if you aint giving me pussy, then you have no right to place rules on my life
im a 20 year old man that needs sex, these my golden years cant let this dick game go to waste
snapchat update stupid wavy
wishing my momma the best rn this weather has been ruthless b
and its deadass snowing outside 😳
time is deadass flying b
damm its 4pm already? 😭 aint i just clock in to work at 930😩
The Bohemian Grove is a 136-year-old all-male encampment which caters to around 2,000 members of the global elite.
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my leeg hairs need a break from this under armour
all she want is love and affection
niggas be talking Drake soft and make heartbreak music, but that nigga ruthless taking niggas bitches and songs for the niggas hurt by him
modells got clothes for you to survive in any and every which weather for the low low
was in modells the other day and was thinking bout going clothes shoppin there 😂😭
this girl on the snap too cute
If your girl got a fat ass and you only fuck her missionary you a faggot
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Why is my phone always so dry like why does everyone hate me?
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needa wake up next to one of them vs models fuck you basic bitches
I like "weird". I like different.
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listen mama, let me show you how to love them curves
victoria secret fashion show got all you bitches depressed and upset with they body shapes
i dont want no ravioli nigga
Chasing my dreams cuz nothing else matters to me
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you never know if you actually got a good girlfriend, people are sneaky af
maybe if i wrote you a song would you text back
theres a vs fashion show in my room just come in ya panties and you can walk the runway
i really love beautiful women 😩
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nobody like me, but thats okay, cause I dont like yall anyways, fuck all ya
so i was suppose to work at 430pm tomorrow but instead got called in to go in at 930am 😭 nigga wtf
i be curvin ppl nd not even noticing it
if she don't hate your tweets then she don't love you
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i just been tryna live.. tryna live