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✞ Seth Nelson ✞
Continue to hold to those beautiful memories. They won't be here forever, but our spirit lives on.
Time flies, as we keep living and as we keep being positive, all we can do is hold onto these memories. I love you.
The lil b ft is the only good thing about Macs new album
What a wonderful morning
G-easy with the new 🔥
Julius trippin on that hw
for all those who smoked the devils lettuce today.
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Listen to Hotline Bling (Drake cover) by Anna Shoemaker #np on #SoundCloud…
Snapchat is always doing the most
Dear Slim, I wrote you but still ain't callin'
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when you tell her how beautiful she is and she says "aww, thanks fam!"
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Today I have decided to watch Asian women play golf.
On this day in 1994, The Notorious B.I.G. released his debut album 'Ready To Die'
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Life is a constant search for inner peace and a homie to play mancala with.
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lil b is my true friend and I love him he is extremely rare art - Lil B
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I've seen people make out harder at the movies than the DL hit tonight.…
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Good to know I attended the first and what should have been the last checkerboard game...
In my many years, I have never once drank.... But tonight would be a great night to start 😭
Butch: I told them don't ever lose this feeling. When you don't feel like going to practice or working hard, think about this
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@VolBlood as bad as this program was, we don't just show up and beat a top 20 team. Talent is there now but routine in winning hasn't startd
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First loss as a UT fan, I would like to apologize to all Vol fans who have been let down throughout the years. I now feel your pain.. 😔
Experience the #VolWalk before tonight's Tennessee-Oklahoma game!! NOTHING LIKE IT!…
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we all got that one friend that just don't listen
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The right guy will place significance on your character, confidence, and passion for Jesus.
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Normal people would go to asap rockys instagram to catch up with fashion me i go to john cenas instagram
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LIL JON QUOTE: "We're all family. Imma support the Vols for the rest of my life." All while spraying champagne into the crowd! GBO!!
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10 minutes into Netflix and chill and bae gives you the look..
When u ask her what's wrong and she actually tells u instead lying like she's "just fine"
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I think Mac's album is going to be a major disappointment

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