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catch a opp, ITS LIT😈✨
I aint Bool wit y'all, I'm Bool wit Myself!!!
All My outfits at least a nickel 👕👖👟💰😉✨💯
Dey heard My name Moose & My trigger finger function.. Silly nigga might lose his life on assumptions😷👿
I jus wanna stay healthy & grow wealthy!
Ion take Handouts, but i take opportunities
Tight sumbody stole My jack yesterday
13 minus 50 got damn 47
It don't kost a penny 2 keep it real
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! #716 🙌🎉
Happy Birthday Skraps!!
& dey aint shootin for no legs🙅, foenem tryna kill💀
Sometimes i stay up ina crib cause foenem bound 2 drill😂👌
I lost alotta niggaz, Thank God i still made it!🙌💯
Most of dese internet killaz don't even B outside😂😂
If it aint no dutchies Im still puffin Swishers😤
Somebody need dey situation situated..😭👌
I jus can't sit down in somebody face who i think i have better opportunities than.. I'm da fukkin teacher feel Me??
Go 2 work & let cho nigga flip yo chekks bitch!
I love being on Bailey.. I love being on Delevan!! #BigUptown
I'm going back 2 da old A.D👹😎
East Koast Gzzz👌
Dese niggaz killin bout dese bitches for dat dutty pussy.. Dese niggaz ain't use 2 no pimpin, DEY GOING PAY 4 PUSSY!
Dem ppl still sent a warrant smh
Say she need more niggaz like Me cause it's not enough😎
Everybody wanna b a somebody😴
U aint front Me nigga i took it😷👿😒
Royal Blood.. Niggaz show u pistols b4 dey can show u love!!
Bitches swear dey heartless til u fukk dey friend👏😂😭😩
5 bitches ina Mansion.. Might fukk em, suck em up cause a nigga nasty😝👌
I'm a Gangster grandpa, & I'm proud of it! 👌😂
Ran thru 5 hunchos yesterday😩
Diz bitch wanna smoke all My weed😒
Man, I'm in da jungle everyday😼😤💪.. u couldn't last in da village✋😪.. Go Rambo nigga, IMA SMASH ME A NIGGA💥💥💥🔫
#Np Ice Cold x Rick Ross & Omarion
Have you ever met a Buffghan nigga? 😈😏💪✨
Everybody gotta fake cousin dat dey like😂😭😩
On Jesus, dat shit out

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