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The love you get is the love you accept
All of our reasoning ends in surrender to feeling. - Blaise Pascal #quote
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Let it be, Let it be
For as long as I can remember, all "Pens Down" events = "Pants Down" mos. Yini
the slave music that the youth is missing
"...It’s the one thing they all strive for, but it’s also intimately tied to the one thing they fear the most..."
Every music cover Kanye West's creative house DONDA has created so far
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Fuck Eskom :). You Crazy Motherfuckers
Fugees - that group was Fiiiiiiire !
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Momma said if you ain't got nothing nice to say , say that shit anyways cuz these bitches need to know the truth😂👌💯
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Who are the people with the information on containing it?
Who named it ebola?
.... Hhay maan? so why is this ebola thing only found in West Africa??
"The reality is, hackers can do a lot more than break things. They can bring people together."
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“We mature with the damage, not with the years."
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[ + + + = + ] no -
Cannot live up to everyones expectations, also human
Photo by Mandelix. Weeks back at the Locrate Market. Orlando West. From right. Me, Sya and Nisha
I don't want to be in no situationship. Or whatever words these MFs come up with these days.
No Haters, No Progress
How would we have learned if we didn't fuck up a couple of times? There are reasons behind 'moshing'. Mosha
@Negro_lee: Molotov pussy RT @ptaprosti: I use paraffin to clean my kills gems n makes it tighter” snatch souls how with no gems?
Retweeted by AFRO SAM - Photo shoot with Tristan. The rest of the pics. You''ll see someday soon.
No one, we're a colossal mess RT @therealafrosam Who Consoles the "Consolers"
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@therealafrosam They say it is in consoling that we are consoled
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Who Consoles the "Consolers"
e lokal is lekker
Champagne in the cup because the memories we made brought back the flavour
This track is insane… - MY NINJAS by @iamBIGDREAMZ and Nyovest
Myself RT @Questionnier Who will you love to be with rite now? #ExclusiveFridayQnA
Fun is the Medicine. Laughter is the Cure. Pain is the lesson from all the Love that we Ignore. Back bytch
Damn RT @_c0bain my goal in life is to be cute and so far i am failing miserably
It's only fair that those with weaves also assist the 20 horses tomorrow on the Greyville race track with the running 🐴🐴🐴#DBNJulyJuly!
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Till we figure it out, we gonn' dance all night
Maybe its one of those who confuse sex with love
14 of the world's craziest hate groups... Let's spread love instead!
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Figure yourself out then shout
2011 on this day we were celebrating Independence day in true American style Cc @TheWitsChoir @kama2pha @DrMbuqe @theteajay @afrosamZA
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Haike just click and read