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can I buy an apartment in SI or something can I live with one of you I'll pay rent
lmaoo imagine people cared about me
much like the tea this season finale is quite swell #SaveGreendale
I really like Steven Universe
how do we call this love
I am actually throwing up
mm mm yea yea
hello 911? yes Harrison is being ugly ok you want to arrest him he is at his house idk his address it's by tech ok ty have a nice night
we can watch seananners too :)
when ever Katy perry says perfect storm in Dark Horse I just hear Franky "Hurricane Sandy was a perfect storm"
Community season finale 8/7pm NBC tonight. We need all hands on deck. #AllMenMustDie #SaveGreendale
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Chelsea Chang is the most attractive woman I've ever seen
buy me uniqlo clothes so I know it's real
monument valley is the most incredible game evvvverr
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:))))) can I stay at your place
house of cards season 2 done time to start gossip girl