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☆Girls' Generation☆
GoodMorning T-list.
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Gotta sleep. Kbye.
Angel face daw. ;( Sorry. You got fooled by me.
May camera ka nga, putangina, di ka naman nag-a-upload. ./.
[>] Haru Haru - Bigbang
She's so pretty. U_U
Am I being too mean? I don't do sorry.
Fvkc you cunt. You can't even dance yet you wanted to be a leader and now you're passing the leader's responsibility to me? GTFO.
What? I don't think its' my responsibility since I'm not the one who "volunteered" as a leader.
Too many bruises on legs. Damn. Hating my legs now.
Lagi kasi akong naka-beanie. Kaya pag nakita niyo yung babaeng naka-beanie, ako na yun.
Stop stalking my profile. -O-''
What's with the ****? Guess? :>
Written Exam on P.E.? I don't care. Ha.
Dito sa twitter walang pakielamanan ng tweets kaya wag kang mangialam. :)
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「Mr.Mr」のパニを描いちゃった♡ ミスタミスター♫ #snsd?
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now eating cookies... yumm. *^*
Tweeting again and again...
What's happening? TnT
Bakit ba kasi bumalik ako sa pagiging single?
;( Crush. Tell me, are you in love with someone else?
When you feel like there's no way out, Love is the only way.
The fvck is happening to my Interactions? -_-
Interactions/Mentions is fcked up. ;;
I'm good at dubbing but... Ugh, nevermind.
Spazz or study? T.T
Let's tweet, everyone? ;;
#HonestosLast10Nights. Sana malaman na ni Honesto na tatay niya si...
Happy Birthday Chorong eonni! <3 :>
140303 The Lotte Magazine - Baekhyun, Luhan, Tao, Chen, Sehun
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K. IM DONE. Filipino exam tmr. ;; I'll wake up at 3AM to review.
Send me an IPA Chart please? ;;
English... I'm done. Just one more question.