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So much for sleep, Netflix has me by the balls...
#ss with my pillow 😴😴😛
I've eaten so much and it's not even thanksgiving yet
My nipples feel like icicles😕
We like to pose together 😛 #ss
This guy ended the long debate. Child Birth Vs. Kick in the balls.
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Suit Sunday?😏👔 #ss
My beautiful #wcw 😍 enough said. #shesgoingtohatethepic #ohwelltoolate 😂
Hungry but not willing to drive...
I hate when people ask me "would you like to donate" at a store Bc then I'll feel like a little 💩 for not doing so. IM SORRY OK.
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I need like 10 bottles of NyQuil..
When someone takes a gulp of my drink without permission...😕 #itsthatdayagain #ss #itsnotlikethatdrinkwasfree #actuallyitwas #butstillitwasmydrink #Lordgivemethestrenght #oradayoffthatworks
& they give you their employee discount 😂
People know your order by heart.
You know you've been to the same places too many times when the bank doesn't require your ID.
He says, thank you for the laugh & leaves. Now idk if that was funny or not but I was just being sarcastic 😳
With a pair of pliers... Tell me that doesn't look suspicious. I tell him, it wouldn't if I was white. BAM, he chuckles & checks my info &
I'm Mexican, it's a 2014 car, it's 3:12 am, & I'm just asking for it. He of course proceeds by telling me it's 3am you're under a car
now in my hand I'm holding the pair of pliers, so he of course tells me to put them down. I do. This whole time I was thinking
He stops, turns his high beams on gets out of the car. Now, I just came from the gym prior to this, so I'm sweaty & looking busted...
As I'm trying to remove it with a pair of pliers I hear a car coming, so I get up and wait for it to pass. BUT I didn't know it was a cop
Scenario: I kept hearing a noise when driving so when I got home I went to check out the tires. I find a nail dug in the back tire.
Never gets old
Hahaha😂 my little baby #NationalDogDay
Just deleted 6GB worth of videos, what the hell was I doing with my life.
Udit is gay.
I seriously need some NyQuil
The awkward moment when the hairstylist breaks down crying while cutting your hair...
Happy B-Day @KristalEspitia :D I know I'm 5 minutes late shhh
Sometimes I feel like I'm at a farm, I'm always seeing chicken legs at the gym.
Favorite tie 👔 #ss 😏
Aye I want some bacon!
babe always goes to sleep before me
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when the cop pulled over the douche that cut me off 😂 ✌️
In need of some food therapy...
Realizing it's August and summer is almost over. *cue depressing music*
@UberFacts: Lack of sleep and going to sleep irregularly can lead to early death.” Guess who's kicking the bucket early🙋
You know what sucks? When your initials (kms) stand for kill myself…
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Subtweets left and right 😮
Why am I even awake?