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When you feel like cuddling but all you have is a pillow 😕
Squirrels always run away from the dog who just wants to play, so he dressed as one hoping they'd play with him!
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Really tired of how food makes you fat ):
When you make an awesome jokes but no ones around to hear it 😭
These flash warnings are a nightmare when you're trying to stay up.
Driving in the rain is so therapeutic.
You dumping me is literally the best thing that's happened lol
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"I'm not an alcoholic, I'm Australian."
Home front is on netflix 😮
When are we going???
Let's go get some frozen yogurt
Frozen yogurt right now please....
When she makes eye contact and causes your heart to skip a beat. When she smiles and you have no choice but to smile back. When all you want is to be with her because her presence is all you need. When that happens, make sure she knows. Because she might be feeling the same way too. @daydreamers13 #
*driving on the highway with my sister* Sis: oooo he's cute Me: that's a girl 😭😂😂
I used to stay up because I didn't want to sleep. But now I stay up because I can't sleep...
Treated myself to something new, I'll use it for school anyways 😂
Just in case anyone cared to know
I was able to log in to my old twitter account y'all' 🙏 Dont be alarmed.
Kid at heart, what can I say. #tbt #pokemonmaster
Running tonight brought back memories. #ss
Guess who got bigger ??😬 #ss
Sometimes Togepi pretends she's a pillow 😌😂 #ss
How I spent my Friday morning 🙆😬 #CircuitOfTheAmericas #motogp
When in doubt pray it out. #Love #God