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Gem ✌👩
Seen Spy tonight. Funniest film ever!! Sitting in the second row kinda sucked though.
Less than 2 days until all my dreams come true ❤❤❤
Aww ma tweets make me look like a miserable bastard Its true
Just get so far to fuck Done
I am so fucking annoyed. Wit the fuck is peoples problems. I'm fucking human too
Feeling replaced is the worst feeling
Take yer poker oot yer arse ya prick
Got my phone back. Elated.
Could right go a tipple
😂😂😂😂 @ryansmith1993 #newbreif #rollin
When you're so hungry you get angry. Hangry. Me ryt now.
Elton John on Friday, Edinburgh Pride on Saturday. Actual yassssss. #gay
Current mood: need financial assistance
Got lost in Kilmarnock last night and ended up in the Scheme. An experience.
Ma team, ma life 💙💙💙
Umm i dont have an alarm..
"Love him to the moon and back again xx" Away n shite
Went to the Dutchy for lunch today & I'm burnt to fuck. @ddlzl made me take 40 photos of him looking 'good for instagram' I miss my phone.
Dont mind that chapter in any the books.... #HarryPotter
I major cocked up in work today & if my boss wasn't so cool with it I would probs have thrown myself off the balcony. #oneofthosedays #blah
Miss my luscious red locks.
Maybe if f my tits were a manageable size MY PHONE WOULDNT BE BROKE TO FUCK
I've no mobile. I'm missing a limb.
Tiny adidas' for 2 year olds are the cutest thing. Being made to watch all 13 episodes of Peppa Pig on Netflix however, is not.
Lying in bed wondering
Just love the sky at this time. Dreamy.
I am a turnip
I've felt really good for about 2 weeks until about 10 seconds ago. Gtf.
And I'm sick of your tattoos and the way you don't appreciate brand new.. Or me
My house is full of these wee sayings. Cute.
I'm really exhausted for someone who does the bare minimum
In one of those FUCK EVERYCUNT kind of moods Ye know
I have been awake for about 2 hours today. I am a big bag ae shite.
Fuck off 😊👍
Maw just phoned me at 2am making sure I'm no "in that town at the orange thing" hahahahahah awk Ann
Shes turned the weans against is.
Fulla that drink int ye
"No you moved it I can tell cos when I inhale my titty make the horn honk" 😂😂😂😂

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