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Away out to drown my sorrows. 80s night ye say
Hope the 55 are happy. Raped. Full on fucked.
No. Fucking. Way
I am literally in the worst fucking mood ever. So grumpy.
Nej's urban sports in the middle of George Square. Yes #Glasgow #ballsofsteel
I need a drink
Gutted. What a fantastic run-up it was though. Proud to say I was there through it all, proud to say I voted YES
This evening was one to remember forever though.
Did I mention that I'm devastated?
I've spent the last 7 hours rallying for independence that as a country we turned down. Devastated but we can only move forward with peace.
"The union stands" Glasgow disagrees.
Sitting on the grass in George Square near greetin with everyone. Reign this back Scotland. We've came too far.
First YES majority and i'm in the midst of the square. Amazing
Dundee Dundee Dundee Dundeee!!!
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Goodwill towards beautiful Scotland, whichever way you vote.
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Lots of mutterings of a rigged election. Things could get nasty #revolution
I was dumb to the world having a nap 10 minutes ago. A phonecall later and I'm on my way to an indy party in George Square. YES!!!
That would be me
Guess who has red eyebrows now?
Time to go and vote. Excited to be a part of history, whatever the outcome. Peace n love. YES
Absolutely intent on a Yes victory
Why are folk moaning over the indy ref chat? Its a big deal. Oh you'd rather see pics of snottery weans & half arsed food porn? Deal wae it!
I've got a works night out ive helped arrange on Friday night but I can see myself not leaving town all day n ending up too pished to care.
Such a fuckin awesome night, soaked up the YES athmosphere in George Square and topped it off with a Big Licks in Kelvingrove & a pint #YES
Tonight we made history. Tomorrow we vote yes and change our future. #Voteyes #yes #glasgow #scotland
George Square has been ridiculously good all of today/tonight. Us YES voters know how to be heard. Making history here! #Yes #voteYES #Glasgow #GeorgeSquare #Scotland
What an experience. Tomorrow we decide. Tomorrow we can change our future. #Voteyes #glasgow #lochlomond #yes #glasgow #greenyes
Went to visit Bekka and ended up on her birthing ball painting the baby a canvas whilst she made me dinner. Yas. #Baby #art #vangough @rebekakaka
Let's do this, Scotland. No longer shall we be a dumping ground for nuclear weapons and we'll benfree of Westministers tax guzzling ways #indyref #scotland #voteyes #poll #fuckwestminister #independence TWO DAYS!!
Tommy Sheridan is an indy ref hero
Need costume ideas for my 21st it's too soon!
They say absense makes the heart grow fonder - they're right. 💙💔
Spending my least favourite day of the year sleeping is the plan. Today can get so far tae fuck. Night
Been awake for 24 hours and working for most of them. Just crawled in the door to my bed & my body has never been more pleased. I love sleep
I wouldnt have it any other way
I'm so socially excempt from the nighshift team that ive taken to sitting outside my work on stone steps on my lonesome #shedoesntevengohere
Hope over fear. Free the unicorn #voteYES
Finally on my tea 2 hours late due to shoplifters and some cunts squashed ma piece.
I'm about to do a 15 hour nightshift on no sleep. I am crazy.
I have new noise cancelling headphones & I'm sitting between 2 hyper teenage girls at the back of a bus & cant hear a thing. Amazing!
Hello. #Blueeyes #eyes #bored
People that only talk to you when they want something or their 'other friends' are busy. AYE YOU CAN FUCK RIGHT OFF.
Nightshift tonight, guess it keeps yer mind from wandering. This time next week i'll be riding roller coasters, only thing getting me through the next pishy days. Sad. Decided I'm staying in bed all day. #bed #saddy
Front of my house! Back is the same #yes #voteyes #indyref
Understated how long my disco 'nap' would take. 14 hours later...