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BABAAAY CUMMMIN SOOOON @rebekakaka #baby #babies #preggomonster
Sad to hear of Dickie Attenborogh. Family secret - he was Richard and David Dave. True story. He did so so much in so many arenas.
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I have to sleep sitting upright tonight because when I lie down all I can do is cough/cease breathing. I sound like pop rocks.
Is that you in front of me, coming back for even more of exactly the same?
Cannot wait to get in and watch Doctor Who!!! Yes!!
Ice Bucket Challenge + already having the cold = chest infection. I'm a fanny. Worth it.
LUV A POUT MWAH XXXXXXX #self #selfie #hehe
Theres a video of a lassy doing the ice bucket challenge on Facebook and her dress falls down, shes not got a bra on. Mortifying.
I have never looked forward to a bubble bath more than I am right now. Currently a big chittering wet sniffly runny nosed mess. Come at me.
Had to endure the Ice Bucket challenge twice in a row. Freezing as fuck.
Split shifts are pure rotten. Pure rotten.
Sniff, sneeze, cough. Repeat.
It's finally hat weather. DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY THAT MAKES ME?!
Half way through my 3 month drug trial and unfortunately finally plagued with the death throat/headache side effects. Though I was winning.
The Butterfly Effect is on ITV2 at 10. Get it watched, classic.
Bake Off, baby!
Attempted 4 mock theory tests. Failed them all, guess I'll be getting busses a while longer then.
[touches own boob] nice.
Hello bishessss #self #selfie #girlswithtattoos
Rewatching OITNB from the beginning. Yes.
Good morning, Bellshill. #sky #clouds #wisrn #scotland #pretty
It's a Biffy Clyro morning. Yup.
A week until @TheFrontBottoms and 2 weeks until our @altontowers road trip. Excited. Very excited.
I really need that Michael Kors watch that I have added to my basket in my life..
Hot dogs or legs? #hotdogs #legs #hotdogsorlegs #bed
You are a radar detector..
Ben Lomond. One of my favourite places. I'm not a good photographer. #Scotland #Scottish #hillwalking #benlomond #lochlomond #cold #camping #pretty
A five hour nap is not how I planned my Tuesday evening to go.
Phil Spencer's voice does my tits in
Cards Against Humanity. You have killed me. HILARIOUS.
Wait...I thought the Ice Bucket Challenge was for ALS not MacMillan? Is it for both? Confused
At least he still enjoys a selfie. Normal #hamster #scottish #selfie
Jeez, my Tumblr feed is FILTHY this evening. Is there a full moon or?
My buddy MD (and our Kazza) #mwi #party #gurls #selfie
Plot twist. The American Office.
Load ae shite. Lasted 7 minutes
Starting to watch 'Trailer Park Boys' on Netflix. Dunno what to expect.
Dog thinks he is people #dog #sleepy #scotland
Need my septum done so bad!