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Cassie Brucci
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I just ate a whole pepperoni pizza what did you do today?
Freaked out because I thought I had mold growing on my window, but it was just a ball of dust. How many days until the weekend?
First successful karaoke in public = check.
Tonight I saw a real-life juggalo while at a bar. Can finally cross that off the bucket list. Woop woop!
If any of you watch The Jimmy Kimmell Show tonight look for me I was totally in the audience!!…
Free food galore here in #austin thanks @PayPal #SXSW2014
I'm going to #servesomegood by being kind to everyone I meet.
#truelife: In less than 8 hours I will be off to Austin to attend @sxsw, something I've dreamt about since I was 14.
Holy shit @PantsDance amazing. The dance. The pants. The music. All of it.
Where in the world is Rob Gomez (aka @heykiller )?
Still feeling empowered after hearing @suey_park and @Karnythia speak at #BeyondOBR tonight. Thank you both for the insightful words!
Is there any worse group of people on campus than the IT guys? I think not. #waaaytoopretentious #IknowmoreaboutITthanyou
There is a man sitting across from me in the coffee shop that looks like a more distinguished version of Jason Lee and I can't even deal.
Fascinating similarities &differences over time MT @NewYorker How female executives have talked abt their experiences
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Inadvertnently "donated" my gloves to Salvation Army just by dropping them in the store. Good deed for the day I guess.
Free blowout? I'll take it! (@ Drybar)
LOVE that @Couchsurfing makes you enter at least 100 characters when describing a future trip to a host. Allows for so much detail!
Today a customer dropped a 2 lb. can of coffee on my head. #thankstraderjoes
1 hour later - still haven't received what should be an instantaneous confirmation email from Ventra. Even in Internet form #ventrasucks
I have a whole new respect for @ArianaGrande girl can SING!
I'm at Filter (Chicago, IL)