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You prefer others to be transparent about their needs, but you... More for Aquarius
Although others may think you're emotionally aloof or just pla... More for Aquarius
Sleep plz cum and take me away please I beg you!
Don't waste any valuable time brooding over how others perceiv... More for Aquarius
Normally, you're attracted to the unconventional and the unexp... More for Aquarius
Actions usually speak louder than words, but communicating you... More for Aquarius
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Your nerves are dancing to an exhilarating cosmic beat today, ... More for Aquarius
If you bump into instant karma today, reality will likely rule... More for Aquarius
Someone might stand between you and your fun today, and the mo... More for Aquarius
Declining a social invitation may be the wisest thing to do be... More for Aquarius
You're likely to see things from a more practical angle now th... More for Aquarius
You are moved to talk about your recent dreams, but the more y... More for Aquarius
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Financial issues can give you a headache today if there are so... More for Aquarius
You're highly motivated to be productive today, yet you also w... More for Aquarius
You seem to be attracted to nearly anything that allows you to... More for Aquarius
This can be a perfect day to fall in love with someone, whethe... More for Aquarius
Your out-of-the box strategy for success may not be as effecti... More for Aquarius
The more someone attempts to convince you to talk today, the l... More for Aquarius
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You could be living in a dream world today, where you believe ... More for Aquarius
Your inspiring thoughts are guiding you on an unexpected visio... More for Aquarius
You may feel insecure today about your success at work, but yo... More for Aquarius
Emotional detachment typically helps you decide your course of... More for Aquarius
It's absolutely essential to bring an open mind to any convers... More for Aquarius
You may be dragged into an unpleasant conversation about your ... More for Aquarius
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Even your well thought-out plans could meet unexpected opposit... More for Aquarius
Your friends and acquaintances could steer you in the right di... More for Aquarius
You're yearning to break out of a stagnant relationship patter... More for Aquarius
Hoops...Hiqh... — playing basketball at LAUTECH, Ogbomosho
You might be tempted to put all your hopes into one special re... More for Aquarius
Relationship dynamics can grow so out of hand today that they ... More for Aquarius
It was an offensive explosion for the @trailblazers tonight as they beat the @denvernuggets, 130-113. Lillard goes for 27-5-9.
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The @Suns erase a 19-point deficit to beat the @BrooklynNets, 112-104! Gerald Green led the way w/ 28 pts off the bench for PHX.
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The smallest country in the world has a population of three.
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After 3, #Rockets lead Timberwolves 84-70. Harden gives us a scare, but comes back with a beautiful assist.
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The cosmic radio is playing your favorite songs today, but the... More for Aquarius
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You might be carried away on the wings of your own feelings to... More for Aquarius
Social interactions are a source of unavoidable intensity toda... More for Aquarius
Boundary issues require your undivided attention today, especi... More for Aquarius
You could be going through all the correct motions now, yet yo... More for Aquarius
You prefer to keep your feelings private today, but you may ev... More for Aquarius
A conversation about your personal life might not go as smooth... More for Aquarius
You may not feel like living up to your responsibilities today... More for Aquarius
This week on twitter: 2 new followers via