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Abdulrashid Muhd T
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The #Blind can See Me The #Deaf can Hear Me and The #Smart Fears Me... IamMatt!!! — feeling special
Somtimes You just have to lose a #Battle To win a #War.....!!! — feeling confident
A new element has been added to the PERIODIC TABLE: Name: Girl Symbol: Gl Atomic weight: Don't even dare to ask....
Don't be too confident when some1 tells you that they Love, The Real question is "UNTIL WHEN"?. Because just...
You're swimming in unfriendly waters today and might suddenly ... More for Aquarius
Your unconventional approach to life may be troubling to those... More for Aquarius
You can gather all the facts you want, but you're still not go... More for Aquarius
There's no denying that you have a lot of chores on your plate... More for Aquarius
You aren't necessarily aware of harboring any resentments abou... More for Aquarius
You have to be a worker bee today when you would rather be a s... More for Aquarius
Finding and sustaining your rhythm is more of a challenge than... More for Aquarius
Following orders is more challenging than ever while rebelliou... More for Aquarius I qot over 58 friends online for over an hour and u won't bliv I didn't feel like sayinq hi...
You've had enough of the annoyingly cheerful Pollyanna line, &... More for Aquarius
Old habits die hard, but there may be intelligent reasons to h... More for Aquarius
Que sera sera "@bequeue: What will be will be"
do you ever just make cute scenarios in your head that will never happen but it makes you so happy so you just keep on imagining them
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I wanna say how I feel but, sometimes I just can't find the words.
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NBA - Bucks trade Pachulia to Mavericks for draft pick #NBA
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Two young ladies arrived a Meeting wearing clothes that were quite revealing their body parts. Here is what the...
You might want to spend the day basking in relationship bliss,... More for Aquarius
Finding the physical stamina necessary to complete your chores... More for Aquarius
You don't need any external distractions today, especially if ... More for Aquarius
Although you're often the one who can quickly dismiss an old e... More for Aquarius
You're quite clever when it comes to communicating your ideas ... More for Aquarius
You might be certain that you can do everything today without ... More for Aquarius
You're not in the market for approval from others now; you onl... More for Aquarius
Coworkers or friends might be exceptionally nice to you now. H... More for Aquarius
Sneaking away for some personal time could become your obsessi... More for Aquarius
Hanging out with your friends sounds like a lot more fun than ... More for Aquarius
You are looking good today and probably feeling even better. V... More for Aquarius
A disquieting juxtaposition between knowing what you want and ... More for Aquarius
People gravitate to you today because your sunny disposition m... More for Aquarius
You appreciate the positive vibes coming your way today becaus... More for Aquarius
You're quite determined to make your mark at work today but a ... More for Aquarius
I aint #Perfect and I don't wanna be describe as Close to beinq a #PerfectPerson neither am I #Worst and far from...
Nobody is 100% Happy, we all kinda messed one way or the other...
There are such a limited number of options in front of you now... More for Aquarius
You'll definitely hear #GoodThinqs and #BadThinqs about me, #Believe 'em both!!! Thank you!
You know exactly what you want but you have no idea how to get... More for Aquarius
There are numerous benefits to working in close collaboration ... More for Aquarius
Although it's the weekend, your attitude about your job could ... More for Aquarius
Slipping into a familiar relationship pattern is all-too tempt... More for Aquarius
WHEN A LIZARD CAN, WHY CAN'T WE?...Pls, share this It's quite inspiring....Wa Llahu ahlam... This is a true...
Personal interactions with friends and associates brings you ... More for Aquarius
Your current optimism collides with reality today because you ... More for Aquarius
Salam alaykum Fbkers, wshing u n d fmly Allah's mercies n blessinq this Ramadan n always amin.Ramadan kareem

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