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The Last Negro
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It's tempting to suppress your emotions in favor of a more rat... More for Aquarius
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You might resist accepting compliments today because you aren'... More for Aquarius
Your lack of privacy can become a serious issue today as the M... More for Aquarius
It's in your best interest to immediately respond to any linge... More for Aquarius
You might not possess a lot of patience today if something is ... More for Aquarius
Withholding your feelings is only a temporary strategy at best... More for Aquarius
Setting aside your regular rational approach for a while might... More for Aquarius
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You feel obligated to nurture everyone's goals at work today, ... More for Aquarius
You may be struggling to find your way in a close relationship... More for Aquarius
Nearly everything in your life seems to work well up to a poin... More for Aquarius
You might be wondering if you're doing something wrong because... More for Aquarius
You are preoccupied with the unrealistic expectations of your ... More for Aquarius
You have more than your fair share of practical thinking to do... More for Aquarius
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It's really true that all things must pass, but why does it se... More for Aquarius
Relationship dynamics don't seem to get any less complicated t... More for Aquarius
You would like everyone to take you more seriously now; you're... More for Aquarius
Playful interactions between you and someone special may be de... More for Aquarius
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Someone special may be warming up to you today and it makes yo... More for Aquarius
The battle between your logical head and your irrational heart... More for Aquarius
There's a wide world of exciting possibilities in front of you... More for Aquarius
Your inflexible opinions about a very close friend or family m... More for Aquarius
You could waste valuable time and energy exploring a wide vari... More for Aquarius
Your telephone is ringing off the hook today, but the psychic ... More for Aquarius
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If everyone around you seems to be having lots of fun now, thi... More for Aquarius
You encounter an unexpected glitch today that stems from your ... More for Aquarius
You wake up excited to face the day, although you might quickl... More for Aquarius
Accepting the temporary limitations may not be an easy task no... More for Aquarius
You have an amazing opportunity today to reveal a part of your... More for Aquarius
Old issues that need resolution are weighing heavy on your min... More for Aquarius
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Social networks are a lifeline to your future now as friends a... More for Aquarius
Ayam tayad of all vis phones sef(BB,Sams,I,etc) I nid sm'in classy n uniquely xtra-security safe n durable abeq hu qet 3310 I wnt buy cwios!
Your dreams are as vivid as your waking life now, motivating y... More for Aquarius
Although you have the best of intentions now, your plans may b... More for Aquarius
You won't be satisfied with a simple and dismissive answer tod... More for Aquarius
You may run out of patience now as unexpressed petty annoyance... More for Aquarius
Keeping your plans in perspective is challenging now because y... More for Aquarius
You say my lyrics too xplicit? COOL btw jez to let you know I didn't do it for you I'm jez doin my own thinqy thanks!
I can make a broke Bitch rich buh ion do broke bitches!!!
Wow! Its new Month n its Friday sharaut to y'all auqust born....#TGIF
Top of the worlds Beautiful morninq to y'all.... Juma,a mubaraka!!!
I've now reached a certain point in life where I don't even care if people like me anymore. If u like me,cool. If u don't ,okay. #Peace!
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Your instinctual attachment to objects of beauty could land yo... More for Aquarius