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hayley from Paramore
This record & #1989 🙌 @AltPresss: FEATURE: The premiere of Turnstile’s first ‘Nonstop Feeling’ single, “Gravity””
Still awake, so.. This is the 1st song we ever wrote. Over 10 yrs ago! Here we are playing it on Parahoy #oldies
So cold tonight in Franklin... So I was thinking back to our sunburned holiday at sea! Throwback to #Parahoy:… #[III]
Look at @bleachersmusic just totally killing it in Nashville! It's awesome having cool friends who make rad music.
Proud of myself for getting out of the house and living & also proud of @hanngrenade too
@yelyahwilliams you waited for your battery to get to an appropriate level so you could post this didn't you
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A Hellraiser remake where Pinhead's backstory is he died during an acupuncture sesh and just wants to practice mindfulness.
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I used to not be cool so I was considered a nerd. Now being nerdy is cool, but I'm not nerdy enough. What the hell.
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watching our beloved producer @justinmj on my tv right now. playing w/ @beck on @ConanOBrien ... coolest producer award. #selftitledfam
YOURE HARSHING MY MELLOW!🍰🍪🍩�@meganowensxow@yelyahwilliamsl@Eat_PastryPastry YOUR CAVITY THOUGH”
A fedex unicorn brought me all this @Eat_Pastry delishness today. PSYCHED to try the new stuff! #supermoist #giggity
ZING! “@Kris561_: @yelyahwilliams thanks for "filling" us in 😉”
Got my 1st cavity ever and I just thought that since I got 4m of u to follow me I owe u this type of juicy 411 #hotgossip #Enews
Hi, I have lots of shirts from your favorite shows/movies Twin Peaks, The Craft, X-Files, Clueless, Friday Night Ligh
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These dog self-portraits are better than every human self-portrait ever taken. PHOTOS:
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Spending the day w/ my guy cause he drove down to see me & Alf on his off day from tour 😍�#loveystuffff
She done done it again! Tonight, my favorite is "This Love".. #TS1989
Thank you !!!! for reading my thoughts & looking at pics of my dog while you are probably sitting on the toilet 😇😇😇
This is what happens when T is running around the camera dude during "fashun shots" on the carpet 😆😆
Dammit totally forgot to give photo cred to my dad for that last pic.. Dad, don't unfollow me or anything plz ok? #dads
Alf flew for the 1st time today! ✈️🐶
We had like a zillion friends ok?!! “@restrictedmgc: @yelyahwilliams Really MySpace why would people go on MySpace?!
My mentor & friend @Jamiegeorge24 wrote a book about love-tension-faith-realness. Get the #LoveWell audiobook here:…
I wanna be there rn “@soorya: Here's the full video I took of @brandnewrock stage diving into the crowd last night.
Flashback to when we got to play Starland Ballroom! The venue I've wanted to play since I was 15 📷:…
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Listening down to my album & deeply proud of it. Thankful for the team I've had around me, especially @nateyetton.
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Late night vegan shakes @SwingersDinerHW two nights in a row w/ dad !!
@yelyahwilliams From jerrys pizza to save mart center & now the hollywood bowl. I was there then&def' still here now💖
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For real tho, phony cockiness aside... I could never fake it. Honestly. To me, if you're a singer... You sing! 🎤🙋
A friend heard a dude say I must've been lip-syncing 2nite.. Hate lettin' ya down but I have never/will never mime. #imjustthatgood #weee 😏😝
Superhero breast cancer fighters & survivors “@ThatParamoreFan: @yelyahwilliams what inspired the cape tonight”
Thx for supporting Pmore❤️ “@ampradio: @yelyahwilliams you guys rocked! Thank you so much for performing. We appreciate it so much!”
I would get lipstick allllll over my face at the Hollywood Bowl. Listen, rockin and rollin ain't easy! What a fun show. #WeCanSurvive
Love! “@TheParamoreArmy: New Photo: Paramore being interviewed backstage at #WeCanSurvive event in LA
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