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hayley from Paramore
I can barely stand the sweetness!!!! “@alfthepuppy: GRANDPAS HERE YALL”
Lol yep “@paramofe: when your friends bring up embarrassing stories in front of your parents
My dad is here! Look out LA! The Outlaw has arrived. Country has come to town. So happy he gets to see us play Hollywood Bowl 2moro night😛
I don't care what people say. There's so much awesome music in the world right now. It's a great time to be a listener.
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I'm fun-sized but it's not that fun. “@MeganThompson: I'm tall. It's a problem.
Remember when we performed Aint It Fun on @NBCTheVoice w/ @jacquieleemusic? Well, she just released an EP.. 🎤�
Lady date w/ @Carahfaye 2nite. Went to another comedy show & finally saw my friend @EliOlsberg do a real set! #yayjokes #funnystuff
SO wish @RookieMag was around when I was a teenage girl. But it's here now! #RookieYearbookThree is out, go get it!
I'm lucky to have a friend like @yelyahwilliams who will make me tea + talk to me about life. Oh also her dog rules
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👏💘@MTVBuzzworthyhy: INTERVIEW@newfoundgloryry'@XChadballXlX on love, loss, fans, every kind of Resurrection....”
Had to say goodbye (but see you next week!!) to my frenz this mornin. LA is rad but hometown hangs are necessary. #TN
Paramore shares the stage at CBS Radio's #WCS 2014 this Friday with Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and more!
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😱 you're most welcome. Can't wait for the next one! @JuddApatoww:@yelyahwilliamss@LargoLosAngeless@Hilar4Charityy thanks for coming!”
Lots of biz meetings this wk. Proof that you CAN wear sweatpants & your bf's hoodie 80% of the time & still get taken (sorta) seriously.
Just saw @JuddApatow's show @LargoLosAngeles for @Hilar4Charity & held my pee thru the whole thing cause everyone ruled. #laughthruthepain
Excellent “@thegraceharding: @yelyahwilliams a year ago today I was dropped while crowd surfing during Still Into You.”
Falling asleep while reading about essential oil uses for dogs.... Saturday night, know what I mean?!
(Still can't wait to be back in Nashville, tho 😏)
Feeling fall-ish in LA finally 🍂🍃🍁
☺️☺️ spot on!! “@lilooble: Character day at school today for spirit week @yelyahwilliams
If you have a rough day ever then try naps + netflix, this cures everything, i should've been a doctor #youremostwelcome
New album from one of my favs @youarestars ! Check it out->… 😍🌠
thanks to the great team at LDF Tattoo. So unbelievably stoked with my new Last Hope tattoo 😌✨
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Shark Tank display what a time to be alive !
The best late night @Target run w/ Charlie & Ashley buying a few things I need & about 10 that i don't, this is adulthood
Paramore's ‘Slant’ hoodie is available now in the FBR Webstore! Get yours here:
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Some of y'all have way too much faith in me 😂�#lamegamerer
Hooked up the ps4. About to play Destiny for the 1st time. n00b is an understatement.
Brb melting to a puddle“@XChadballX: If you thought you were the coolest NFG fan then think again! Meet the coolest!
Congrats to my dude & the rest of @newfoundglory on an awesome 1st wk of #Resurrection 😊 Just proof that struggles can make you stronger!
mom cmon this is embarrassing “@yelyahwilliams: Dear Alf, your breath is kickin... But thanks for the morning cuddle anyway. 🐶”
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Dear Alf, your breath is kickin... But thanks for the morning cuddle anyway. 🐶
Siouxsie Sioux mask 😏 thx@ikearaa for hosting/not making fun of my