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hayley from Paramore
🎸@XChadballXX: A little over two weeks until tour starts! San Diego Los Angeles! Get your tickets asap!theglamourkillstour.comL”
Thx @Salon for mentioning our old @Failure cover in this list!! #StuckOnYou
There's a Zoolander sequel on the way. We repeat: There's a Zoolander sequel on the way:
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can grocery shopping be a hobby?
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.@XChadballX tells us about @newfoundglory's new era, writing "Resurrection" and the upcoming @glamourkills tour:
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Los Angeles is hotter than a hairdryer in hell
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Actual footage β€œ@_BewareOfYou_: @yelyahwilliams Have you ever seen this? I feel like this was you when it happened”
Just went to cuddle with Alf and he farted in my face. DIRECTLY INTO my face. Good to be home! πŸΆπŸ‘ƒπŸ’š
Wowow βœ¨β€œ@paramore: The 'Last Hope' live video is already over 1 million views! Watch it and subscribe at”
I am gonna kiss the face off of this face soon!! #Alfieeeee (Photo credit: @MeganThompson)
πŸ˜‚ "Kids don't know what fractals are" @billboardd: Kristen Wiig & Ellen DeGeneres sing worst 'Let It Go' cover”
This is all πŸ˜›@CandyHeartsBandd: Who's exited for our fall tour merch!? Cause I am πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ see y'all on a couple”
Dear Riot Fest Chicago attendees! You created another amazing moment and memory for @newfoundglory! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
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I peaked early β€œ@_MariaNovoselic: OMG this is the cutest photo of @yelyahwilliams 😍😍”
@yelyahwilliams MORE MUSICAL SHIZ.. I sang renegade out a car window the other day and some guy walking past sang the rest of the line😱
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Hiiii Chicago!! Can't get enough of you lately. Give me @chicagodiner milkshakes & @RiotFest!! 😘😘😘
Real life musical shiz!! β€œ@parapringles: In the park singing 'Ain't it fun' in the rain and people in the street joined in #epic @paramore”
There's always a Blondie song in every Kristen Wiig movie! 😍 just saw The Skeleton Twins... Laughed loud, cried secretly. Incredible movie.
Yaaaaas β€œ@Dory: Sistaaars! Art thou ready!?”
BUY TICKETS NOW: New Found Glory, We Are The In Crowd, Fireworks, Candy Hearts THIS FALL.
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Killed me β€œ@FBRParamore: When 'Ain't It Fun' comes on after 'Last Hope'”
Never leaving the house again.... #🏑✨
.@newfoundglory Stay Forever Young in β€˜Ready and Willing’ Video: Watch
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This is 😍😍@MACcosmeticsics: Pops of color on the eyes @delpozoofficial using”
Catching up on @TheStrainFX!!! πŸ›πŸ‘ΎπŸ’€πŸ˜ˆ
So I guess now I'm the older one in this relationship? 😏 lookin'…X @newfoundgloryy's new video!)
RIP my sidekick3 β€œ@best_coast: Take me back to the days when this was my cell phone”
apple: "we're excited to annou-" I'll buy it. apple: "just lemme fini-" just. i'll buy it. i said i'll buy it.
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Waking up to hear the news that the iPhone 6 has 128 GB has me saying OMG like:
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Worked all day yesterday on a thing that I really really can't wait for us to share with the pmore family... #StillLivinTheSelfTitledLife #
Check out the Paramore tattoo blog @rhiannio and I have got going! It kinda rules πŸ˜‰paramoretattoos.tumblr.comq
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Check out the @newfoundglory new video and song "Ready and Willing". I gotta say, I've never looked better! Hahaha…
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Our new song #readyandwilling that comes out tomorrow is in my top 5 fav NFG songs we've ever written. Very proud of the music and message.
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Just got to see my 1st real @shinytoyguns show since Parahoy. Ugh... SO GOOD!! Proud of my friend @Carahfaye. Such a badass lady warrior. πŸ’“
coolest thing is meeting pmore fans in the wild... Thx Sophia for the red velvet cupcake!! Also your hair & smile made my day. πŸ’•
There are so many weird and awful smells at Disneyland on a 99 degree day #crankthestank
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