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Charlie Chaplin met Einstein and said, "They applaud me because everybody understands me. They applaud you because no one understands you."
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Wow the United States is so racist. Idk who Ebola is but just because he came from Africa everyone is scared?
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This year, a gas cloud is going to come too close to a Black Hole in the center of our galaxy and we'll see it get ripped apart.
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I like food and sleep. If I share my food with you and choose hours of sleep to texting you, you're special to me.
A day without sunshine is like... Night.
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Hotel staff have just informed me that I am staying in a room that Simon Cowell always stays in... I shall be putting my balls on everything
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Express yourself. Don't repress yourself.
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@David_Cameron You could have saved time by just writing it on the side of your bombs
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"Curves are gorgeous!" Is that why you're trying to shed your pounds?
Just found two and a half grand in twenty pound notes...😶
If you decide to revolt and bitch against people online, at least let them know it's about them...
#ShaunOfTheDead came out ten years ago...
Rediscovering music in iTunes that shuffle has NEVER played before...
Took two fucking days to download iOS8... not even exaggerating.
You've got to admit, India's a better name than Bunny #celebrityjuice
Been challenged to not swear all day...
When you get home and find out somebody ate the food you was thinking about all day
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new #BadEducation !!!!!!😂👌
Why are young white teenagers now adopting Jamaican accents? #wtf
When you're watching Listen at night, alone... or are you? #doctorwhoseries8
"HIV is Roman for Hi 5..."✋
Listening to the ones with absolutely no morals try to tell everyone else how to act. #fuckoff
A mans shirt of a woman's naked body is like a flag on the enemies fortress👌
The human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them
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Casually colouring in friend's tattoos with sharpie pens🎨