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the human brain is an amazing organ, it functions 24 hours a day from the day we are born and only stops when we are taking an exam
*takes 22 selfies* *deletes 22 selfies*
today is a multiple cups of coffee kind of day
question is do i stay in bed or get out of it
if you don't think history is amusing, you clearly haven't seen Adolf Hitler in shorts
how much do islands cost i want one
how come every time i try to tell a funny story i word it badly and it turns out not funny
An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.
morning with Ashley
50 shades of dark circles under my eyes
i am pretty much 3% human and 97% stress
good as gold #nomeansno
being a pizza delivery driver is great because literally no one is disappointed to see you
the difference between pizza and your opinion is that I asked for pizza
shoe love is true love #newbabies
finally my child can safely ram her head into a doorknob this is what the future's all about what a time to be alive
Take risks, be yourself, love more, don't hate, one life, make your mark. Twenty fourteen. Let's go.
if i ugly snapchat you i trust you
the older I get, the more i understand squidwards anger
society: be yourself society: no not like that
to attend school tomorrow or throw myself into a pit of fire
when nothing goes right go to sleep
did August even happen i don’t remember it????
where can i download motivation
"i'm not a hipster but i can make your hips stir" i'm not water but i will drown you
bruce jenner was a track and field athlete and he can’t even keep up with the kardashians
october has lasted about 2 minutes
need new clothes need new clothes need new clothes need new clothes need new clothes need new clothes need new clothes need new clothes
old people are so cute like are they sleeping? are they dead? i love them
how do boys look good without makeup
my greatest talent is being able to watch 5 years worth of a tv show in one week
imagine right before you fall asleep you get to see previews to 3 dreams and then you get to decide which dream you want for that night
i miss being asleep
If your thighs touch then you’re one step closer to being a mermaid so who’s the real winner here
how to get up in the morning ~ you don’t
how long till summer?
friday the 13th - or as i like to call it, friday.
me: you'll regret staying up this late me: i know me the next morning: i regret staying up that late
why fall in love when you can fall asleep
u dont look like 200 likes in person
breaking news i dont care
2014 is in 3 months and i still write 2010 on my papers

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