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Lim Yao Rong
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Well, somebody is mad at me
Even if we are 6 feet underground, we know that we'll be safe and sound
Gonna be the best day of my life.
Dancing in the mirror, singing in the shower
I shall start finding work from now on~ Where should I work?
Slept for 12 hours and I am still damn tired
I need starbucks,
He is a son of a guy~
I'm your friend — If you are my friend, I will beg you to stop asking me this kind of things because I'm quite i...
You do not call my questions retarded,you freako >:( — Lame.
Would you rather drink your vomit or your semen? — Well, this qns is retarded.
Behind the mirror, is the ugly, not muscular, man. Hahaha — You'll never know~
Lol really mah cos I GG alr.... if I promote I treat you MAC + KFC — Who are you first?
Would you rather kiss an ugly girl or a handsome,muscular guy? — I'll rather kiss the mirror. :)
Well KIROS sound like Kairos. HAHAHA
You know one word that can save my life? The word is.... PERCENTILE — WOW! Relax
Trojan or Durex? — LOL! Non
I will ask you every day! — dafug. I'll block you man
Well, I'm laughing in front of my laptop for no particular reason
Which animal would you keep as a pet? Snake or monkey? — Monkey
If you could communicate with your pet for just a min... — My pet is a goldfish. I'll probably tell them I love ...
Get 50/100 for exams, parents say just pass. Get 99/100, parents ask where the 1 mark gone to. Get 100/100? Parents: Who set until so easy?
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Have you ever masturbated in any of your friend's house? — Wow... What kind of qns is that?
Let's start the gym days next week.
Aunty why you jiang bad de :(:(
Open the doors and wait for her in the lift, then she suddenly walk away.... Like wtf
I think this aunty is a bij.
Good news! I heard they'll retain based on percentile... — Woohoo! Hope is like that bah! We'll promote tgt okay...
I think some shit happen
Going to go school soon to play table tennis like finally finishing planning things
Yeah true i tried alr oh wells! — HAHAHAHA! Don't get too worried, because it's over. No point crying over spilt...
Hmm so letts say overall percentile is 20plus.. still... — Should be can bah like that, but also must look at yo...
Are you genuinely worried then — Yeap! But I don't want to think so much now. I just want to take a break from t...
That's what happen to some J1s and J1 kairos last yea... — Well, I'm not sure of that! Just wait and see. All wi...
But if u think bout it uh, if percentile not bad mean... — They don't look at particular subjects only. They loo...
ur class? in table tennis? ur previous class? ur clique? — My current class and some outside of class too as well.
But they will still look at subject teachers feedback... — I think yeap! As long as you are stable for the earli...
Fuarkkk lah then I'm screwed — LOL! Relax. Just be brave and enjoy the moment now~
But you honestly think you'll pass your chem? Can promote de luh — I honestly think I can't pass Chem.
But what if you fail but percentile still not too bad... — Well, I'm not the principal! I can't decide for you. ...
Really? I thought J1 kairos have to pass everything l... — Yeap! So let's not hope so much and wait for our Prom...
Yea that's the criteria for J1s, so lets say even if ... — That's not the criteria for the J1s, that is the crit...