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Lim Yao Rong
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Would you rather go out for dinner or cook at home? — Cook at home. I love cooking. :)
What was the last thing you ate? — Rice, Brocolli, Beer, Pork belly
What was your most awkward moment? — When I confessed to somebody....
What is the most ridiculous place for a first date? — The most ridiculous place for a date is at your house.
I screwed ma life.... Shit man. Buck up man! Ppl mugging like some dog in starbucks, I down there drinking coffee like nobody's business...
Fak this shit... Yet another unproductive dayy....
Zedddddddd coming tonite but A levels screw you...
Lets get started.
Omg.... tired like one fakkkk
Count your blessings, not your problems.
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Don't let people tell you your ideas won't work.
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If you have a dream, go for it. Who gives a f**k about what anyone else thinks.
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Good things come to those who wait. But better things come to those who work for it.
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Work harder now so you don't have to later.
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Who rules the World? — Gals.
What do you think it would be like to live life as a ... — Carefree. But there will be rain, so I still need to ...
If you were going to get a tattoo, what would it be and where? — The shoulder. Star.
What is the most popular sport in your country? — Dk.
What fruit do you eat the most often? — Apple.
My teacher taught me to be selfish. I'm a gurd boi.
I am not gonna let you affect my life. Ur problems is yours.
Sometimes, I really need to shut my mouth up, and let them be.
Fast or slow, we are all gonna enjoy the ride.
If you put your heart and soul into sth, you are definitely gonna enjoy the ride.
Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.
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Everyone has experienced something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once were.
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Never blame anyone in your life. Good people bring you happiness, bad people being you experience.
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Last time to prove myself or else there is no other chance.
Need to be a nerd for this time round.
Sometimes it's okay to fail but not okay to give up.
Someone save me please
But this guy is fukken slacker who always make me feel like not mugging...
I found someone who can inspired me a lot.
I lack faih and believe,
"What's your problem" "My problem" HAHA he keeps repeating the same shit (dh kalah point la tuh) HAHA…
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What? An angmoh cant even understand simple english? You're in our land for fucks sake…
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Not been very active on twitter....
"It’s not whether or not you get knocked down, it’s what you do when you get back up." -The Adjustment Bureau (2011)
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We are gonna die young...
How to find a needle from a haystack? Use a magnet.
Sometimes people set some standards for themselves so do not judge.
Die liao die liao.

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