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Yaklin Kuroba ★ ワンオク
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Next illusion : Kaito's Daddy, first Kaito Kid making an appearance. *whistles*
INISIAPAKOKJADITAMBAHGANTENG*kucekkucekmta*RT@.hitaeil_com: 멋있어..... #?? #??? @BB_taeil
Laziness at its best, like it will take me less than a minute to just grab my laptop.
My laptop is in the room across the one I'm in and I don't feel like walking there to take it.
The only reason why I spent my time browsing instagram and following people is because...
Fangirling over someone's wife... now that sounds weird.
I got me so many merchandise in one go lol. Them stickers and button pins. (>>> v <<<)
Koreans just love stories of drama and tragedies don't they?
This manhwa is so good, I relate so well to Nayoung it's not even funny…
Anyway, I saw a couple in where the girl is as hot as f*ck yet the boy is... rather normal. But their interest collides and he supports her.
I'd rather have someone I can be as weird as possible with, rather than someone so pretty that I have to always pretend to be "pretty" with.
Isn't compatibility more important than looks?
Hujan deras seharian tadi, sebentar lagi banjir?
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt
#selfie from yesterday, dragon doll no longer belongs to me now though 📦 #selca #makeup #girl #instadaily #asian #hair #headband
“The greater your capacity to love, the greater is your capacity to feel the pain.” - Jennifer Aniston
You don't love #Deadpool only because you don't know him. 💔 #marvel #toys #figures #itgcc #itgcc2014 #superhero
RT @UberFacts: The desire to lay in bed all day is called "clinomania."
Bitterness unrelated to going to two events straight in a row that is.
This is sad but I started my day with butterflies in my stomach, afternoon with joy, and night with... bitterness.
Jadi teringat kalau kata adek tiap kali ada cerita soal selebritis / orang terkenal berbuat sesuatu yg baik / ramah... itu cuma pencitraan.
And she's such a sweetie too, gosh.
This particular cosplayer is my no #1 female (non-crossplaying specilaist) cosplayer so yeah. All my gayness for her. (> 3 <)/
Remind me to bring money of smaller nominees next time please, me.
ITGCC was quite fun, got noticed by senpai(?) and got a hug so yeah. (; v ; )
ALONE - [A]dored [L]oved and [O]bviously [N]eeded by [E]veryone. I am forever ALONE.
With the one & only @VampyBitme!!! Thanks so much for the discount and bonus!!! Enjoy the indomie(s)!!! ( ≧∇≦) #ITGCC
Saw a Gaim Kachidoki Arms from afar but no chance to took a picture with so here comes a Kibaranger. (= v =)
There was even a Groot yesterday. So jelly.
ITGCC was good! Too bad I didn't come yesterday since apparently all the good solo cosplayers made appearance yesterday.
At long last, met the uber awesome @vampybitme in person❗ Don't forget meee 'kay❓ (づ ╥ ω ╥)づ #GAYFORVAMPY(lol) #itgcc #itgcc2014 #cosplayer #cosplay #nightwing #batman #photo
Bunny ears ❌ #Stormtroopers #itgcc2014 #itgcc #cosplay #cosplayer #photo #starwars
#ITGCC's awesome #figures on display❗ #ITGCC2014 #toys #marvel #spiderman #robocop #ironman
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” ― Winston S. Churchill
Tapi aku gak moeee. Ah kamuuu (// ³//) RT @bnnvora: I swear I couldn't stop thinking abt _yaklin_ when I drew this...
Last two photos from yesterday❗ #pedobear 🆚 #kibaranger #selfie #photo #cosplay #cosplayer #hellofest #hellofest2014 #supersentai #powerranger
"Whatever your thoughts may be, if you don't say them, none of them will be acknowledged by others." - Tomoyo Daidouji