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Yaklin Kuroba ★ ワンオク
When one should stop learning? — Never.
💋 #ootd #photo #socks #heels #skort #red #girl #dressup #blouse #white #centralpark #jakarta #indonesia
Turns out that a cosplay acquintance was watching the movie at the same time, tho we only meet after the movie ends. (´ヮ`)
There is such a thing as "movies etiquette". It's an unspoken rule not to bother other people's watching experience you peasants.
If you want to talk and comment and ask question about a movie every time something pops up... Buy the DVD and watch it on your own.
Got pissed off at people in front and on my left who can't stop chattering every 10 minutes or so. The ones in front even brought a baby in!
The movie is good but Rurouken 2 subtitle was really bad, especially the Indonesian one. Please fix this on upcoming movies @blitzmegaplex
It is reaaally good! Better than the first movie! Though sitting for 2.5 hours in cinema is kinda tiring...
Just watched Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno at Blitz CP❗
🌹 #photo #face #girl #asian #roses #flowercrown #flower #makeup #fakelashes #blackhair
"Sometimes I get amazed by my own greatness, that's why I avoid mirrors." - Black Star (Soul Eater)
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt
Hati2 ada kepala botak keluar dr dalem toilet nya. RT @radityadika: Otw toilet pinggir tol.
Tapi pas dulu saya tidur telanjang malah jadi demam... RT UberFacts: Some psychologists state that sleeping naked can help boost confidence.
Jadi lovelive booming di Korea juga. *hela nafas* *geleng geleng kepala*
"@BlockB_united: Thank you to Woo Mama for this awesome boy who grew to be amazing artist & inspiration #ZicoZicoNii"
My eyes ( > A <) RT @BlockB_united: [#ZicoZicoNii] Let's bring out the Birthday Girl, ZicoNii!! As pretty as always!!
Kinda late but I still want to join in spamming the #ZicoZicoNii tag! Block B XOXO!
[#ZicoZicoNii] My name is Woo Jiho. My nickname is Zico because I studied abroad in Japan. When they nickname you, they add ‘ko’ at the end.
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Gw histeris baca ini seriously. RT @vayrealist: @._yaklin_ brain dead, vegetative state ww"
More yeah more wow since Kim Soo Hyun plays in it
F yeah K cinema (✳¯︶¯✳)
ONE OK ROCK unites people ❤ RT @2173eliz: @._yaklin_ i get along with some friends here because of OOR xD
Happy (early) Birthday @ZICO92 !! 🎂 you've inspired me so much as an artist, i really hope you have a great day �#??
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While most people who are into Japanese music worldwide also knows or have heard of them. Good job OOR.
Like most youngster in Japan knows One Ok Rock. LOL.
New song! Oh God! Btw OOR is really popular in Japan aren't they?
RT @oneokrockworld: ONE OK ROCK - heartache Mighty Long Fall at Yokohama stadium Thanks to wackyyyy's IG
🎵So this is heartache so this is heartache 拾い集めた後悔は 涙へと変わりoh baby so this is heartache so this is heartache あの日の君の笑顔は思い出に変わる miss you... 🎶
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ONE OK ROCK、横浜スタジアム公演初日無事終了!!1年3ヶ月ぶりの彼らのワンマンはさらに大きなスケールを見せてくれました。本日ご来場頂いた皆さんありがとうございました!!
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RT @dukalara_: ­ All Day I Dream About Senpai。 ­
RT @Soal_Anime: Anime Magic Kaito 1412 akan berjumlah 24 episode, rilis 4 Oktober 2014
Opioid Treatment Program. RT @SukaDukaAuthor: kalau denger kata 'OTP', apa yang ada di pikiran anda semua? :3
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"Ngapain sih beli vitamin rambut mahal2." Bitch I want to get high on my hair's flowery smell kay?
Reasons why my bro can't get a gf : 1. He's stingy as f*ck.
"Pray for mercy from Puss... in boots." - Puss-in-Boots #Shrek
What is your favorite way of wasting time? — I N T E R N E T
How i picture my art in my head: dmmd game how i draw it: dmmd anime
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