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Yaklin Kuroba ★ ワンオク
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt
Walau sebenarnya sekalipun anak Bekasi tetep hang out nya di Jakarta juga sih...
Memang kenapa dengan Bekasi! (▼へ▼メ) *anak Bekasi yg merasa terhina*
pada acara Man VS Wild Bear Grylls diterjun payungkan ke daerah Bekasi lalu Bear Grylls menangis menelpon ibunya mau pulang minta dijemput
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( ´艸`)♡ RT @phinaphin: That reminds me I have to redo my Trafalgar one day
Adek sering pesen toys (shf, dx, etc) kalau ada yg salah alamat lalu dibakar gitu gimana... ZZZ
Bagaimana mau percaya polisi Indonesia, main bakar paket orang.
Package that Suspected as bomb in indonesia turned out is boyband poster Super Junior… ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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Terus katanya setelah dibuka album dan posternya dibakar sama polisi...kasian banget yang pesen...
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Itu paket yg dicurigai bom sebenernya album super junior yg mamacita...kayaknya dikirim ke alamat yg salah...orang yg nerima telp polisi...
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RT @positivevibe101: I've accepted the fact that I'll never get enough sleep.
Antara senang dan bingung (?)
Baru mikir ending Kurobasu bikin merasa hampa kayak KHR tahu-tahu sudah ada berita mau dibuat sekuel.
Perbedaan cara memandang dunia sebelum dan sesudah menjadi fujoshi.
Nonton I am Number Four, jaman dulu perasaan film ini nggak heme... kenapa sekarang jadi super heme.
48:9, jadi 1063/1064 animator. RT @KamenRider_Crew: ayo!!! ada yg bisa jawab pertanyaanya??
He might just be a 2D character but my love is honest and true.
After more than 10 years, I literally grew up with mya baby Kaito. Even fell so deeply in love with him for 4 years.
Me is so touched, finally Kaito gets his own anime series. He deserves it. (˘̩ ▽ ˘̩)
For real!? RT @rizu_ry: The KnB sequel will come out December 29, 2014!
Tuh kan Kubota yang menang. Nyuhoho.
Kubota ayo Kubota (ノ ̄ー ̄)ノ
TV Champion menggulung sushi. How do u even menggulung dibawah 1 detik...
"Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange." - Cobb, Inception
While my bro was looking around, this is what I do at the toy shop... 🔹🔸🏰🔸🔹 Plenty of people looked at me as if I was crazy. #toys #blocks #toy #children #train #colorful #photo P.S. only made the 'castle'
TV第2期『PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス 2』、本日10/9(木)よりフジテレビ"ノイタミナ"他にて放送スタート。新たな公安局刑事課メンバーの活躍もお楽しみに。 #pp_anime
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Someone as attractive as me is good enough I suppose RT UberFacts: People at same level of attractiveness are more likely to end up together
キウイ羊パフェストラップ たっぷりのミルククリーム+キウイソース+可愛い羊=可愛い。 全部足す発想が素敵☆
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とろり苺コットンパール指輪 とろ~り苺ジュレがしたたるコットンパールの指輪。 苺の粒々種も入って、真っ赤に透けたストロベリージュレの下層に コットンパールがキラキラしてとても綺麗。
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枠入りの竜の瞳ネックレス 魔方陣を敷いた上に竜の瞳をイメージしたグラスアイ(ガラス製の瞳)を空枠に納めてネックレスに仕上げてみました。
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*snuggles to the bed* *wraps self tighter with blankets* *makes out with the bed*
【 I wanna dance like no one’s watching me I wanna love like it’s the only thing I know 】Notes'n'Words - ONE OK ROCK
おやすみ ╮ (. ❛ ³ ❛.) ╭
If only all depressive songs could be this fun.
Sociopathic and delusional that way, yes.
I will be queen of weird land, if that will keep people away from me. Better to be alone than to be stabbed from all around.
Too tired of giving a f*ck about others.
I can't sing but I shall still sing. I can't draw but I shall still draw. Why? For myself of course!
WIP inktober. I'll give you some fruit juice if you recognize what she's based of.
I curse and say swear words in my native language and english daily.
Using either or both seems inapproriate though... what right do I have to say those are inappropriate.
MILF = Mom I'd Like to F*ck DILF = Dad I'd Like to F*ck
Asians to rule the world soon. Yes. RT>