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Yaklin Kuroba ★ ワンオク
I 「 want to be with you forever 」hope you're happy.
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Taking a photo of the t-shirt before I cut it up. Cause modified t-shirts are just so much better.
2nd most pricey thing I got from afa, official fate stay night ubw t-shirt ✌
Saya kukang bukan kebo tapi. #lebihparah RT @viraviletta_08: _yaklin_ keboooo wakakakak XDD.
Interviewer and Sarishinohara are songs with the most... relatably painful lyrics.
"You are weak. Why are you so weak? Because you lack... hatred." - Uchiha Itachi (Naruto)
Now to find a place to strap them on and showcase my love of KouNoi and or NoiJaku to the whole world...
Bought these darlings at afa sg, quite pricey but it's rather big and the material quality is good.
RT @funnyortruth: Just because you think you're worthless doesn't make it true.
I want a phone case on which I can attach straps to!
Checking afa sg's loots and regretting not buying Kashitaro's album. _| ̄|○
Kougami my bae. No matter what you point at me I will still love youuu. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #photo #black #girl #kougamishinya #kogamishinya #psychopass #anime #afasingapore Thanks for the photo my dearest @tiffanyw_huang 💕
RT @funnyortruth: Friendship isn't about who you have known the longest. It's about who came and never left your side.
Ikr RT @Jkxc: I regret staying up late last night I regret every morning this is the vicious cycle of regret
Sometimes I don't get what people in my TL are fangirling about. But I still enjoy reading their passionate & rather silly tweets about it.
The strange case of seeing the person in live THEN googling and then actually liking afterwards.
Tempted to buy leader-san's solo album... ( O 3 O)
I went to bed at the correct time and manages to naturally wake up! I hope I can keep this sleeping cycle forever...
RT @dailyteenwords: Happiness is not having to set your alarm to wake up in the morning.
"A detestable past is the product of your imagination. That reality never existed. Isn't that good enough?" - Erika & Walker #Durarara
2D hard working pure baseball boys ruin me. I'm looking at you two, Yamamoto, Tetsu.
New ava : me with my tsundere role model! Too bad she cuts her hair, I just love her long flowing hair...
I feel like picking up DnA again... or just read the part where (I am sure) he will appear. University aged Tetsu. Tetsu. Tetsu. Tetsu.
ASDFGHJKL RT @meshiin_: "meaning we may get to see the retired seido third years play again!!!!" WHOAAAAA GIMME MORE TETSU-SAN BATTING
But no, really. Break through Japan's market for real Block B!!!
I pray for the success of the 6 ugly guys and Jaehyo in Japan!!! :"3
2015年1月21日(水)リリースの「VERY GOOD」(Japanese Version)の収録曲レコーディングが只今終了~1月16日・17日のZepp DiverCity Tokyo コンサートも楽しみですね♫ #blockb
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My feet keeps on getting blisters. Is it because of the new shoe or just my not so gentle way of walking?
So I still haven't catch up with the newest anime(s) episode I missed thanks to AFA.
k: when did you start liking boobs a(ho): are you an idiot tetsu. that’s like asking why you masturbate. its instinct. obviously from birth
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cherish your friends, either you meet them cyber or RL, since the sadness you feel if they are gone is the same
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Sudden melodramatic, depressive tweets. ZZZ.
It's not exactly that I want a bunch of friends or to be known by everyone, I just want to feel connected to the world?
Okay, maybe not that bad but I was never a part of the "existing people", as in the ones with tons of friends.
I am just a non-existent piece of shit.
Sickness in the physical body is easier to fix compared to the one in your mind.
Film DAAI itu bagus yah. *perasaan udah pernah tweet kayak begini*
【 You can do everything たとえ道に迷っても 必ずかなうと信じ続ければ 】(You Can Do) Everything - ONE OK ROCK
Yesterday's #ootd with #goofygoober~♬ #changiairport #dress #socks #blue #white #sneakers #goofy #disney #photo #instadaily
I ain't becoming your fan okay! *downloads the mv* *downloads the song* *looks for more songs* #tsundere2.0
This guy... his voice is really good ya. Shit.
Maybe not that extreme but you get what I'm trying to say lah.
They say that when you are with the one you're in love with even falling bird poops can feel like falling rose petals.