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Yaklin Kuroba ★ ワンオク
DMMD anime seems like it is going to be an enjoyable anime only for those who have played the game...
The maker doesn't seem to consider people who are new to the story and just focus more on making time for all charas to appear.
DMMD's 1st episode was good albeit it will be confusing for people who watch it without any prior knowledge of the game.
... Ren looks so cute but his voice is so manly.
*reading the comments* *snickering at all the people who don't know that this was based on a BL game*
Terus ini tadi iseng selfie lagi dan jadinya gini. Pagi Jono malam Yaklin. #gakgitu #maafnarsis
Jadi tadi pagi lagi tidur2an lalu iseng selfie lalu... kenapa malah ganteng.
kyung prob thought his outfit was fire but no one loved him enough to let him know it wasn't
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#AightKyungDay @KYUNGPARK1992 happy birthday kyung! Haha since you have an Instagram account, try a different filter
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@BlockB_united: Park Kyung: His heart bigger than himself, mouth bigger than that cookie. That skill tho...
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Because that means those men lost their logic and conscience to animalistic instinct without taking consent of the other party's wishes.
Only difference between man and animal is logic and conscience. Men who commit sexual crimes equal to animal. Why?
But when men sees women they deem hot, get lustful and then act based on only that lust alone... THAT IS WRONG.
When men sees women they consider pretty or hot and then they feel lust. That's humane, noone can blame them for reacting like that.
Or better yet before you are about to be taken by your lust and commit ANY form of sexual crimes. THANK YOU.