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Yahya AbuYousef
Doesn't anyone care anymore about the rainforests!?
Opinion: A great many face-saving myths have been created about ISIL having superior weapons and training.
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The commander of @CENTCOM, General Lloyd Austin, meeting with Egypt's President Sisi today.
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That's why journalists are so often viewed as agenda-driven or biased. Maybe they just aren't doing their tasks properly.
Investigative journalism (ex: Guardian)is much like an audit. Audit is conducted; findings are found. But they never do the follow up. #fail
We live in a supremely unjust time.
I bet El Zend just said that because he was in Mecca, not because he really wants Sharia and hudud.
People say stuff all the time. Morsi praised El-Zend in a video I posted yesterday. It doesn't mean anything in a vacuum.
Is it just this article or is it journalism in general that is poor quality? This article is rooted in one statement El-Zend made previously
Egypt's new justice minister called for hardline Sharia | via @Telegraph…
So maybe the ruins are destroyed. What about all the lives destroyed?…
Trager and Zuhdi Jasser paddling in the same canoe.
As Long as the War on Terror Continues, There Will be More Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs by @MazMHussain
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If Israel is ur standard for a democracy, then just about anybody in region from extremists to dictators have an excuse to dislike democracy
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This is what is called political research today. Drawing a line between FB fanboys and actions on the ground. Lol.…
Bashar al-Assad's airmen laugh as they drop devastating barrel bombs on fellow Syrians:… via @davidblairdt.
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What an odd clip: Morsi calling then judge Ahmed Zend 'respectable'
Isis captures a third of ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, reports suggest…
The Meaning of My Death Sentence - Emad Shahin on being sentenced to death in #Egypt…
Abu Trika files lawsuit against decision to confiscate his assets… #egypt
PT - Riverside defeated New Egypt 7 - 4 in high school baseball.
#feedly keeps me up to date on news and analysis from #Egypt. It also, through its news filtering system, keeps me posted on New Egypt, NJ.
German Parliament rescinds invitation to meet with Sisi in June, cites human rights concerns | Mada Masr…
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I'd find it highly entertaining to a have a discussion about Middle East affairs using only rap lyrics.
If a Muslim is arrested planning a terror plot we see headlines. But not when a Christian does same-My @thedailybeast…
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It's just not fair. | Former Notre Dame QB Everett Golson will transfer to play for Seminoles. 😠
More #Assad leaks suggest Journalist Hala Jaber emailed regime advising "caution" from hacking by @YourAnonCentral…
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The NBA conference finals start tonight & for the 5th straight year a Gator will win an NBA championship! #NBAGators
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Saudi Arabia is looking for 8 new executioners. 8 weeks paid vacation/year. Medical. Dental. (Benefits = satire)…
#AssadLeaks: Emails reveal warm relations between several Western journalists and #Syria regime via @NOW_eng
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My sense of humor: This high tech guy driving a tiny smart car does what you'd expect him to do at 0:46.…
I get no kinda love.
I wish #Egypt's judiciary had this as their motto.
What the heck does "balanced enough" mean? It's either balanced or it isn't.…
@YahyaAbYou report of course says sexual violence not new, but details how it has increased and is different from previous gov'ts
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More arrests in reporting period. Use of the violence not new.…
So cool. Refreshing perspective on life too.…
"Special access." That can only mean "special reporting."…
Zuhdi is a a train-wreck. You can't look away.…
Hello, Twitter! It's Barack. Really! Six years in, they're finally giving me my own account.
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2022 world cup host country and you're likely right…
My daughter Eshal is going under a major surgery today. Plz do pray for her health n life. It's a request.
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A small bunch would. Others would find some other issue, with a country they didn't like, to shake their first at.
Which then makes you wonder, do the righteous folk on twitter actually care about the welfare of the workers if there were no WC?

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