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Yahya AbuYousef
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Reminder: The guy who filmed #EricGarner's death has been indicted on gun charges. But not the cop who killed him.…
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Killing a man - no problem. Filming it - intolerable. #EricGarner… via @HuffPostCrime
Text Syrian refugees got from @WFP today: We deeply regret WFP has not yet received funds to reload your blue card for food for Dec 2014.
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Made a list of Israel's crimes in November. Not a single story got media attention, but we can change that.
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@CaliphIbrahimAR yo dis tyrone, i give u my bayah, or whateva u nigs call it , im from detroit
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Generation X? Y? Millennial? Around 110 million Americans were born in years that fall between generational divides:
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BREAKING: Egyptian court issues preliminary death sentences for 185 people over attack on police station last year.
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Week ago. RT "@Max_Fisher: A wife of ISIS's leader just got captured. Here's what we know.… via @zackbeauchamp"
I think many of us upper borderline Millennials identify more with the the lower borderline Gen Xers than the bottom half of Millennials.
This is beyond outrageous and deserves more attention -- Iranian faces imminent execution for FB posts | via @hrw:…
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Arabtec’s Final Study on Egypt Housing Project Ready in 2 Weeks – Minister @ArabtecHolding #Egypt…
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#Egypt leading the way to a better world of honesty and transparency. #Fraud
#Gulf shares performance since oil's June peak أسواق بورصات #?????? منذ بداية هبوط البترول منذ شهر 6
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Zzzz. :p RT "@KarlaMariaIssa: UN Security Council to determine #Palestine resolution soon…"
RT "@ddknyt: Wife of IS Leader Detained in Lebanon, via @nytimes…"
MT @nadimhoury: Not from the Onion. #Syria government organizes conference on protection of women/children in war #barrelbombs #CW #torture
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Local media, Reuters reporting Lebanese army arrested one of #ISIS leader al-Baghdadi's wives at a border crossing, now being "interrogated"
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Response to We the People Petition on the Muslim Brotherhood
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British ambassador seeks to ‘clarify’ UAE terror list | What's @hahellyer's advice, re MAS, IR, CAIR, hmm? Meh.…
RT "@glcarlstrom: American F-16 pilot killed in a "non-combat plane crash" amidst our non-war in the Middle East.…"
Yes I'm furious #MB are blamed for the camel attack. I was there, and an MB young man saved my life when we were attacked. THAT's my truth!
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Crude Oil vs. S&P 500 index via Tim West on @tradingview For long on S&P, expect oil to continue to fall. #forex
PT Excuse: I was resting my players for next weeks playoffs. :P #FantasyFootball
#Fantasyfootball: The Cairo Storks 8-game win streak came to an end a few minutes ago, losing by .80 points. Still #1 seed for playoffs.
Today, after the rain yesterday, has been the nicest morning I've experienced in Doha, #Qatar Good morning!
.@APDiploWriter mocks State Dept non-response on Mubarak, platitudes on justice: that's like saying you support people's right to breathe.
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Suez canal scheme ‘threatens ecosystem and human activity in Mediterranean’ - @PatrickKingsley
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Egyptian bodybuilder, turned ISIS hipster fighter still alive, apparently.…
So these 2 op-eds have been up on Al-Arabiya English for at least 6 hours. I'd be a wee bit annoyed too.
#ISIS twitter accounts report the death of this Egyptian ISIS fighter in #Kobane
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That's because Abbas is a hack and ain't worth a lick as a leader.…
#Egypt's prosecutor-general will issue decision on ex-president Mubarak's release within 48 hours: judical source -…
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AP: Egyptian militant group Ansar Bayt el Maqdis group has claimed responsibility for the killing of US oil worker William Henderson.
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:~( RT @SaiyanSyrian: The population of Syria: 17 million in 2004 21 million in 2010 16 million in 2014
What I'd like to know is what brand of toilet bowl cleaner did he use?…
#Headdesk: An Online Game That Will Let You Buy Control Over Real Human Beings
"There's a hunger inside you." - Snickers
'What is your religion?' question surprises two American visitors to the occupation #Palestine #Israel…
MT @saharazizlaw: #Egypt: Islamic State Allies Say They Killed an American Worker
Britain’s most popular baby boy’s name? Muhammad #Islam…
Sisi Won’t Pursue Action Against Mubarak - must now “look to the future” and “cannot ever go back.” - @ddknyt…
"I shall pretend like I'm a revolutionary but maintain distance so I can pretend to be an analystl."…
No amount of analysis is going to whitewash the fact many self proclaimed 'January 25th revolutionaries' supported Sisi even after Rabaa.
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Hackalysts gonna do them because it's what they're paid to do. Kudos for spotting it and calling a spade a spade.