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Yahya AbuYousef
A widened canal can't solve sluggish global trade.…
"The realest GoPro footage you’ll ever see. This is Russia in Syria."
U.K artist paints 'grime' rappers to look like British nobility
Don't typically go for promoting materialism. But the narration and production made me laugh.
A Hubble View of Starburst Galaxy Messier 94
Artist Concept: Space Launch System Takes Flight
NASA's Space Launch System Design 'Right on Track' for Journey to Mars
E-Bay Hosts ‘#Halloween Burqa’ Costumes For Sale. Expect a very bizarre Halloween.
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.@NatGeo documentary hosted by Morgan Freeman potential threat to Egypt's national security…
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Egypt's FX crisis is now affecting the country's health. Shipments of Hep C cure held by customs, as company lacks $
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No. The first intifada is the standard. It was organic and leaderless. Palestinians fed up. This...No.…
SubhanAllah. The effect that you can have on someone by giving them a few minutes and an ear is extraordinary. JAK. Big heart.
New Perspective on a Galaxy Cluster
Two devaluations of the Egyptian pound in the span of a week. Trying to woo FDI. Making life more expensive, domestically.
What's the claim? That he ran into her leg? Get out of town.…
Another xenophobe on a bus in London.
credit to Radio Ma3ak راديو معاك on Facebook for photo.
Morgan Freeman in Feshawy Cafe in Cairo, #Egypt. But behind and to the left, is that Vin Diesel?
A little bit of everything going on here.…
The Cairo Storks© pull out another win. 4 in a row! Tied for 1st place. Eli Manning tried to derail it. Grr.
UAE's Colombian mercenaries reported (in Colombian media) to have been sent to Yemen in Saudi uniforms…
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2011-2012 result. When the last parliamentary elections happened. And participation was better than 2015.…
.@evanchill @EmirNader a rational choice for a poor voter in this context, imo.
This is the "mind your business" phase in Egypt. That's if you're smart.
50% off hummus for Jews & Arabs who eat together. Nice gesture. But it's the OCCUPATION, STUPID!…
Oh. Well, if thats the case, prepare for disappointment Canada.…
Troll on Zuhdi. Fear monger on Zuhdi.…
Eli Manning single handedly sabotaging my fantasy win.
Well isn't that nice. 2 sides of the same coin on Israel. #canadavotes…
How this woman has any credibility on any issue, be it politics or Islam, is a mystery.…
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Eli Manning. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. How about not making a bad defense look good? My fantasy team thanks you.
Attack is disturbing enough alone. But to make matters worse, he did it in front of her 9 year old child.…
Long read for you sociologists: The Deep South's Paralyzing Intergenerational Poverty
In the past week an 'Arab-looking' Jew was stabbed and wounded, and an Eritrean refugee was shot and beaten to death...
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.@rulajebreal sort of talked down to the general, which wasn't necessary. Also was too confrontational.

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