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Yahya AbuYousef
Says a guy named "Cootchie". Ok. That's more than enough. No more feeding the trolls. You, troll, are blocked.…
Sorry folks for that momentary stooping. It just felt right for the right troll. But it's best not to feed the trolls.
I don't know. Looks like you have some work to do.…
But I'm American too...Blue passport and birth certificate says so. Played football in HS. I'd truck your dumbass.…
A thousand police killings since #Ferguson, in one map…
Killing of Detroit Imam in 2009 Described As “Nothing Less Than a Cover-Up”…
Nusra Front says withdraws from frontline against Islamic State…
What do US politicians really think of Sisi? Ranges from praise to tolerating.…
Germany Has a Refugee Problem, and the Problem Is the Germans…
To literally sell out: Borhamy: Citizens should donate Suez Canal savings certificates’ interests to pay Egypt debts
Egypt's Mursi stops eating, says he 'cannot trust prison food' - Al-Arabiya…
Senior Egyptian police officer gunned down in Suez - Press TV…
How do you repent for that? | Dubai expat sued for stopping lifeguards trying to save drowning daughter…
A comical op-ed in the @TheNationalUAE | Why I'm backing The Donald’s bid to be president…
Explanations of Islamist militancy are often, falsely, reduced to one factor. Ideology *or* politics - depending on your perspective.
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79% of prosecutors in America are white men. 95% are white. #MikeBrown
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Palestinian faces 20 years for stone throwing. Settler who burned a family killing 2 members faces 6 months. Apartheid, folks.
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Strong Egypt party says Essam Derbala, an IG leader, had important perspective in renouncing violence and fighting ISIL in #Egypt
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el Gama'a El-Islamyea accusses the Egyptian government of assissinating one of its leaders in prison. #Egypt…
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'Almost quarter of a million people' dead in Syria war #Syria @AJENews
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A "cop in training" shot and killed unarmed 19 year old #ChristianTaylor. A look at his tweets are eery and sad.
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An oral history of the movement for black lives, as told by the people who were there in Ferguson and beyond:…
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Some faulty definitions in this mind numbingly basic @MaajidNawaz piece.
"Why do all the asylum seekers come to the UK & why do we let them all stay?" They don't. We don't. Via @DrTimLawes
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Profile of a popular professional activist. Weird title. Linda Sarsour Is a Brooklyn Homegirl in a Hijab… some say liquid armor. Some say resin. Safest bet is apply a screen protector. @ShafikFM
. @Salon feels the need to insult believers in God to make a point about civil servants doing their job. 👎You suck.
Is the #GOPDEBATE indicative of the GOP's sorry politics or America's?
This might be the most offensive, tone-deaf tweet I've seen from a US government twitter account in a long time.…
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Very interesting Guardian interview with Maajid Nawaz
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The Republicans are holding a debate to decide who will be spokesman for people who comment under YouTube videos.
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. @Nervana_1 trolling all day on facebook when someone makes fun of the new Suez Canal. True colors shown. Sad and hilarious.
After the celebration, Egyptians will wake up tomorrow and face the same harsh economic realities they faced before. #???_?????
Can't blame the people for wanting to feel good about their country. Just sad they are being sold half truths.…
Truly sad for Egyptians who believe the new Suez Canal is a cure all for the economy. Quite likely they will be disappointed. #???_?????
"Global trade volume would need to rise by around 9 percent a year for Suez to reach its traffic goal"
Our embassy in Cairo (@USEmbassyCairo) has been hyping up tank/ F-16 deliveries to one of ME's most repressive regimes. Bad public diplomacy
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Not sure that is a category in the book. But ok.…
Egypt is looking for beads today. #???_?????

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