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Yahya AbuYousef
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Loved this era of Hip Hop and R&B: Bobby Brown - Don't Be Cruel…
.@allie_conti which contractors are these N. Koreans working for?
Read this: The Poverty of Moral Answers to Political Questions: On Perceptions of Islam in the Wake of ISIS…
Thanks to the thugs who busted out our back glass door while we were at our sons bball game this am and took @CoachVrabel50 SB RINGS #class
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Biggest U.S. business mission since 2011 to visit #Egypt starting today through Nov. 11.…
UAE royals and leaders attend mass wedding in Abu Dhabi | 110 grooms. That one special night that's yours, right?…
"@AlArabiya_Eng: BREAKING: EU foreign chief, in #Gaza, calls for Palestinian state" cc @KarlaMariaIssa and then what? :)
.@VICE those two buildings have nothing to do with a world cup site stadium. I know; see them everyday. Click bait. Tsk tsk.
.@borzou Qatar not mentioned of course. Qatar not issueing work visas to Egyptians now anyways.
$ doing well also. RT "@maddow: "2014 on track to be the best year for U.S. job creation since 1999""
On the 29th of July 2014, and while the Gaza power station was on fire, Google satellites were updating their images.
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There are some big boy US company executives coming to visit #Egypt November 9 to 11 #amcham. Biggest delegation since 2011.
"Lions of Islamic State in #Egypt" claim responsibility for 24 Oct #Sinai attack that killed 30 soldiers
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You can never be too late to an Egyptian wedding.
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Just spoke to #Libya HoR members who boycotted Tobruk parliament& support court ruling- they say GNC is now parliament, Al-Hessi official PM
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Batman attending Friday prayer last week.
NGO's in Egypt need a front koshk to keep things moving. #Greasy
Hellyer is freaking out. #Libya
Libya's future just got a lot muddier rt @AFP: #BREAKING: #Libya supreme court invalidates elected parliament - report
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Erdogan! rt@dlepeska 4 times bigger than Versailles,displaces Sultan of Brunei's pad as world's biggest residence:…
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Who remembers PM Dawn?
Sorry Millennials, The 90's was the best decade for Hip Hop and R&B. It's not even close.
17 children killed and 17 others injured when a school bus collides with a tractor-trailer carrying gas in #Baheira this morning. #Egypt
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But does it matter? RT "@KarlaMariaIssa: #French lawmakers prepare motion to recognize #Palestine…"
PTs: Guess what that means; it means inviting non-Muslims to Islam. But do so in a kind way. And don't apologize.
PT - Well, Muslims love Allah and the Prophet (pbuh). Here's the controversial part (these days): Muslims have to love it for everybody.
"You shall not attain Imaan (faith) until you love for others what you love for yourself." - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)(Bukhari, Muslim)
@Elgorhythm @YahyaAbYou And he'd still be rapping bout cops not giving a damn about a negro..
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No other option with jails and prisons overflowing with non-violent drug offenders.…
@YahyaAbYou And he'd still see nothing but racist faces and misplaced hate that disgraces races
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If 2pac were still alive he'd be on his 10th version of 'Changes' because "there's still war in the streets and a war in the Middle East."
Democrats, Republicans, does it matter? Are we still having this conversation? My last effort for Dem's in elex was 2008. Never again.
The cereal cafe isn't a new concept. The first one I saw opened more than 10 years ago. And closed 2 years after opening.
North Carolina Falls to Republican Wave. Our New Map Shows 51 GOP Senate Seats
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Republican control of the Senate is pretty much a done deal. #Election2014
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GOP will have the largest House Republican majority since 1946.
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.@LibyaLiberty pub fights can't be explained away by getting tanked on OJ. The police will blame it on extremism! :/
ISIS Is Still Not Expanding into Egypt .@asreese rebuttal to Reuters piece on Ansar Bayt al Maqdes pledge to ISIS.
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I just realized that twitter is for realizing what we need to do, eloquently acknowledging such, garnering retweets, and then not doing it!
AP: The Axis of Moderation is discussing a "joint [military] force to intervene around the Middle East."…
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.@glcarlstrom the axis of moderation. @KarlreMarks can have a field day with that.
The @AP has learned that #Egypt, #SaudiArabia, the #UAE and #Kuwait discussing creating military pact against Islamic militants.
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