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Yahya AbuYousef
So out of 5 Swiss goals so far, 4 were scored by players of Kosovar descent.
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For a match whose result won't make a difference in round of 16 draw, #NGA #ARG has been wonderfully entertaining.
Shame they can't enjoy their World cup team's performance "@KarlaMariaIssa: Suicide bombing in #Nigeria kills12…"
#NGA looking good to advance. Yay for Africa. Too bad for #CIV. #ALG controls its own destiny tomorrow.
Missed the first 5 minutes of each half of the #ARG #NGA match? You've missed 4 of the 5 goals scored so far.
Toyota's first hydrogen fuel cell car, which only emits water vapor, will go on sale in 2015:
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Real Madrid say Zinedine Zidane to coach B team next season -
Barcelona confirm signing of Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo to 4-year deal -
Egypt gets millions in Australian aid as it jails journalist Peter Greste > $37.5m…
"Polluted in some villages" > Campaign to clean Nile River from pollutants | Egypt Independent… via @EgyIndependent
Ya lahwy #Egypt | Shantytown parents sell their infant daughter for LE85,000 | Egypt Independent… via @EgyIndependent
Can't blame her | BBC News - Sudan death row woman 'forged papers'…
Lol | Luis Suárez ‘bite’ leaves Swedish gamblers counting their winnings…
Luis Suárez ‘bite’: Uruguayan TV station attacks English press agenda…
BBC News - Etihad agrees to take 49% stake in Alitalia…
Israel reins in military sweep for missing teens…
Pentagon Sending a Message to #Iraq by Dragging Its Boots - TIME…
Sykes-Picot drew Middle East's arbitrary borders…
At Least 4 Wounded In Cairo Explosions: Reuters #Egypt…
Palestinian prisoners in Israel end hunger strike…
Iraq militants launch fresh raid on oil refinery…
Saddam Hussein's Faithful Friend, the King of Clubs, Might Be the Key to Saving #Iraq
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The Military Crowds Out Civilian Business in Egypt by @ASMorsy…
#???????: طرح مليون أسطوانة يوميا بالأسواق بزيادة 12% عن شهر رمضان الماضى
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.@nationalpost Distraught family of jailed Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy urges Ottawa to ramp pressure on Egypt
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"@MattMcBradley: Tribes Once Loyal to Baghdad Give Fealty to Militants #Iraq @WSJ"
Sheikh Qaradawi: "I stopped the sermons to relieve pressure on Qatar...but I will resume after Ramadan ends"…
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Anybody else following @ddknyt try to talk sense to @azzasedky? All I can ask myself is why? Her piece is a giant logic cluster****.
Somebody arrest the ref in the #gre #CIV match. He's committed a robbery. #WorldCup
Lol. "@espn: One thing soccer fans learned today: There's a variety of dietary preferences among World Cup players."
Like Spoiled milk "@TamerELG: Greece has played some of the most negative and unpleasant soccer in this World Cup. Ugh."
Meanwhile, after a long absence, Colombia has made a blistering return to international football. Smoothest team in round one.
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.@fanarhaddad: This isn't an anti-Maliki uprising, this is an anti-post 2003 #Iraq uprising.
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Italy bitten by the Suarez bug, bows out of #WorldCup
Interesting experiment "@hany2m: Giza Plateau to be revamped, with peddlers removed, horse rides regulated -… #Egypt"
One point on the AJE verdicts: Sisi cannot formally intervene at this juncture, even with his pardon authority.
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9 Ludicrous Pieces Of Evidence Used In #Egypt To Jail Al Jazeera Journalists, inc. Gotye, Sheep Farming… v @Nervana_1
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Shocked. Dismayed. Nerves. Frayed. Lip service paid. No actions today... #AJTrial
Thus far there hasn't been a single western analyst who has a clue Re #ajtrial and what Sisi will or won't do. #Egypt
If you want to learn about what is happening in the Middle East talk to one from them. Don't solely read an analyst's opinion
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Australia? Word? | You’ll Never Guess Which Country Is the Biggest Per Capita Contributor of Jihadists to ISIS…
UK 'mosque-buster' advising Bendigo residents opposed to Islamic centre…
Anti-U.S. Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr Retakes Stage Amid Iraq Turmoil…
LOL | Public screenings of England match cancelled as fans declare there is 'no point' in watching Costa Rica clash…
White House calls on #Egypt to pardon Al-Jazeera journalists or commute their sentences and release them immediately…
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