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Headed to the studio who tryna smerk tho
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"I'm about to turn your ankles into wine little nigga"..
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The appetite does not simply stop. 😅…7
I hope you find something to care about.
I can't wait for it to be cool to be a good person again.
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Today been to crazy. 😫
If you ain't got no haters you ain't poppin !!!
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If I texted you last and you ain't reply it's on you for the next text. 😂😂😑
What Twitter has done to me sees porn: no reaction
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Let me hit the curves up.. Sex drive..Forza
True enough , I beat it up... But can't handcuff.
My Niggas Ain't Shit Foo. 😂😂😂
Just like that. 😂😂
I'm fucking all ratchet hoes by the stove with my scale on the counter. 😂�…j2
Webbie verse on "Smoking on Purple" might be top 10
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But spending it does feel good. 😅
I be stressing with money. 😫. Money don't stop my problems.
if you stressing , pick ya head up .. 😌 , get ya bread up 💸 .
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Who told Starkville to get cold ? 😫. Like I need the in between hot and cold weather first.
He was allergic to that ass whooping. 😂😂
Why y'all cover y'all face ?
It ain't sex without head.. It's just childish. 😑
Don't grab that aux cord if it ain't no fiiiiiiiiiie shit bih !
"I got it, I got it" Never stop retweeting this video..
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The truth gone hurt youuuuuu. 🎤😫
Me when I say fuck y'all and roll up. 😁Q
I gotta finish that song. 😫
fuck my feelings out me.. so maybe I'll feel normal.
Alot of you are despicable creatures. I mean... ain't shit either, but you mfs are cold blooded. 😫
How can thrive off of causing pain to someone ?
Might get another tat this week. 👀
I got my food hoe. Ian buying y'all shit !

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