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Ozuna Kristian 我 爱
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Both* “@ThatsSoJasso: *piercings 😩 @xoxozunaa: i need more tattoos ((:””
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yeah and more piercings too n.n @ThatsSoJasso: *piercings 😩 @xoxozunaa: i need more tattoos ((:
i'm getting my anti-eyebrow piercing but should i get a curved piercing or the straight bar piercing? :$ HELP ME DECIDE!
RT @jxotwod: Don't believe everything you think
RT @absolute_alexx: Cant sleep. My mind is all over the place...
barely got home someone come visit me /:
it's hard for me to say "no" to you....
I have another interview at starbucks tomorrow :$
never get too attached....
is an anti-eyebrow piercing a good idea or no? please give me your feedback ((:
@xoxozuna Nope. You have to wait like 2 or 3 weeks after you get it 'cus the chlorine & the chemicals in the pool could mess up the tattoo.
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is it safe to go swimming after i get my tattoo? ;$
had to bail myself out. now i know who my real "friends" are...
should i start tattooing my hands? or add more to my arm? (: someone decide for me ._.