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Patron sippin. Blunt blowin 😏
If that's wat u want to do.
Put that Thang on em 😏
showering alone is nice but showering together is better 👫
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When u just know somebody being phony 😔. And they laughin hysterically In your face 😣 . Like BITCH!
And anything you wanna know, just ask me!.
Afternoon shit😖
No question of my love😍😍Mm6
Finger lickin with bae
Black shades on my face, so u can't see my eyes😎😏
Sippin never gulping😎
Bae could of got it tonight , If that bitch wasn't here 😈😏☹👅
Out👀. 😏😏 🍷🍷
You don’t realize how much better you deserved until someone comes along who actually fucking cares.
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When the hate don't work , they start tellin lies.
Move Mountains xAlkaline
I want some Wing Stop.❕ 😋
You need a #man that will never stop loving you.
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Tired of my job.
Lmao my lil sis fuuny af
Got something's I want to sayyy
Surround yourself with people who make you better.
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Need this money. I just got Lucky
Yesterday is history ✌️ Tomorrow is a mystery ❓
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All I wanna eat Is bacon and waffles
Sleep kickin in descent
Ima giver💁 💵 . And im always ready for my BLESSINGS
Bae want milk. 😝😝😌
Follow a pretty funny bitch on snapchat though :yvyvbih #Muffin
Advil Pm baby💊 💤
My nose stuffed AF
Ion know why people don't get that I can see straight through them, like they body not even there just there SOUL. 😪.
I just call it "thinking outside the box" not really "over thinking". Cause the shit might just be true
Sick AF man. Ughhhh😷
The Person You Are Meant To Be With Will Never Have To Be Chased , Begged Or Given Ultimatum . 💯
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I just be staring at myself in the mirror like "Damn, I'm so f#&king pretty." 😍
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Look at our MIGHTY God . We serve🙏

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