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_Bishwhat ✌
Oh yeah... well I got 2 REAL friends. And 1associate 🙊
I be chillin. I don't fuck with nobody. 👌. no friends/ no enemies
Bout to take a shower 💦 💦 😜
And im gonna be missing him... 😩 😩 damn. I miss him already
I was made to love you, my hands to touch you, my arms to hold you, my lips to kiss you. 🎶 🎶
Thank God 💁 ✞ #forthisgoodfoodcauserightnowsomeoneissomewherestarving
Regardless, and WHATEVER the case may be. I will never trust you goofs. 😔 😩
"@_VinceHallJr: Elementary relationships was like😒👊"😂😂😂😂😂😂IM DONE
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This one's for you, my number 1 fan
High af. On oovoo with this kid
Every bitch in your face aint your friend , and every nigga that claim forever aint gone be there to the end! 🙌#factsts"
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My tooth hurting!' 😞 I been eating chewy lemon heads for the past few days. 😩 😩 *with 6 cavities
This could be us but,... BUT NOTHING STFU!
Muttin these lemon heads right now
I swear I got some issues I can't tell a soul
Omw home 🏡 . Finally 😩
"Strawberries" #chickenandfriesthebombgetchusome
Handsome and wealthy
I be having too much anger in me , the next person that do cross me I don't feel sorry AT ALL
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I just need to get right 💯
#ThrowbacknoThursday with this fool. 😍 😍 @kushkidd630
#butimabestrongfuckthat 💪 #rp
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It just don't work like that. 😒 u can't help it.
@snobbbb_ #snobstyles #snobbobgiveaway 😍 😍