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Sami Dada
What a crazy night!
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@_SamiDadada: If I texted you last night complementing you, I'm sorry. But you're also welcomed.”
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@_SamiDada haha Yep that's the model status Sami I know!!
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@_SamiDada lol dada you're look like, I don't wanna touch these ppl ew
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I have to stop spending money...
So.... I took a selfie with a dog last night... But I hate dogs... lol
If I texted you last night complementing you, I'm sorry. But you're also welcomed.
It's gona be a good night😝
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We always have a great night together!
When that one friend who only talks about themselves starts talking to you...
I've had nothing but great luck since I've been in college even though yes I do put in all the work so it's less luck but I'm so blessed! πŸ˜„
Is it bad that I always like my best friends moms Facebook profile pictures...
Back in Goshen Ohio for today and tomorrow!
When you realized you should've never caught feelings πŸ˜‚
As of today, I have completed Leadership university! Thank god
I would do anything for the people I love
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If this is your ideal date then you literally have the lowest standards in the history of the universe..
Well Twitter is completely different again..
When someone tells me they don't like chipotle
when you ask someone what time it is and they say β€œtime to get a watch”
When your 8am professor doesn't show up to class...
my bank account needs a miracle.
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Can anyone tell me if it's hot or cold or warm outside?#nku
Feels good to not have class until 12pm
Hayley is the bee's knees
@TheRV3 @_SamiDada it's weird bc my roommate snores and does the same thing lol
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My roommate moans in his sleep at weird times at night. It actually worries me lol
When it's 3am and you're hungry so you decide to make ramen but you only have spoons... #ChallengeAccepted
Its 1am and I haven't been in my dorm since 9am... What is life?
Who wanted to go to Waffle House with me at 2am? It would be a nice gift for being at the damn library...
Did you need someone or did you need me
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@_SamiDada @Sherrer25 I'm just fucking with you I don't even know who you are πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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College starts off pretty easy and fun, then it hits you like a bus...
Does anyone in my sociology class know if we are still having that exam tomorrow?
Submitted MY 4page reaction essay at 12:01 fingers cross I get credit Cuz Ive done 4 essays this week for this class n all has been 4pages
Hearing about tickets shutting us down extremely early last night had me like....
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I've been busy since 12pm today 😭 and I haven't ate since. Ugh.#Busybeee