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$IBIO .447 up 16% solid Xtreme #momofriday play! $SURE SUPER BARGAIN - watch for key breakout news #pennystock
$IBIO on Xtreme #momo alert today-get it on your radar! $SURE super bargain levels!
$SURE Super bargain opportunity - smart buyers are adding here ;) #pennystock $HEMP $PHOT
$SURE watch for our special report this weekend, something major is about to change with this company
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$SURE 0.035 making a move- watch for key breakout news expected any moment # pennystock $xuii $Hemp
@allmoneyin18 check out $SURE it will continue its multi day run throughout this week. Low floater, nice asset value. $nwgc $mine $myec
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Add $SURE to your BUY list this morning, not your watch list. Your welcome. $mine $didg $ntek $nwgc
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$SURE get this on your radar now! We expect key news to trigger an XTREME breakout! Super bargain levels #pennystock $HEMP $PHOT
$SURE $0.032 up 12%, Ready for an epic run, we are on XTREME alert for key news! #pennystock $HEMP $PHOT $XUII
$SURE catching #momentum @DirectGlobalMed which covered $EKNL $DROP just initiated coverage! #pennystock $HEMP $PHOT
$SURE has risen 100% in just a couple days and is showing no signs of its run stopping. You want to be in on this play. $mine $nhyt $nwgc
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$SURE - Ready for EPIC run. Coverage Initiated - #pennystocks $HEMP...
$SURE - Ready for EPIC run. Coverage Initiated - #pennystocks $HEMP $NIHD $PHOT
$SURE - Ready for EPIC run. Coverage Initiated - #pennystocks $HEMP...
$SURE $0.03! This is going parabolic! DGM initiates coverage, super low float, can move very fast, 500-1,000% potential #pennystock
$SURE - DGM initiated coverage, making XTREME move, and on HIGH NEWS watch - this can get crazy real soon. Super bargain right now!
$SURE - Ready for EPIC run. Coverage Initiated - #pennystocks $HEMP $NIHD $PHOT
$SURE we are watching this company closely and will be initiating coverage. We see significant potential here!
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$SURE on XTREME alert this week, would not be surprised to see key breakout news! #pennystock $HEMP $PHOT
$SURE on XTREME breakout News watch, this play is ready to go mental! #pennystock $NIHD $PHOT $HEMP
$SURE solid green, primed for an EIPC breakout run! #pennystock $NIHD $PHOT $HEMP
$SURE making a move, this will get real crazy! $NIHD on XTREME watch! #Pennystock
$SURE $NIHD watch for intraday minor dips to load up, HUGE bargain value plays! #pennystock $HEMP $XUII $PHOT
$NIHD $SURE - XTREME plays this week can make for potential mega gains! #pennystock $HEMP $PHOT $XUII #Alert
$NIHD getting a lot of attention, get this on your radar now for today's #momo alert! #pennystock