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$FERN up to something? Coming out of the dark with new filing to become current - on XTReME watch #pennystock #reversemerger
Get ready for an XTReME announcement next week - this will be awesome! #pennystock #newdirection
CSE:NF NWGFF - New Age Farms Engages Public Relations Firm #marijuana #pennystock
$NWGFF $NF news! New Age Farm Engages Public Relations Firm…
CSE:$NF $NWGFF - New Age Farms getting into the Groove is our NEW XTREME PLAY #marijuana
$NF:CSE $NWGFF up 70% in early trading - new potential #marijuana play making some noise! #XTREMEALERT #pennystock
Watch for it, new XTREME alert today at 9:30am! #XTREMEALERT #PENNYSTOCK - get it quick at
Get ready, news XTREME Pick just hours away - tomorrow 9:30am - get it quick at
Is it Tuesday yet? #Xtremealert New XTReME alert coming tomorrow and we are super stoked! Get ready! #pennystock
XTREME ALERT UPDATE! We are unleashing another monster alert next Tuesday July 21st at 9:30am, get it quick at
Ready for a new XTREME alert? Get ready we are going to unleash one next week - watch for an update!
$RNGG Seeing more action today, may be very close to some key updates ;) definitely on XTReME watch! #pennystock
$RNGG getting some action - been dormant for awhile and just been reinstated on SOS interesting! #peenystocksfromthedead
$DPLY stepping up their game! Very interesting news just out…
Happy #independence day to all our American friends! #4ofjuly watch for our new alert coming soon!
$CRMD on XTReME bounce alert, @SeekingAlpha misleading article was to get shorts to cover, this will bounce hard!
$CRMD long on this XTReME #bouce play bogus article written by #seekingalpha just so they can cover their short - watch for $5+ soon!
$CRMD shorts looking to cover after irrational price drop watch for huge #bounceplay action
$CRMD on XTReME bounce alert, trading at $3.90 and far cry from annual high we are definitely taking a large position in this winner!
$DPLY making XTReME move up 20% $0.15 - we are on XTReME news watch! #pennystock #breakout
$DPLY on XTReME alert! news just out! Enters security market!…
$DPLY - News Just Release showing some promising opportunities #pennystock #breakingnews #Xtremealert
$DPLY news! Starting to get quite interesting! Huge bargain price levels!!… #pennystock #alert
$DPLY +20% super thin float, watch for bargain opportunities here, these levels will get scooped quick! #superlowfloat #pennystock
Today's XTREME Pick! $DPLY - Deploy Technologies, Inc - Super low Floater to lick your lips to! #lowfloat #pennystock
$DPLY definitely float much thinner than expected, keeping close eye on the wires this may get very interesting! #superlowfloat
it’s time, New #XTREME #alert Today at 9:30am! $NVIV $TPAC $MJMJ $ELTP
Are You Ready for tomorrow?! We are Stoked! New #XTREME Alert $NVIV $TPAC $MJMJ $ELTP
Get ready for our New #XTREME #alert Thursday at 9:30am! $NVIV $TPAC $MJMJ $ELTP
XTREME update, we are getting back to the basics- stay tuned for more info!!! keep your eye on our next Monster #pennystock #xtremealert
$NEIK did u get our #JV update this weekend? Check it out here #pennystock
$NEIK #JV update! Phase 1 Completed, Phase 2 near completion! #pennystock...
$NEIK #JV update! Phase 1 Completed, Phase 2 near completion! #pennystock #Aviation #airplane
$NEIK making another solid move $0.0169 +28%, special update this weekend you don’t want to miss! 500%+ potential
$NEIK $0.0165 +25%, watch for our Special #jv #merger update this weekend, we are also reaching out to our global base next week!
NEIK - Special Update this weekend you don't want to miss
$NEIK on XTREME ALERT! #JV #Reversemerger news imminentto take this to record levels, smart buyer adding here ;)
$NEIK on XTREME ALERT! #JV #Reversemerger news imminentto take this to record levels, smart buyer adding here ;)...
$NEIK $0.0155 +18%, super thin float w/ long term holders waiting for the real gains! This can move super fast when #jv #merger news hits
$NEIK continues to gain ground - $0.0153 up 16% we are super close to key #jv #reversemerger update - don’t let this get away from you!
$NEIK NOW AT .014 +14% don’t let this one slip through ur fingers, key #jv #reversemerger news will push this to record levels #pennystock
NEIK - On XTREME ALERT, Reverse merger play making moves #JV #Reversemerger #pennystock
$NEIK low floater #JV #reversemerger play will move fast when key breakout news hits-smart buyers adding here ;)
$NEIK $.0135 +10% making a move early - XTREME #JV #reversemerger play is making some noise! 500%+ potential play
$NEIK on XTREME news watch - we expect a key update on their #jv #reversemerger very soon - solid action yesterday #tipping investors off
$NEIK $0.012 up 20% this can move fast when news hits - we expect key update very soon! #reversemerger #jv #pennystock
$NEIK $0.0119 +20% solid move today we expect key news anytime on their #reversemerger #jv this can be HUGE! #pennystock
$NEIK $0.011 +10% making a move ...very interesting already confirmed #reversemerger play we are now on XTREME news watch! #pennystock

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