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$TTEG - This play will make your year! Report update this weekend #pennystock
$TTEG - This play will make your year! Report update this weekend #pennystock
$TTEG HUGE NEWS! DGM to issue updated report this weekend, price target upgrade?! This will go insane! #Pennystock #wolfpack #money
$TTEG excited to see new mgmt making quick and large headway for the company, watch for our updated report this weekend.
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$TTEG $0.0339 (+17%) - super low float value play. This is get real interesting now with new management making BIG moves. #pennystock
$TTEG on XTREME ALERT Today, recent news showing big moves by new management, super low float value play #pennystock
$TTEG just the start of MAJOR news to come, smart buyers here picking up bargain level prices ;) #Pennystock $HEMP $PHOT $ACTC
$TTEG up 20% $0.03, ready for a MAJOR breakout run? News today confirms management making BIG moves #pennystock $HEMP $PHOT $ACTC
$TTEG up 17.6% on SOLID news this am. Management making some key moves! #pennystocks $HEMP $PHOT $ACTC
$TTEG SOLID NEWS JUST OUT -… starting to get very interesting! #pennystock
$TTEG Super bargain levels, MM trying to shake shares, we are definitely adding here - watch for HUGE bounce play action! #pennystock
$TTEG SOLID CLOSE TODAY .028 +12.5% - on XTREME watch for next week! #pennystock
Real-Time feed of company contracts, original agreements and executive updates from Turbine Truck Engines, Inc. $TTEG…
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$TTEG $.028 +12.5% !!! XTREME action set up for next week! #pennystock
$TTEG EOD rally on the way, key news next week? Going to be very interesting - smart buyers at these levels #pennystock
$TTEG heading for a strong close at HOD setting up for a solid next week! #pennystock
$TTEG ($0.065 +6.5%) we have a .25+ price target on this and recent mgmt shuffle telling us some big moves soon - 1,000% potential play!
$TTEG - Turbine Truck Engines, Inc. Announces Board and Management Transitions…
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$TTEG expecting big moves by the company soon - news yesterday just the starting point! #pennystock
$TTEG SOLID action today, major moves on the way . 1,000% potential here!!! #pennystock $HEMP $PHOT $ACTC
We are holding off next week on our New alert as $TTEG is getting real interesting - we are definite buyers here with .25+ target
$TTEG ON XTREME CORE alert today, major company shake up looking for major moves soon, super low float play #pennystock #alert