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what's your life about? enlighten me
shitty day today
this ain't a construction site but you know the drill
they say 'pressure bust pipes' and i ain't never had to deal with plumbing in my life
had to put some people on timeout 😒
wish i never met you
there are some people i just wish i could erase from my life
knowing is better than wondering, that waking is better than sleeping
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sorta wanna tell you everything sorta wanna tell you to forget it all
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hate when people read receipt me 😒
the office is forever the greatest show ever made
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the two things that matter most: she has to be smart and she has to be a hard worker the rest are just bonuses
except for @trippathias.... he's a gypsy, ladies and gents
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bless the Lord, o my soul o my soul worship His holy name sing like never before o my soul i'll worship Your holy name
typing more on twitter than on this page for my essay 😳
miss all the people i used to know
how did this starter pack shit even start? 😂
new chance the rapper and j cole in december 😁
gravity is working against me
why everything that's supposed to be bad make me feel so good?
university of san diego 2014-2015 receiving corps
it just don't get no better
i got the gas and the coke i don't sell molly no more
no hand outs 🙅💁
self control is stopping after eating one oreo
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i remember the days with nothing but a bus pass
otherside // macklemore
why God phone die every time that i call on him, if he son had a twitter, wonder if i would follow him
exes be on your page like 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀
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should've died yelling yolo was a lie you a liar wonder why you wanna die so young
we hurt people the love us love people that hurt us
i just wanna say you're mine you're mine
nevermind i'll find someone like you
danny brown has some dope shit
i should've bought you 💐
say something i'm giving up on you
i have died everyday waiting for you
third pair of roshe runs
what if i told you pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever