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eastenderswestlife 1,564 followers

Follow my new account @GBSF_x x
Ur all nice to talk to, so follow @GBSF_x :) x
I know i was sorting twitter out n make new one but thought will follow you all back, not just some :) x
Hi everyone, please follow my new account @GBSF_x Will follow back x
Just made a new account, followed the ones who i do talk to. Also fanpages and celebs x
My twitter is a mess lol. Dont know who to follow x
Im going to go on my new account and start following who i do talk to. Fresh start :) x
Shall i make a new account? Because i do want to sort my twitter out and follow who i do talk to most x
@McGlynnxKeegan Yeah more likely them three, Tamera 4th x
@McGlynnxKeegan Yeah she probs will. Maybe Nicolas in final too x
@McGlynnxKeegan Maybe or Luke then Hannah. Wonder who will be the final three, its gonna be hard x
Cant decide what username lol x
So theres Tamera, Sam B, Nicholas, Luke, Hannah and Rough Copy left on X Factor. Now the competition will be hard x
Still feel like sorting my Twitter out x
Now im home.. Another week! Monday again lol x
Went out for few drinks with boyfriend yesterday, then went back to his and chilled out, had food x
@TeamDavidMatt Yeah i know, dont think he enjoyed it maybe thats why he left and not come back for 50th anniversary x
@TeamDavidMatt Yep! Even though 9th is moody in real life :D x
@TeamDavidMatt Yeah :) Not long, this Sat xx
So hopefully see my boyfriend today x
Felt better after a shower, even had red bull. Now having pot noodle x
Showers are better than baths x
Havin another cup of tea x
@Vonnie_Westie @Mrsalexbarlow I only got Jam but i found strawberry with champagne, think will have that x
If anyone wants a picture edit, i will do it for you, can blend two pics together x
@Mrsalexbarlow Sounds yunmy, only got jam though but tried it with peanut butter before x
Anyone tried Jam and peanut butter toast before? x
@Vonnie_Westie Cool yum. Just butter or butter n Jam? X
@Vonnie_Westie Gd, just about to get a cup of tea and maybe some toast x
Need a cup of tea x
@GaryBarlow @ShaneFilan Morning, hope you both are well xx
Just gonna go feed dogs, clean up, get a bath and make sure im dressed, just incase later x
Maybe i should talk more on twitter too, sometimes i wait till someone talks to me first x
@barbarahollands Yeh same here. Sometimes sunny, then cloudy, weather changes all time x