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Dawn †
Are "blood moons" a biblical sign from God that something earth-shattering is about to happen?…
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@MadCrazyFacts: 59% of people believe in hell, while 74% believe in heaven.” I believe in both.
@TheTweetOfGod: SPOILER ALERT: You're going to hell.” HAHAHA
Do you know where I need to be? Somewhere far, far away. Like in another world.
I don't know why there's not more people who are disgusted by certain things the way I am.
The three most superficial cities in the world are as follows: LA, Miami, and Las Vegas. I don't belong. I'm just here for the weather.
@TheTweetOfGod: Nothing but shit happens.” That's true.
There is so much stupidity in the world that it makes me think there are Homo Sapiens with the brains of zombies that walk amongst us.
Talking about brains always makes me think of zombies for some reason.
Chivalry is a lost art.
Real men don't buy women.
Whores like the bad boys. Real ladies prefer gentlemen.
Show me a beautiful mind, and I'll show you a tortured soul.
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Show me a guy with pictures of a happy wife and kids posted on his Facebook, and I'll show you a guy with a secret twitter account.
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Plz allow me this one. In 2 weeks, I start full time in one of the top 5 neurosurgery ORs in the country. Ten years ago, I was homeless.
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Some guys develop a "complex" towards women when they grow up, because the pretty girl probably didn't talk to them in high school.
Thought of the night: Don't try to bluff a girl who's holding a full house.
I did a "zombie apocalypse" search and saw that I'm not the only one who has zombie apocalypse dreams. This must be a sign.
I fell asleep with #TheWalkingDeadMarathon on and had a zombie apocalypse dream. It was pretty awesome.
I was going to say something else but I thought I better not.
Ladies, you keep your man in line by putting the fear of God in them.
I seem alive but I'm dead inside. I'm just a zombie walking aimlessly through time.