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“@yesnicksearcy: To a whore, love means money."
The elite are soldiers for Satan.
Twitter doesn't want to give me answers. If it takes me 100 years I'll take this all the way to the Supreme Court.
I've had Twitter for 4 years. If you've followed me for this long, congratulations! Not many people have survived.
Note to self: I need to get the color Sangria.
I worry my soulmate may be on different network site.
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I have no mercy towards the wicked.
Porn is probably the least cool thing we can think of. Find a cool person, hang out, have fun, fall in love. Don't settle for fake love.
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“@CatPornx: She couldn't find the goldfish. ^” aww, too cute! ❤️❤️❤️
My brand new iPhone 6 fell on the floor while I was opening the box. No harm was done.
Dance party in my roooooooooooooooooooooooom drinkin coffee who's stayin up?!
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If the rapture doesn't come soon, I'm going to unleash hell on Earth myself.
Are you kidding me? I swear, Twitter is purposely trying to mess with me.
I don't read that crap. Only simple minded people read magazines.
I am getting so annoyed that People Magazine keeps ending up in my timeline. I hate that fucking magazine and pretty much all magazines.
Tame these ghosts in my head.
I'm laughing about something. I'm not sure why. I really crack myself up sometimes.
Your pupils dilate when you look at someone you hate.
My heart has 2 settings: I either feel too much or I feel nothing. There is no in between.
A broken heart will be the death of me.
You don't know what fucking pain and heartbreak is until you have lost the only thing that you loved more than anything in the world.
I miss my cat Lilly.
I wish the whole fucking world would blow up.
Ugh, this blows..........................................................................................................................
Porn is a joke. But we're not laughing. 👊#fightthenewdrugg
Retweeted by Dawn
I am so annoyed by all the stupidity. It just makes me want to punch everyone.
Why post slutty nude pictures when you can post an inspiring bible verse?
It's cool The Walking Dead now has a character with my name. But of course they had to make her character evil.
I hate how The Walking Dead does this mid-season shit.
I came on here forgetting The Walking Dead is on tonight and those people on the damn east coast give away everything that happens.
Satan wears grandma underwear.
“@smith_liam12: “Honestly Girl like every morning”” Lmao! So true.
When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds aren't in your favor.
I can never understand these women and their obsession over Barbie. I hate Barbie.
Go play with another Barbie doll.
I'm not surprised that some shallow whore didn't like the movie The Fault In Our Stars.
Society is so ridiculous. There's important issues in the world to be discussing and people talk and care more about celebrity body parts.
“@5150FallenAngel: Independence Day 2 >>>> New Star Wars” I totally second that!
There's beauty in bleeding At least you feel something I wish I knew what it was like To care enough to carry on
A slice of pizza can effectively relieve stress.
Retweeted by Dawn
I wish I could save all the animals.
I have so much love for animals though. And it absolutely kills me I have to live in a world where there are evil scumbags who harm them.
I have so much hate for this world.
Everyone in Hollywood has probably all gave each other blow jobs.