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Dawn Vegas
I guess it's true... people really find their soulmates on Twitter.…
Should have known when the sorting hat put my ex in Slytherin. From now on, that will be part of the pre-date screening process.
Hey, you know what? Fuck these fuckin' fuckers!!!!
Someone called me crazy. I take that as a highly regarded compliment.
@MissVegasDawn @rickygervais exactly why we need to educate more people because lots are completely unaware of these horrors.
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I signed @ALDF's #AnimalBillofRights! Retweet if you think ALL animals deserve legal protection.
It was the weirdest feeling. It was like I became weightless & couldn't feel anything.
of the terrorists injected me with something. And I think I felt myself dying in the dream...then I woke up.
I had the most fucked up dream today. I dreamt that I was on the outside of an airplane & there were terrorists killing everyone & one of
Grown adults who like Harry Potter is so childish!
I fucking HATE pop music with a passion! Take that shit music and shove it!!!!!
I understand now why "Rock of Ages" was one of the worst movie ever. They ruined perfectly good rock songs by casting talentless poptards.
Reading my tweets will improve your IQ by 77.7%
You don't know what real pain is. You're a fucking fraud.
#InThe90sIThought I was in love. But in retrospect, it wasn't real. And I haven't been in love since.
My tweets are good toilet reading material.
Don't try to impress a loser.
There are 3 types of people: those who settle, those who fight for something, and those that are fooled striving to have everything.
It's strange how hollow I feel. Like there might be echoes inside of me. I'm like a shell. I encapsulate a world of nothing.
Outside, the sun shines. Inside, there’s only darkness. The blackness is hard to describe.
If you have nothing, then you have everything, because you have the freedom to do anything, without the fear of losing something.
Nothing, Everything, Anything, Something.
lately I've been losing patience with certain people.
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You do nothing but SHIT on the earth with your sin.
I don't know why so many idiots on Twitter follow a lot of celebrities. Most of them are so fucking boring and only tweet to promote SHIT.
You follow celebrities. Blocked.
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Who murders whores...
My relationship goal is to date a serial killer.
How am I suppose to know when people don't really keep in contact with me want to see me when I visit back home?
you take relationship advice from a fake drake account and wonder why you're still single…😑
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Some days are clearer reminders of how much people suck.
#ProsOfDatingMe you get to be my errand boy.
#ProsOfDatingMe it only takes 3 drinks to get me drunk.
Eat McDonald's, it will give you bigger boobs.
Update: the toilet paper I forgot at the store the other day, I went back to get some.
#ProsOfDatingMe I'm never boring... I'm the crazy and jealous type.
Fucking fake people. Nothing worse than two-faced people who act nice to your face and then talk shit about you when you're not around.
I reject humanity, so I became a vampire.
I hate society. Sometimes, I just want to run away and live on an island or a farm with a bunch of animals alone forever.

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