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Dawn Vegas
WOW! I love all the love I get on #Periscope! ♥️♥️♥️ Seriously, WTF is wrong with people on Twitter, Instagram, and FB⁉️⁉️
LIVE on #Periscope: Hey Earthlings! 👽 Enter this scope at your own risk! �…C2
I bought a pair of @rag_bone jeans and they suck. They charge so much for jeans that are cheaply made and do not fit true to size.
On social media 98.7% of it is men who interact with me. So yeah...
It's hard for an intellectual type person living in a world that's mostly superficial.
And I despise beauty pageants with a passion. They are the most dumbest and shallowest shit to ever exist in humanity.
I hate anything that has to do with competition, and it's probably why I've hated sports all my life.
She said "women" are jealous and see me as competition. Which is total bullshit because I do not have a competing mentality.
Even my own family members (who are mostly women, like my cousins) I grew up close with as a kid don't even act like I exist anymore.
I never did anything to make it that way either. I asked my mom why does it seem I mostly befriend men & women give me nothing but problems.
Most of my life it's been "women" who've made things a living hell for me, in school and in jobs.
"Women should support women". FUCK THAT. No woman has ever supported me except for my grandma & mom.
LIVE on #Periscope: Nothing going on here. Just a light show. Don't look!!!!…
The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.
I saw the blood moon tonight. It's a sign that the 'end of times' is coming soon. #SuperBloodMoon
10 Signs You're Exceptionally Smart:…
Eventually you hit a breaking point with all the bullshit and games
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I despise people like that... but they will eventually get their karma.…
Im done with bouta get selfish again..
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Real people/non-celebs are more interesting. Truth be told, when you see these celebrity types "live" their personalities are boring as shit
That's why I barely use any social media besides #Periscope get away from seeing celebrity shitheads like this!!!
Ugh... why is that stupid bitch Demi Lavato on #Periscope? Keep these fucking pop tards off #Periscope.
I wanna live in a world where assholes get what they deserve.
We are living in the decline of civilization.
Those hoes can't save your soul
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No one can predict when the world will end, but maybe someone can introduce the aliens to the world.
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You know why the wicked step-mother & sisters are "gingers"? Because gingers are evil on the inside.
I'm watching the new "Cinderella" movie and it makes me really hate this world.
My mom is so old school. I was trying to explain to her how people don't call on the phone anymore and that they text instead.
it's sad when you finally come to the realization a dream must die. But it's necessary so you can move on in life.
Naked people on Twitter #ThingsWeAlwaysHate Who's with me? ✋🏼😃
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That's so creepy when a guy dates someone w/a major age difference. Anything over 10 yrs is weird & u should probably get your head checked.
Living and existing are two different things.
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Some guy who was like over 50 hit on me. I was like sorry dude but I don't go out with guys old enough to be my father.
Why can't we be like cats. No matter what shape or size. Big or small people will still adore them anyways.
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My life in a nutshell. 😂 �9R
Why hide intelligence? Pretending to be stupid or just being stupid isn't cute.…
I like to analyze ppl. I don't know why but I always wonder why some people do the things they do, what makes them think a certain way, etc.
No wonder I'm such a good conversationalist. 🔪�k5
Facebook is a great tool for discovering which of your old friends have lost their fucking minds.
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If you're offended, maybe it was truth smacking you around a bit.
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She's waiting for me at the rainbow bridge & I miss her so much. I've been completely heartbroken without her & I'll never be the same again
Nobody can understand the magnitude of me seeing this rainbow. This month also marks the year I lost my cat Lilly. She was my only true love
These pictures don't do it justice. #LASVEGAS #rainbow

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