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Dawn Vegas
If you encounter a narcissistic person - RUN AWAY VERY FAST.
Narcissism is a sign of an abusive personality.
Here's something for some of you assholes to think about...
Fuckface motherfucker. YOU ain't shit.
Believe me, karma will find you. And I hope you are reading this, you stupid as bitch.
We all have that one person who really fucked us over (you know who you are, fuckers). And you just hope karma fucks them over even harder.
WARNING!! Consumption of alcoholic beverages may increase the risk of people knowing what you think.
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The only reason Charlie Sheen hasn't been arrested is because of his fame & money. Society seriously disgusts me.
Time to wake the fuck up.
and at that point you're not going to care what some stupid celebrity is doing. And we will no longer be divided by race or economic status.
It's time you get your heads out of your asses and realize we have a war coming to us.
Still feel like playing the victim America? Worrying about trivial things like a Starbuck's cup? Tell that to Paris.
Night time getting ready to go to the store selfie. #lasvegas #longhair #vampire #selfie #nofilter #selfie #instagram #rockchick
(that last tweet was paid for by Bethesda.)
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Fuck those damn posters that send people a positive message. 😂
Facebook is where your family & friends judge you and Twitter you say whatever you want and no one gives a fuck.
You know what's funny? Most people on FB post all these happy bullshit type of posts... and then there's me with all my dark posts. 😹
I'm wise to your ways.
I get the feeling someone from here is probably cat fishing me. 😂
EVERYONE is crazy. It's the ones who don't know they are you should be scared of...
I may procrastinate, and it could take me a hundred years to do something, but if there's one thing- I get it done.
When you think of eternity, you think won't you eventually get bored. But you only think that way because your brain is so dependent on time
Most people's brains cannot grasp eternity... or what it's like not to have time exist... but I think can.
This time shit is crazy. It would be nice to live in a world without the concept of time.
Seriously, you could spend 8 hours with me and it will feel like only 10 minutes went by...
I know how to waste time better than anyone.
I've been in a coma for 10 years. And I'm now just waking up realizing I don't have time to waste anymore.
People put such an emphasis on "time". Like they have to do things by a certain time. And I'm so behind on time than most people.
There's some controversy going on apparently over the new Starbuck's cups. I never even noticed that the cups are different.
My mom drives me crazy with politics. There's only so much I can take on the topic before my head wants to explode.
Mom: what's an "emoji" Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I wish they would make an app so I can block from seeing all stupid celebrities.
I just read about this app where you can block from ever having to see anything about the Kardashians.
If a girl does crazy things for no reason - she's a keeper!!!!
This guy is crazy cute.
YOU bitch about the stupid people YET you are guilty of that same thing.
Most people are not interested in intelligence or the deeper things in life. People will praise a whore who shows tits & ass on social media
It's fucking SAD!!!
We are living in the most narcissistic generation where stupidity & sex is glorified & people define their self-worth by material things.
I'll never understand why ppl will judge based off race or religion. Judge ppl by their character NOT their race or preference of religion.
I'm freezing my metaphorical balls off!!!!
This is so ridiculous. It's 45 degrees in Vegas and 70 in Cleveland.
This whole controversy about Twitter using "likes" instead of favorites is going to be the cause of World War III.
I want to be a better person but my 'I don't fuck with you so fuck off' attitude has saved me from A LOT of bullshit.
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