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No matter where you go... grief is the one thing you can't runaway from.
I want to run away from home.
It depresses me when I see animals. I love them so much, and I want to save one, but I don't think I can ever have another pet again.
ā€œ@Brittney_Moses: So true šŸ’Æā€ That's because of stupid whores and society becoming demoralized.
This is what love should be. If only every man was a Noah. #thenotebook #quoteoftheday #truelove
I found God on Green Valley Parkway. He was smoking a cigarette.
There's something in your eyes Don't hang your head in sorrow And please don't cry I know how you feel inside I've been there before Somethin's changin' inside you And don't you know Don't you cry tonight There's a heaven above you. #NovemberRain #GunsNRoses #metal #rock
It's a fucking beautiful day in the neighborhood. Umm. OK.
People seem to favorite more nowadays than they re-tweet. :/
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I made that up.
Stupid whore, you stupid whore. You remind me of Ebola. Go stick your head in a pile of shit. Yeah... yeah... yeah.
ā€œ@TheTweetOfGod: Retweeting this will give all your followers Ebola.ā€ Oh good, lets get this apocalypse thing on a roll. Sorry followers.
Fuck it, I'm just gonna start a heavy metal band. I'll let my hair grow out, wear tight black pants & scream into the mic & hope it sells.
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Look everyone I went the wrong way on the highway again! Where the hell am I?
You know this is bullshit... I got my nails done a few days ago and the nail polish is already coming off and it's suppose to last 2 weeks!
The only thing I would miss in an apocalyptic world is my coffee.
I would be willing to bet the government is behind Ebola.
I live in a fucked up world where everyone is going crazy. And I can give two shits if Ebola wipes out most of humanity.
"Ladies who can run in heels should be feared."
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ā€œ@Amiigat: You shouldn't be punished, ridiculed or mocked for having manners, morals, compassion or standards.ā€ Amen!
It's amazing to me how well my body still functions when I'm so dead on the inside.
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I don't know why but this song suddenly just popped in my head - Time After Time
U don't know what it's like To be hurt To feel lost To be left out in the dark To be on the edge of breaking down & no one's there to save u
You know what hell is? It exists in this world & in the afterlife. It's a cold and dark place where you feel nothing but emptiness & pain.
It's 2 am and I'm stuck in hell.
I told my friend to say that... but I kept laughing the whole time. And it worked... they didn't get a ticket.
If a cop ever pulls you over just tell him you're trying to get home to the bathroom. You won't get a ticket.
ā€œ@LUXURYPlCTURES: Money can't buy happiness?ā€ No. That wouldn't take my pain away.
I'll go North when I need to take the highway going South.
Sometimes, while driving I'll get deep in thought or daydream about something and I'll get on the wrong highway.
Dark mood tonight, my friends.
I hate grocery stores. They're always so cold. It made me sad walking in the pet isle seeing cat food and litter.
It's always the people who have the least who do the most for others.
I live my life like a gypsy.
Call me a sinner Call me a saint God knows I've tried.
Turn off the radio and those stupid singing shows.
What's with today's portrayal of vampires? Vampires do NOT have short, preppy hair. Vampires are dark and gothic, and should have long hair
I wish I could turn off my "humanity switch" like in The Vampire Diaries.
My world is so empty.
I need to bring new flowers to my precious Lilly. I'm still just in shock that she's gone.
I was leaving the salon after getting my hair done & this dude followed me. I think he wanted to talk to me, but I'm not in a social mood.
Sometimes I get followed, it's flattering yet creepy at the same time.
"So many dark memories, I'm fighting to block 'em out."
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Drinking alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone
"Come smoke a cigarette and let your hair down. Then pray for the rain to go away."