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USA just made it to the finals!! #WWC2015
Why did nobody tell me usa playin' today #goUSWNT
Of course the rain had to stop like after 5 min
Finally some heavy rain in california so happy.
Teen wolf was confusing but in a good way
Teen wolf is back πŸ™πŸ½
This heat wave is brutal
Finally found the voodoo on gta online πŸ™πŸ½
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The song Crusin for a bruisin is so catchy 😎
it's going to be a hard match between usa vs colombia. #goUSA
Mortal Kombat X mobile deleted all my progress and yes I'm mad
Father's day was a success
I’m listening to this amazing music "Take Me to Church" on "Sky Radio" with myTuner Radio (!
Always sacrificing my happiness for someone so they can be happy.#cantstop
Ugh it always takes like an hour to be able to play gta 5 online because the servers are shit.
Time to change the channel πŸ˜‚#MEXFRAA
That was a impressive goal by france she nailed it #WWC2015 #MexvsFra
First half Mexico 0-4 France
Mexico is getting a beating >< #WWC2015
Lessgo Mexico πŸ‡²οΏ½#WWC201515
twitter is all fun and games until you get that text asking what that tweet was about.
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#WWC #USAvNGA Nga coach? refuse hand shake offer. Big Bad, Sad loser! Who the hell he think he is? What an @$$ hole!
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Can't wait for tomorrow's game Mexico vs. France #WWC2015
Nigeria's head coach is classless for refusing to shake the hand of the US coach after the match. #USAvsNGA
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I've never seen so many yellow cards in a game in my life #USAvsNGA
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I almost feel bad for NIgeria looks like they are only taking home the yellow cards .#USAvsNGA #WWC2015
That was a ouchie ): #WWC2015
That was a beautiful goal USA 1-0 NGA
Too many corner kicks it's not working 😐#USAvsNGAA
That was a hand but at least usa gets a free kick #usavsnga
Nigeria is nervous and playin' dirty lol
This game should be good USA vs. Nigeria
jerry springer is so ratchet, these girls were throwing hands n now they having a twerk battle like whaattt
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& you're just another lesson I have to learn .
You're just another bridge to burn.
No soccer games are on today πŸ˜•
Tough loss, but good showing for @ussoccer ... Steffen did all he could #USAvSRB
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This game was the most boring I sat through USA vs Serbia
Who keeps yelling in this game serbia vs usa its starting to get annoying
The game was interesting ,first time watching women's world cup. England 2-1 Mexico
England was bout to score LOL ,but mexico woke up .

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