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Stephen Robinson
Reclusive Deity Hasn’t Written A New Book In 2,000 Years…
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Childish Gambino (49), Drake (23) & Danny Brown (22)
#NowWatching The Prestige. Visiting some Nolan work I haven’t seen.
Hi UKIP supporters, why not demonstrate your pride in being English by learning to spell the language?
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‘Honey Monster Puffs’ No. Just no.
My Dad's 76 and he's proper dancing to Blurred Lines at the party. 😂
An 80-foot inflatable tree in Paris looks a lot like a giant butt plug
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I can't wait for Alexander Wang x H&M.
Just 4.5 years. Crazy. But even crazier when you consider how much more powerful the iPad Air 2 is…
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Stay away from Clipboard Guy.
This item is temporarily unavailable.
Surprised Apple didn't talk about the Apple SIM. That's so cool.
This Apple SIM thing could be the most groundbreaking bit of the day
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£1,999.00 for the chepeast Retina 5K iMac. Sounds expensive, but for what you get it really isn’t.
Loving the new iMac page on Apple's site. Clever.
Apple reveals new iMac with 5K Retina Display, that's seven times more pixels than a HD TV -
Apple announces the iPad Air 2 with Touch ID and super thin body
The Nexus 6 can run for 6 hours with 15 minutes of charging
Really liked Blade Runner. Ridiculously well made. Glad I watched the final cut version.
First time watching Blade Runner (I know). Must say the visuals look great for a 32 year old film.
Fantastic new game "Lords of the Fallen" is coming to PS4 and Xbox One! Pre-order here! #LordsAreComing #ad
Video: Magician Troy turns TNT Post into Whistl with magic
First flight to trans-atmospheric flight, KLM Airlines celebrates 95 years
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Looking forward to the Fear Lootcrate. Use code FEAR to get 10% off through this link… RT
#NowWatching Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" By Lloyd) by Childish Gambino via @Vevo_UK
I'll say sorry but I'm not taking off my glasses.
Shameless fear mongering from @RobWaughMail with the title of this article on Metro. Patient didn’t even have Ebola.
Can't wait for "Lords of the Fallen" check it out and pre-order! #LordsAreComing #ad
First flight to trans-atmospheric flight, KLM Airlines celebrates 95 years. Watch:
So I just started playing Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One. Best graphics on a racer I've ever seen.
Lords of the Fallen is coming soon and it looks great. Pre-order it right over here #LordsAreComing #ad
‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ returns to BBC Three
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Turns out my typing speed is 100WPM.
Of course Ebola is serious, but the media is creating fear by posting the most extreme 'what ifs'. Like always.
Remember when SARS, bird flu, and swine flu came here and killed thousands of people just as predicted? Oh wait! #ebola
Thinking of Freelancing? You’ll Need the Right Tools
Why is #StopTober causing such a stir amongst smokers?
First flight to trans-atmospheric flight, KLM Airlines celebrates 95 years. Watch:
I'm a cop you idiot! I'm Detective John Kimble!
Being prompted to vault over the grave of my daughter is diminishing the emotional resonance of this scene somewhat.
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The new trailer for Lords of the Fallen looks great! Check it out now! #LordsAreComing #ad
It’s like a terrible One Direction tribute. Not that that could ever be good anyway. #xfactor