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Stephen Robinson
I continue to be taunted by my grandfather's killer
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Pokkén Tournament is coming to Wii U. I don't care how old I am, I can't wait.
People who have a screenshot of a photo as their profile photo.
People who wait until they get on the bus to rummage in their bag for money are the worst.
I don’t care if you have different names for them, I’m still going to say small, medium or large when ordering at Starbucks.
Just watched Chappie. I really don’t understand the negative reviews, I absolutely loved it.
Teenager filmed David Cameron eating Pringles on a plane. I would have told him to choke on one instead.
Stop blaming foreign people for your lack of a job and start blaming your own lazy ass.
The Weeknd’s new album at the end of the month. I can’t wait.
Looking for holiday ideas. What’s the nicest place you’ve ever been to?
white feminism is wanting a female president so badly you support hillary clinton who supports ethnic cleansing and genocide in Palestine
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Loving @frankcarter23 & @therattlesnakes’ ‘Blossom’. Must listen if you love British punk.…
So proud of all the people in Liverpool today that stud up against the Nazi scum.
This is nice ⛵️
Robin Thicke is like an embarrassing Dad who tries to hang out with your mates.
Robin Thicke needs to get off this planet.
Fresh Prince reboot is happening. Why are they ruining our childhoods?
Watch High By the Beach - the first video from Honeymoon on Vevo
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Every time I see someone with terrible shoes I can’t help but think about this Vine
Tony Blair shouldn't be commenting about anyone as he's a murdering war criminal.
If you admire somebody you should go ‘head tell ’em, people never get the flowers while they can still smell ‘em.
Man don't care 'bout all that
Fetty Wap - Again 👍
So how long until Alphabet purchases Twitter?
This could not be more true. #ferguson
“I got replicas” You mean you got fakes. Just call them what they are. ‘Replica' is used to make people feel less bad about it.
All I wanna do is get high by the beach 🎵
Hoping my bus comes soon as some guy is desperately trying to discuss fishcakes with me.
Just spotted this @MadMaxMovie themed truck
High By The Beach Coming Monday 9.30am PST / 5.30pm BST Beats 1 @AppleMusic 11:30am PST / 7:30pm BST @BBCR1
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Dre’s new album is great, but I don’t get all this ‘it saved hip hop’ garbage. It didn’t need saving. So many fire albums this year already.
So Fantastic Four is a bomb so far. I’d imagine Marvel Studios isn’t really too concerned about the franchise rights back anyway.
The new Hitman movie looks like it completely ignores the tone of the games. What a shame.
Convinced Mr Fantastic’s stretching will always look stupid in a live action. Controversial but hope they change his power when they reboot.
Just watched The Gift. Unpredictable and gripping thriller. Loved it.
The lack of reaction and care for a scene that is supposed to be extremely sad is weird. Seems like a lot was cut. #FantasticFour
#FantasticFour, starts with promise but never pays off. Lack of connection between characters and a extremely rushed ending. Disappointing.
Adidas Tubular Snake Primeknit. So comfortable.
The Weeknd has a song with Lana Del Rey on his upcoming album. This is amazing news.
A Drake and Skepta track is coming. 🙏
It’s pretty awesome to hear Xzibit again. #compton
You can connect your Spotify to your Uber account and play whatever you want when you get in an Uber car. That’s awesome.

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