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Listen to Migos. Make money. Repeat.
@xSTACHx *throws bills in the air* These were due about a week agoooo.
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*Shmoney dances away from responsibilities*
check out these DOPE urinals though
I 🍩 want to go to this night class.
Black Sabbath is the best band to ever exist.
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@xSTACHx been a few hours and I'm still laughing. No chill
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#musicmonday Slavestate/In Cold Blood/Neglect/Jagged Visions
A new low. The Packers blocked a Bears punt by foot. The Packers literally kicked the punt before the Bears could.
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Just curious to see if they'll leave Rodgers in to break records or bench him
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how many followers do you need before someone orders you a pizza for free
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Can't deny that catch. Unreal.
"Hey just run and then I'll try to throw the ball to you or whatever idk" #JayCutlerEmotionalSpeeches
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At this point I'm just interested to see how many point the Packers can score
Who's drawing up these CHI coverages, Jordy Nelson's family? #SNF
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from bae to bruh real quick
hey bro wanna come over and get high school musical 2 on dvd
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Hurry up and get to Lambeau, Osweiler. Maybe Rodgers will let you play a little in the 2nd half. Or the Bears in the 1st half.
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And with that throw to Jordy, there goes the Bears season and my fantasy winning streak
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Should be studying. Actually watching football.
Jewels On (Feat. Gorilla Zoe) - @YOUNGAC954 🔥🔥🔥🔥
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: King Nine (38), Outburst (11) & East Beast (11)
Tryna get to this show but also stuck in gridlock.
@xSTACHx that's a flashback within a timehop. twitter inception🌀
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Tryna go to the casino soon tbh
@ihateteddy: @xSTACHx so good” I'm saying! People have been throwing mad shade at me for it though
Can't even lie im addicted to that drill shit
*bird noise* ah ah ah leave you shmurdered
Idek how I feel about this new Ca$h Out tape
I don't crush on girls I just crush on that $$$
Going through route 8 when the sun is coming up is such a great sight.
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