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@xSTACHx no lie I think hate being sober is one of my favorite songs ever
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It's a white girl in town - name is Cocaine It's some dirty birds in town - Gucci Mane & Waka Flame
No CT edge day this year got me feeling like
*hair windmills so hard I fly away and burn up in the Sun* This is how I want to die.
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I'm cooler than a cooler Big shouts out to my jeweler Hit a lick been rich ever since Say Chief Sosa broke that's a rumor
Oct. 6: Goriest Movie You've Seen Bad Taste (1987) - Another great Peter Jackson movie that is tied with Dead Alive on the gore, but I'm not trying to repeat movies.
Oct. 5: A John Carpenter Movie Halloween (1978) - Before Jamie Lee Cutis was Lindsay Lohan's mom.
East Beast is playing in some basement in NH. If you're around, come out. We're going to cover Behemoth.
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My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Ringworm (36), ACxDC (28) & Wrong Answer (22)
When Urlacher played, nobody threw down the middle of the field against the bears. Now at will it seems
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@xSTACHx dude, making a shelf out of an old guitar cabinet would be dope. Maybe a little pricey but kinda cool.
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Two of my favorite things.
I want Waka Flocka played at my wedding/birth of first child/funeral
@xSTACHx he jumped off the couch and landed on me and @BrenOfTheDead and a few others.
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@xSTACHx that was me and Tom from Strike Hard hahaha
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Last night someone yelled "FOR JOYCE MANOR" and then did a stage dive and I laughed for 10 minutes straight
Going to local shows is so cool. All of my friends play in dope bands & it rules seeing them play music that makes them happy. CTHC forever.
SQUAD πŸ“·: @brybryyyy
@xSTACHx im 19 and this tweet is terrifying.
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@xSTACHx i was comparing prices on lightbulbs yesterday so that's what 24 looks like so get hyyyyype
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(Not an actual DJ I just play drill music in between sets until someone makes me stop)
@xSTACHx We don't know. Taylor Swift hasn't released that song yet.
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I bought a new suit today. I bought furniture from ikea today. Is this what 23 feels like?
The odds of a DJ Sleepy surprise set are high. #RIPLA
Oct 4: A Hitchcock Movie Psycho (1960) OG SLASHER
Shout out to my boys Evan and Zach for being awesome all the time. πŸ“·
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Best part of last night was doing impressions of Seahaven grinding against @xSTACHx though.
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Diner coffee aka the bane of my existence.
My homeboys will get you, pay you on the 33rd Two pints of lean'll have me slurrin on my words
Balance and Composure killed it as usual.
β€œ@__MICHAELJ0RDAN: Ball is life, life is a ball. Makes you think” @xSTACHx @BrandonToddCarr
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@xSTACHx Because a bunch of Tumblr teens didn't get shout outs from you and I are they are rioting in Danbury
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Why is there a pit right now?????
Is anyone at balance and composure right????
Oct. 3: Favorite Creature Feature The Thing (1982)