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If I could earn a living reading books all day long I would be the happiest person ever.
Really want to write a book when I'm older and inspire others😊
Fucking idiots everywhere😂😂
Then to have a go about people talking about it? If you do drugs and let people know what the hell do you expect to happen.
Yes because doing drugs is not your fault. Unless someone shoved them down your throat it was your own decision.
Hate how some people just blame others for their problems, take responsibility over your actions for once in your life.
There is no excuse for smoking whilst pregnant. Cannot believe I'm hearing scruffy women defend it on Radio 1, put em down.
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Why have I only just woken up.
My brain cannot handle any more babytv 😢
Sorry that I have responsibilities which I consider being more 'fun' than hanging out with you's.
So many people I that I used to consider friends stopped speaking to me because I don't go out and have 'fun' anymore.
Hate seeing so many people that I know falling into bad things.
Trying to be a good person is proving to he extremely hard.
Mum's spot on with presents👌
So spoiled today, think I have enough makeup to last me a lifetime🙊
So glad I finish at 1 today, don't think I can survive a full day at college.
Can finally go out and buy myself fags in the morning😄
So typical always being at school or college on my birthday😒
Me and Katy have a whole new level of friendship now😂
Katy finally understands my feels.
Honestly love reading, wish I was talented enough to write books.
I've spent over £400 on books this year, woops.
Sometimes I wish I could just take a break from life and everyone's expectations of who I'm supposed to be.
Why do I keep letting James sleep in my bed. Woke up this morning to him slapping my face and chewing on my arm😂
Do I really need 10 different foundations? Yes.
Makeup is highly addictive😔
Love finding new favourite bands to listen to😊
Halloween's going to be ace this year 👻🎃
Everyone's there with there boyfriends snuggling up in bed and here's me getting battered by James when I try spoon him.
Hate being out late, would rather be in bed watching cheesy movies.
I'm such an impatient person.
Night classes are killing me😔
Why is life so exhausting😌
There's a creepy ass badger that lives in my garden that growls at me whenever I walk past.
Why I thought it was a good idea to do two course this year is beyond me.
October is going to be such a great month.
Like surely if they did work you'd use them on yourself.
Really don't understand why people that sell slimming products and claim they work are still fat.
Don't understand people who uploads selfies everyday and constantly look good.
Constantly delete pictures of myself five minutes after I upload them 😂
Why do people never take the hint that maybe I don't want to speak to you.
So angry right now 😂
People are really pissing me off today.
Why did I think it was a good idea to do an evening course aswell as being full time at college.
Hate waiting at the bus station at night, always get some right creeps.
Feel like my life is going by why too fast.
The height of my Friday nights is sitting with an old chick flick and killing myself with food.
why do some girls refuse to tell other girls where their clothes are from??? ur nae a fashion icon tell me where ur tops from u cunt
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Or anywhere really, just need to find someone who wants to do it too.

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