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Can't believe I need to get up so early πŸ˜”
Playgroup is going to kill me tomorrow.
Can't tell whether I'm just exhausted or ill 😷
My living room is slowly starting to look like a playgroup. So much toys for such a little person πŸ˜‚
I watch the shittiest tv shows ever but I just can't stop πŸ˜”
In serious need of ice cream and an emotional movie right now πŸ˜‚
Just want to move to a super friendly area where everybody knows everyone.
Determined to move to Edinburgh.
Why is life so confusing πŸ™
Had such a great today, love my friends 😊
Love my phone calls with Stephen at three in the morning πŸ’•πŸ“ž
Not felt like this in ages. It's always when I'm happiest with my life that something will happen and screw that happiness up.
Like how I am so stupid, I'm an idiot πŸ™
Emma better be in tomorrow because I need to cry and eat pizza with her until I feel better.
Some days I won't tweet for weeks and then I get nights where a rant away about everything.
I have a love, hate relationship with Twitter.
Can't wait to get going with college and find a well paid job so I can get me and my boy a nice place away from here.
Always go to Emma when I need to speak to someone and she's not awake, bitch.
Having a baby screws with your feelings and emotions. I'm like a hormonal bitch all over again.
Not slept for two days and I just need to crawl up into a ball and cry.
Wish I can turn my feelings off ugh πŸ™‡
Need Emma to come round soon, she's probably the only one to talk some sense into me right now.
Hope the weather stays nice for tomorrow 🌞
Going for a run at night time is pretty chill thoughπŸŒ›
Always have to do exercise at this time of night when the little mans sleeping πŸ’ͺ
People seriously annoy me sometimes with their stupidity.
I have a right to breastfeed my baby in public so I don't understand why I get the looks of disapproval from people who don't even know me.
Will never understand why some people are against breastfeeding.
So much to look forward to this year 😊
Life is just so perfect right now 😁
Need to go out today, the weathers way too nice to stay locked inside 🌞
I am definitely not a mornings person.
My mum and dad have dressed my boy in a Liverpool top and now forcing him to watch the football match.
Cartoon Network is making me loose my mind.
Some people just need to mind their own business and get on with their shitty lives.
Can't believe my dad's been posted away again πŸ˜”
Having feelings suck πŸ‘Ž
Crazy when you think you knew someone so well but it just turns out that they're the biggest shit of them all.
Phlebby kains how to sweet talk me like "Just remember you are gorgeous and skinny"
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Netflix sucks after you watch the decent movies.
Times like this I wish I had a dog to chill with.
Feel so down today ughh πŸ™
Have literally just spent an hour staring at a blank wall thinking about life.
Some people just need to grow up.
Can't believe my little boys learned to roll over from his tummy πŸ˜„
Why is my boy still awake 😒
Feel like chopping my hair off and doing a Britney when it won't cooperate with me 😠
So many exciting things happening this year, can't wait 😁
Some people just don't grow up and take responsibility.
Hate seeing people going our drinking all the time when they have a kid. You should be using that money on them and setting a good example.

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