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Finally starting to feel like winter ⛄
Can't wait to put my fairy lights up, going to look so cute 😊
Can always count on Jeremy Kyle to keep me entertained 👌
Prefer staying in with my mum anyway tbh.
Cannot even remember the last time I went out with friends.
My life literally involves sitting watching endless episodes of Grey's Anatomy everyday to keep me entertained.
Season finals of Grey's Anatomy will always leave me in tears.
Don't know what the fuck to tweet about anymore.
Don't want to get out of bed because I'm so comfy and it's cold outside of my duvet 😞
Mum's trying to persuade dad to get a dog and I think he's finally coming round to the idea.
I just need cuddles in bed and everything will be okay.
Feeling like you can't breathe is the worst 😠
Want to go to sleep but I'm not tired one bit.
Everyone's out doing something and I'm once again stuck in my house feeling sorry for myself.
Alone in the house and I feel so sick and I just want someone here 😔
Feel like a little kid getting all excited for Christmas 🎄
These asos dresses better fit me or else I'm going to be so pissed.
Bought two new dresses even though I can't fit into them for another couple of months.
Moving rooms is such hard work.
Hate how easily I can be put into a bad mood.
Today is meant to be a happy day but no.
Feel like absolute death, just want to go to bed now.
Get so spoilt by Allan it's unreal 🙊
Need to stop watching endless episodes of Grey's Anatomy until four in the morning.
I get so excited over wrapping presents 🎁
Can't stop listening to Hoodie Allen's song with Ed Sheeran.
Urgh life's so complicated 😒
Makes me wonder if things would really be like this otherwise.
So want a baby hedgehog to keep me company.
These pains need to go away, feel like crying it hurts that much 😠
Having the worst day ever.
Can't wait until Allan comes up and we'll have our little family for Christmas 😊
Nothing a day in bed with endless episodes of Grey's Anatomy can't fix.
Felling like absolute death today 😷
Cannot get comfortable at all tonight 😞
Going to gain so much weight over Christmas this year.
Things are never going to go the way I want it to.
I just want things to go back to the way they were.
Steak for dinner, mum treats me well 😁
Two o'clock rants with mum always make me feel better.
How I wish Grey's Anatomy was on Netflix 😢
It's too cold so I think I'm just going to spend the day in bed 😏
Actually so disgusted with my body now, can't even look at it anymore.
December needs to hurry up, getting way too impatient 😌
Just need my mum to give me hugs and tea and then everything will seem better.
Hate being alone all the time.
Felt great all day but now I'm in one of the shittiest moods ever 👍
I'm probably the only person who has still not seen Frozen.
The clown in American Horror Story is freaky as shit.
Allan bought me a Toblerone but I'm scared to open it incase I eat it all.