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Breakfast in bed is perf 👌
Love it when it's horrible weather and I just get to stay in my warm bed 😊
Just want to go to sleep already.
Gate getting up this early, just want tor crawl back into bed 💤
I swear I only ever tweet about food and sleep.
Getting really excited now omg 😂
Getting too excited, time needs to go by quicker.
Can't sleep because I know in six hours Allan will be here.
Allan's coming home tomorrow 😂🙊
Do not say or write my name if you do not know how to spell it.
How hard is it to spell my fucking name right when it's right there infront of you.
I should really get some sleep.
I get Allan back on Thursday, honestly so happy to know that I can see him 😂
Why do I never go to sleep at a reasonable time.
Have literally just spent five hours crying over pointless shit 😂
Or everything always turn to shit.
Why does everyone always leave me.
Have to get up in three hours and I'm still wide awake.
Can't wait until bonfire night 🎆
X Factor is honestly so shit but yet I continue to watch it.
Don't feel like myself anymore and I hate it.
Just so fed up right now, can't wait for Callum to get home to have someone else to speak to.
Mum keeps nagging at me to go do things but what the hell is there for me to do.
Don't think I've left the house in two weeks, what fun life I have.
So sick of doing everything myself 😒
I'm so unbelievably annoyed right now.
Can't sleep so I've resulted in watching endless episodes of Greys Anatomy.
Allan needs to hurry back home, can never find a good zombie partner to play with other than him 🎮
Only five more days to go and I can't wait.
This time next week I'll be snuggled up in bed next to Allan but yet the days keep going by so slow.
Don'y understand how I managed to find the most perfect person out there.
Why do I constantly have to be in such a horrible mood.
Saying that I'm probably going to eat the rest now.
Can't believe I still have birthday cake left 😂
Going to be so sad moving out of my room 😔
Always get it in my head that you'll find someone better.
Really need to stop overthinking stupid things.
December needs to hurry up, getting really impatient now 😠
Need to blow of some steam on zombies.
Can't decide whether I feel like crying or screaming right now 😂
Stayed up just for a phonecall that I'm not going to get 👍
You can't get angry when others see them when you knew that was probably going to happen.
Really don't understand why people send nudes when they're not in a relationship with them. They're most likely going to end up elsewhere.
Want to go back to sleep 😴
Wonder if anyone's actually awake aswell, people should speak to end my boredom.
Guess I'll just have to stay up playing cod zombies...
Want to sleep but I'm just so uncomfortable now 😔
Can't handle not having my best friend here everyday with me, miss him so much sometimes.
Knowing that he's only half way through makes me so sad though.
Going to be so happy when Allan finishes all of his training.