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Can't get past level 18 on flappy birds, the frustration is horrible.
I honestly don't understand why people cheat. If you aren't happy with your partner and want to be with other people. BREAK UP WITH THEM
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Can't wait to shop for cute little things for valentines day.
Mum bought me an electric fag, should probably try to cut down on the smoking.
probs gonna collapse in college
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Really want a cute little chihuahua after seeing five of them today.
Need to speak to Emma, really feel comfortable speaking to her about things.
Don't even thinking going to go into college, really not in the mood.
Still feeling so shit today, can't be fucked for anything.
Wish I wore my big jumper today to of kept me warm.
Need to wait another hour until my bus, absolutely freezing.
My sleeping pattern is so fucked
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Really wish you could go back and redo something in your life.
If I had changed one slightest thing from the past my whole life could be completely different right now.
I need to stop thinking back to old memories.
There's always something wrong, I just feel stupid all the time for getting upset over it.
I can't stop crying and it's pissing me off, good mood where you at.
I wish there were no such thing as bad moods.
want to curl up in a ball and cry
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My heads all over the place tonight.
Really want to get my life sorted. I actually want a career that I'm proud of.
Wish I could live with my mum forever tbh but that will never happen.
She's the only person who truly knows me and knows what to say or do.
No matter how old I am, I don't ever think I could leave my mum.
It's funny how nobody knows me completely.