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So annoying when someone cares much more about something when their attention should be elsewhere.
Hate having no one to speak to, feel so lonely and miserable half the time πŸ˜‚
Can't even sleep because I'm so angry and frustrated with things.
You're so oblivious to how I feel sometimes.
That makes me feel so shit about myself πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
I think my heart will break a little when Grey's Anatomy finishes for good.
Grey's Anatomy and duvet day is the perfect mix πŸ‘Œ
Keep getting so tempted to eat Allan's advent calendar in the mornings 😒
There's absolutely nothing to do in the mornings.
Earlier night for once, absolutely shattered 😴
Nearly got all the Christmas presents, just need to get Allan's stockings and that's it 😊
Cannot wait another two weeks for this little one to make an appearance, getting too impatient.
Life is annoying me today.
My belly looks so horrible and I hate having to constantly see it every day.
Charlotte from Geordie Shore always cracks me up.
Need to start wrapping presents early this year as I'll have my hands full soon 🎁
A couple on my street has three huskies and it makes me so jealous.
Love how nice some of the army guards are on base 😊
Hate going to the doctors, always come out more ill than I went in with.
Can't wait to just go home and get back in bed.
Wish it would just snow already ❄⛄
Next door neighbours are so fucking noisy 😠
Probably a good idea to at least try and get some sleep now.
Why am I not asleep yet.
Feel so sick 😞😷
Really don't understand how people get so emotional over football.
December needs to hurry up, want to open my Yankee candle advent calendar πŸŽ„
New pj's are the best thing ever πŸ‘
I have watched six seasons of Grey's Anatomy in one month. What am I doing with myself.
Steak for Sunday dinner is always good πŸ΄πŸ‘Œ
Can't believe I am still awake πŸ˜’
Feel like in dying with this cold 😷
I do not function well on hardly any sleep.
Don't understand how I can become ill when I don't even go out to catch it off anybody.
Hate waiting for buses, always feels so much longer than it actually is.
Can feel my wisdom teeth coming though and it hurts like a bitch πŸ˜”
X-Factor is honestly one of the shittiest shows ever now, don't know why people still watch it.
Want to go into my room but I'll probably just fall asleep.
Getting so excited over buying people presents for Christmas πŸŽ„
Finally starting to feel like winter β›„
Can't wait to put my fairy lights up, going to look so cute 😊
Can always count on Jeremy Kyle to keep me entertained πŸ‘Œ
Prefer staying in with my mum anyway tbh.
Cannot even remember the last time I went out with friends.
My life literally involves sitting watching endless episodes of Grey's Anatomy everyday to keep me entertained.
Season finals of Grey's Anatomy will always leave me in tears.
Don't know what the fuck to tweet about anymore.
Don't want to get out of bed because I'm so comfy and it's cold outside of my duvet 😞
Mum's trying to persuade dad to get a dog and I think he's finally coming round to the idea.
I just need cuddles in bed and everything will be okay.