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When me and Allan get our own place we will be surrounded by husky puppies.
I want a husky so bad.
Oh god, on the bad side of Youtube reminiscing old times with clubland.
Does anyone else remember Cascada or is that just my childhood?
Really tired but oitnb is more important.
Don't get how someone can be annoyed with people spending too much time in their relationship if it makes them happy.
Allan never fails to put a smile on my face.
My nights consist of staying up late watching Orange is the New Black endlessly.
Take away the gossiping, two faced, lying people away from your life and you're sorted.
people are actually such dicks
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All you's care about is getting drunk and getting with everyone at parties, obvious not your friends lol.
I'm done with young little bitches who make up shit.
Got sunburn for the second time this month, hurts like a bitch.
Game of Thrones season finale tonight, think I might cry.
Want Allan back home, miss him too much.
Cannot resist some chips and cheese.
Now for the treck upto the chippie.
Get to go see Katy today, not seen her in ages.
I'm actually awake on time holy shit.
The excitement for getting to see Allan again is unreal.
Soo want a pizza right now.
Need to get up early tomorrow, fuck knows how that's happening.
Jealousy is not a good look on you.
Whenever I'm in a bad mood it feels like the whole world is falling apart.
Nobody really knows me at all by the looks of it.
Need a nice relaxing bath to chill out.
Get paranoid about everything and it drives me crazy.
Feele like I have absolutely no one anymore, life's shit.
Can't deal with everything anymore, just getting way too much for me.
Little phone calls with Allan make my nights so much better.
Being called 'my girl' is the cutest thing ever!! 😌☺️
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I'm loosing my mind staying up till endless hours thinking about shit.
Need my ice cream for some mid night snacking.
Spring Breakers is one messed up movie.
Looks absolutely ridiculous.
Why do girls feel the need to draw there eyebrows on so close together or too dark.
Things are so weird without Allan, feel so lonely.
Roll on the next 7 months, hope it goes quick.
Don't know what to do with myself tbh.
Can't believe Allan's actually gone away to England.
My room keeps on flashing with the lightning.
Absolutely hate the word "homophobia." You're not afraid of people that like the same sex, you're just an asshole.
Allan woke me up at seven and now I can't get back to sleep, dick.
Hope I pass this course, need to get into level 6 and have something to be proud of.
Was the only one who turned up for my sociology nab, hope I actually pass though.
My mum is the best person I've ever known.
Need my ice cold Starbucks, too warm for this shit.
Keep thinking of how much I'm going to miss Allan and the little things that he does to make me smile.
Two faced people are the worst.
People do my head in.