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#teamlunchwithjumuad #brunch #off #payday
With my new BBFFFF! Josh<3
@MisterBanatero: "Dare yourself each day to be a blessing to someone."”
#SundaysBest 8.24.14
Mi amor. My baby bunso <3
Been few weeks bagi makabalik sa tweeter. LoLs!
Thanks hon! Made me feel very special. :)
I hope sometimes you wonder about me ~
Loosing you was blue like I've never known ~
Let's sleeep now. Gooonight for a while!
"@Il1uminati: Nowadays people seem to know the price of everything and the value of nothing."
Thank you for giving me a brighter life today.
Just saw Martin Nievera at Bonifacio high street cinema 5 sec ago. Haha!
"@Il1uminati: Some people don’t understand how blessed they truly are."
Mayaman daw? Hndi ba pwede na mahirap na pa-sossy? LoL
Starting TODAY, I need to forget what's DONE. Appreciate what still REMAINS and looking FORWARD what's coming NEXT. To God Be The Glory
"@MisterBanatero: Love ka daw niya. Forever na daw kayo. Paload daw ng trenta."
Gooodvibes only pleassse!
Lagi mo nalang ako inaaway. Weird!
What was I thinking?
Mare-realize mo lang yung sakit na nararamdaman ng isang tao kapag sayo na nangyari.
Yung mga badtrip sa workplace mo. #damn
Madame hndi magandang nangyare today.
Was late 12 mins. Awwww
Shooot. Ma-late yata ako sa 8pm shift ko tonight. First time to! LoL
Maulan ngayun. Kailangan ko ng sariling planeta lol #TyphoonJose.
Ang sarap matulog lang. Whew!
Masyadong maulan. Wew!
Shoooot! 10.30 na!
Bwisiiiit na traffic. #monday
Everyone sees you as a nice person. Well one day, your time will come and everyone will see your true colours, I just had an early preview.
The ones who say you can't and you won't are probably the ones scared that you will.
I didn't get any good sleep today. Gusto ko mag absent. Wew
Sorry na. Kung nagalit ka. Hindi nman. Sinasadya.
Si tryk driver, pamilyar yung muka. Nag tsismis tpos nangungutang. LoL #waladinpoakopera
#salestalk yung kapitbahay namen. Hahaha!
Before you give up, think about why you held on for so long.