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All this meat used to belong to a deer, but I caught him walking through a field talking shit about…
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Ken Ham wants to end the U.S. space program because the aliens are all going to hell… via @Salon
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A petition to reinstate #marijuana researcher Dr. Sue Sisley at @UofA has over 31,000 signatures! Have you signed?
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Space right now. Getting eyes/content creators to see them as a viable place for good content… I just can’t see that happening @ComcastMike
That’s interesting, they definitely have the advertiser relationships, but have hard time seeing 2 big distribution competitors in that
So Comcast is working on a YouTube competitor huh? Any of my subs work with/at comcast?!
My current regiment, for those wondering: 1x Magnesium Calcium Zinc 4x Vitamin C 500mg 2x Advanced Probiotic 1x Total Eye Care Complex 2x Memory Support Complex 1x Green Tea Complex 1x Coenzyme Q-10 200mg 2x Mood/Sleep Support Complex 1x Vitamin D 2000mg 1x Vitamin B Complex-100 6x Digestive Matrix
Got my dad on that vitamin C & D tip
This track makes me feel like I’m James Bond for 3 minutes @BallTrapMusic…
For those wondering why I’m especially cautious of vitamin D level, multiple studies in the past decade have linked low levels to depression
Back on the beach for an hour during the day for the second time in 2 days… And the second time in 2 years. Lol still can’t believe my D lvl
The @KAYAK app works until I need to make a booking, and same with the site… Jeez
@Paintball_Kitty: @xJawz Need more veg, add some kale or baby spinach with some carrots :)” I know I’m not that healthy yet :(( thanks 😿😿😿😿
It's rare for me to eat red flesh, but when I do I don't eat much carbohydrates.
By the way after 6 months of vitamin D supplementing (1500 IU’s daily) I’m still only at 13 out of the doctor rec’d 30 MCGs/mL in my blood..
I’m one of those people who currently is living for the future, not for the present. To my like minded followers: You’re not alone #realshit
Such a shame he passed.
George carlin in seriously my therapy
Mr @iCloudSky has LITTERALLY the 2nd coolest profile pic on twitter IMO. Yes I love mine that much. Tucson AZ circa 2012 for those wondering
Now to wait and see how next month’s cardiologist appt goes…
20 years in & some days just hope I got another 40 in me… Doctors appt went good today though, she approved of EVERY single supplement #win
My dude @flyntdominick is about to kill it next Thursday at the blue monkey lounge if your in LA show up! He's bringing lots of friends too :)
NJ Blueberries >>>