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Forgot to upload this from Vegas #whattonyhseihspendsmoneyon
Oh you know, just a giant metal fire breathing praying mantis #vegas
Crap, making this trip tomorrow, any suggestions for audiobooks/podcasts/YT videos for my trip?!
Zorbs and pools don't mix
How I started my day. Can't complain!
See you guys soon. Hopefully this is funner than destiny. #COD
Shoutout to the dude that broke my window and took my crap. You're a boss man, wish I had skills like you.
So @LegalZoom thinks its a great marketing idea to use the death of Robin Williams in order to drive sales? #classy
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Me and @muzzafuzza had matching top pics on @Instagram
Pulled the trigger last night. First gaming purchase in about 2 years. Too early to make a judgement. #illdoatleast1vid
Out and about with this pale dude #blueeyeswhitedragon @muzzafuzza
Think I'm gunna pick up some ray ban's soon. #neverhide #dontcarewhattheythink #makeanimpactonpeople #what if peopledidthisratherthanhidingthierhomosexualitythepast80yeara
View from the restaurant yesterday with honestly the coolest dudes in CA I know; @ikbarber & @EdgarSolorzano2
The atmosphere/vibe in LA & SF just do not compare to the central coast
This boss has the funniest instagram I've seen in months I'm honored to be followed by a man with such true swagger @fazebloo
I'm not a fan of MANY decisions he has made, but all you can think here is, thanks Good Guy Obama. It's despicable George Bush spent 7 billion dollars (a lot of which went to Dick Chaney's company Haliburton) to send US citizens to war, and then made regulations to ensure the press couldn't photogr
Amazing day of jet skiing with some of my east coast cousins @noah4228 & @murraystatemadness!
Holycrapimexcited #beyondmeat
Nooooo I forgot the kale!! P.S. I cut all my teas and coffees with almond/coconut mill and recommend you do the same. Sooooo good... And good for you ^_^
1 Cup of Chai Guarana Black Tea 1 Broccoli/Mango/Blueberry/Beet/Carrot Smoothie And next up? Coffee of course!
My current regiment, for those wondering: 1x Magnesium Calcium Zinc 4x Vitamin C 500mg 2x Advanced Probiotic 1x Total Eye Care Complex 2x Memory Support Complex 1x Green Tea Complex 1x Coenzyme Q-10 200mg 2x Mood/Sleep Support Complex 1x Vitamin D 2000mg 1x Vitamin B Complex-100 6x Digestive Matrix