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So @LegalZoom thinks its a great marketing idea to use the death of Robin Williams in order to drive sales? #classy
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Should You Get Destiny? (30-5 Auto Rifle + Shotgun Gameplay): via @YouTube
First real gaming video in about 18 months going up in 45 minutes. See you dudes soon :D
I’m about to throw my mac out the window because iMovie messed up this video AGAIN. Who’s the best PC company?! @Razer?! Is Christine out?!
Had problems with the editing software making the gameplay too loud video will be up first thing tomorrow, I’ll tweet it out when it’s up!
Should You Get Destiny? (30-5 Auto Rifle + Shotgun Gameplay): via @YouTube
Destiny video incoming :D
Just checked out the to-scale pictures of the new iPhones. They look to big. Anyone else with me?
And yes, I will be uploading sat least one from tonight :)
Despite not having gamed much in nearly 2 years, been kicking some destiny ass the past hour. Only took 8 hours lol
Me and @muzzafuzza had matching top pics on @Instagram
And umm, this rocket launcher/RPG thing people have… Is that a weapon you can just start out with?
Ok could someone inform me as to how I get a shotgun in Destiny?
Pulled the trigger last night. First gaming purchase in about 2 years. Too early to make a judgement. #illdoatleast1vid
Okay… So PS4 vs Xbox one.. Need your advice #thanksinadvance
The best thing I’ve seen from a 24 news network in years… maybe EVER. #corruption #2014
Out and about with this pale dude #blueeyeswhitedragon @muzzafuzza
Wow. @SnoopDogg just become the funniest African American man alive in my book:
My dude @real_lilwill on tonight at the attic - if your in LA come check it out!!
Think I'm gunna pick up some ray ban's soon. #neverhide #dontcarewhattheythink #makeanimpactonpeople #what if peopledidthisratherthanhidingthierhomosexualitythepast80yeara
View from the restaurant yesterday with honestly the coolest dudes in CA I know; @ikbarber & @EdgarSolorzano2
Happy birthday to the OG @Bashlol, the only dude I know who I think took more breaks from YouTube than me lol
Makin a trip to SoCal this weekend!
The atmosphere/vibe in LA & SF just do not compare to the central coast
I swear podcasts keep me sane…
Hey guys. Hate bothering ya, but what new FPS’s are worth me buying? Got some spare time and gunna try gaming a bit..
This boss has the funniest instagram I've seen in months I'm honored to be followed by a man with such true swagger @fazebloo
Katy Perry & Riff Raff.. I never thought I’d see the day..…
I'm not a fan of MANY decisions he has made, but all you can think here is, thanks Good Guy Obama. It's despicable George Bush spent 7 billion dollars (a lot of which went to Dick Chaney's company Haliburton) to send US citizens to war, and then made regulations to ensure the press couldn't photogr
“Your body can live without gold but it cannot stay alive without salt“ - man who was smarter than I
I’m callin it now. I predict @ChipotleTweets and @BeyondMeat will have a partnership within 12 months. #veglife
Am I bitter? Sure say what you want. In reality I’m a little more disappointed/sad… 😢#worldweliveinn
I just saw the name Cara Delevigne for the first time ever… 6.4m Instagram followers for being a model? Guess that’s the world we live in…
Damn @yesware is on fire. Mail merge is an awesome service with amazing UI/UX as is the case with all of their product to date.
The fact that she can go from this w/ JuicyJ/Flosstradamus/FKI to Fancy is why she may be female artist of the year.…
I liked a @YouTube video from @KKatera Dirty Old Man Grabbing Some ... (Black Ops 2 Gameplay)
Had a blast playing w/ @LEGIQN @xJawz @BW_tK ! Make sure you guys watch
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Come watch @CodShowdown2014 going on TODAY and today only!! All proceeds go to @ExtraLife4Kids!!!!
It’s great seeing so many people switch from ciggarettes to alternatives nowadays.
Amazing day of jet skiing with some of my east coast cousins @noah4228 & @murraystatemadness!
On a more light hearted note, this probably the most unique and sickest music video I’ve see this year… @romefortune
That could be misconstrued as news to fill 24 hours a day. And that’s LITTERALLY all it takes these days to be news #YouTube #NewMedia